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posted by / News / September 10, 2010

Julian Wilson lobbies for screen time during the early filming for Lost Atlas.

Julian Wilson lobbies for screen time during the early filming for Lost Atlas.


The program for this evening is not new; you’ve seen this entertainment through and through. You’ve seen your birth, your life and death; you might recall all the rest, did you have a good world when you died? Enough to base a movie on?


Words by Travis Ferré
Photos by DJ Struntz

“People get wrapped up in the way a movie is ‘supposed’ to be,” Kai Neville told me recently. “They forget that it’s totally cool to just watch something and forget the way it’s supposed to be delivered or what story should be told.” He said this over a purple-mountain-cold Coors Light and a charcoal barbecue in Huntington Beach. A few days later he left for Mexico and began filming with Craig Anderson, Owen Wright and Dion Agius. By now you’re probably wondering what it’s going to be about. Figures.

“Let’s just say it’s a loose idea with room for improvisation. I don’t think a surf movie should be scripted,” Kai said. “That’s not really the way surfing is. This is the first project I’m producing myself and it’s scary. But we’re going to give the credit card a workout and keep it raw and real.”

Kai Neville where he's most effective — back behind a lens.

Kai Neville where he's most effective — back behind a lens.


To get your first glimpse of Lost Atlas, click here and peruse Kai’s new, interactive site — and join the youth on the run every month in the pages of SURFING Magazine.


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  • Mik

    nice images. all. mainly airs though. so, 4 me, not good. i like onrail carving too. btw: the large block Helvetica typography has been done too often to look fresh. so has the i’m cool statements. being a good filmmaker doesn’t make one a good designer, or writer. serious directors bring other talent in for that. eh?

  • Ty H

    Woah. Did you notice you could drag the text off of the images? Epic.

  • joedirt

    how bout words by jim morrison. hopefully you just forgot to quote him at the top and left his name out instead of trying to trick the world into thinking you are clever with the pen mr. travis ferre!

  • Kenny Powers

    Hey Mik

    No one asked you for your opinion. This is a surf movie not a fucking hollywood production. That means no money for graphic artists. This is a core movie not a quarter million dollar quiksilver production. You don’t think these guys can do rail turns either? You’re way fuckin off. So eat shit Mik.

    By the way did anyone click on that link and the see that picture of the Mexican Kenny Powers?

  • Yeah

    i agree with Mik

  • johanneson

    Actually Kenny, they used a graphic artist for the “lost atlas” logo type, and im sure he spat a couple things on the website design….. so…

  • tyler b

    If your going to sit on a computer bagging a movie,
    then dont bother saying it, because thousands of ppl froth over kai’s productions so u guys should just fuck okk

  • Jeremy

    Epic photos on the site. Diggin the simplicity and the new logo. Where are the video clips already?

  • Jackson

    If we call it Modern Collective 2 do we still get full credit?

  • Granger Larsen

    This movie will be sick, can i be in a movie for once???

  • Fred

    My guess is that this movie will have modern surfing but a way different vibe

  • joe

    “Project Untiled ” Is this the dumb concept passed around to Surf Companies by Mr. Kai in hopes to produce a “surf movie” if I had a dollar for every homo at Surfing Magazine I would have $1 because travis and Pete are worth about that worth much. Ha Ha

  • Eli Manning

    Is this a Sequel to …Lost at Sea?

    Did lost hire Kai?
    I dont get it.

  • Kicker Films

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