Jason Harris // Dirty Harry: Vol. 1 // 6:19

posted by / News, Video / January 18, 2011



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  • saltydog

    sick – if you make it grainy and jerky enough you almost can’t tell the vid’s of 2 foot slop in the OC. Well done!

  • LiveInTheNow

    Why the fuck would you film in super 8 ??? Maybe this jerkoff film guy will release this abortion on VHS too … Get with the times, moron. Nobody wants to watch something of such terrible optical quality!

  • harry sucio

    love that he is surfing and working it in mushy sloppy waves, like we do
    well done arty and surf and all that

  • Who gives A Flying Fuck About the NOW

    All you people hate so hard. WHO THE FUCK CARES. Its something different and gets away from that techno bullshit they call surfing. Have you ever tried to shoot in film? Anybody can shoot a load off and buy a 7d and make a movie. Wait a minute…. Bruce Movie? super 16mm and super 8mm? This might not be spitting pipe but thats not what there looking for. There just showing what its like to wake up at home and surf average waves. Basically what you lil fuckers do everyday except these people are having way more fun about it then you fuccking donks. Keep talking shit… No one cares. We are HAPPY HUMANS : ) And when your knee pads are wearing thin don’t cry about it. Just remember to GRAB your ankles instead.

  • over it

    yeah, infultrate, destroy, revolt. guaranteed this guy above me made the flick and he’ll do all he can to cover his ass on these comments that are about to hate. nice pun at the end of your comment too. FYI, let em hate homie, you look like an idiot tryin to back yourself up.

  • you should be

    I stated Facts you chicken head. But you know what… I love you man. But i must tell you… I did not make this movie. So put on your floral shirt have a beer and cheers it to film. were gonna go surfboarding.

  • john dang

    hey jason harris my name is john dang and i was curius if you can make me a custom bowl to match a piece of art work i aquired that u made 11 years ago\