Jesse Hines Snaps a Leg

posted by / News / October 20, 2009


Hatteras barrel blamed for injury

“Should I drive south?” It’s the one question that dogs Outer Banks surfers – at least those who live  in town. When it’s offshore and barreling right in front of your face, why would you hop in the car for an hour? This morning,  ‘round 8am, Jesse Hines and local shaper Steve Head stopped, looked, and decided it was worth the drive.  And apparently it was, as they arrived ‘round 9:30 north of Hatteras to see overheard lefts draining down the beach. But, right now, Jesse’s probably wondering if he should’ve stuck closer to home. (Actually, right now  Jesse’s probably chasing butterflies in a pain-killer haze). Because about 45 minutes later, the goofyfoot tube machine pulled deep into a solid set and came up with a broken leg — the same one he hurt on another doomed mission almost exactly 15 years ago, when he, Matt Beacham and two buddies nearly drove off the Bonner Bridge on the way home, leaving him with a still nagging hip injury. But at least he finished his session that day. This one was cut short before he even knew what happened. But here’s what we do know, according to Steve’s firsthand account:

“It was one of the bigger sets. And it was dredging. I actually started paddling for the same wave but he was deeper — really deep. I know he’s a barrel master, but when I saw him take off, I was like, ‘He’ll either get the barrel of his life or get destroyed.’ What’s funny is he doesn’t even know how it happened. He said he just felt his leg go the wrong way. But it was bad. He took it like a trooper the whole drive to the hospital. And when I left him they’d just shot him up and he was feeling better. Still, it was really humbling. I don’t want to call it wrong, but the way the bulge looked it’s in his leg — my stomach’s still sick thinking about it.”

At 3:30pm doctors were prepping Jesse for surgery.We’ll keep you posted as we find out more. But you can bet he’ll will be back in the water – and pulling in down south – as soon as he’s able.

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  • Jon Watschke

    Get well soon brother! We’ll be praying for a quick and full recovery you charger!

  • Lusk

    Bummer!!! Get better soon brother!

  • greeny

    wishing him the best and speediest recovery

  • http://Surfing “Commander”

    I just renewed my subscription with Surfing and I’m hoping to watch Jesse Hines progress via your mag! I hope Jesse’s hip and leg gets even stronger! He’s the strongest “goofy foot” in the biz! “The Commander”

  • Razmataz

    The boys are really loving the below-sea-level shories lately;i.e. Hayman St., that Avon spot, ramp 23,etc. A lot of sticks have snapped,it’s inevitable a leg or collar bone(get well Chris McDonald) will get the axe every now and then. Dive shallow and flat boys, we don’t want no broken necks! Get well Jesse.

  • amanda.

    yess! i hope he does alright with that…
    i broke my collar bone at s-turns about a year ago and mann paddlein has been the worst on me.
    you can hear my bones scrathing together when i get going.
    but thats alright. broken leg broken hand broken collarbone. i will never stop surfing. its love its passion its me!

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