It’s All Crumbly

posted by / News / October 13, 2009


It’s All Crumbly
Taylor Steele clip from post-quake Padang

Surfing filmmaker Taylor Steele visits the aftermath of the 7.6 Padang quake in support for Surf Aid International. Warning: the following video contains graphic footage not suitable for children.

Support the cause at:

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  • Capt sensitve

    I not overly sensitive, but you could of come up with a better CATCH. How about ITS ALL MISERY AND SORROW or ITS HARD TO FIND MY GUDANG GURAM IN THE WRECKAGE????

  • Mik

    You’re headline “It’s All Crumbly” is totally inappropriate. It gives me the impression your magazine is making fun of a tragic situation in Indonesia. Not everything has to be glib nowadays, ya know? Allot of the world doesn’t have the economic ability to build steel framed buildings. They would be wise to not build multiple stories in that case, but that doesn’t excuse your lack of good sense. Indonesia needs our help and sympathy, not ridicule, or condescension.