Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Billabong Rio Pro, Brazil

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Redemption struck in Torquay, as I rebounded from my shocker at the first event and my inner Jimbrodamus predicted things like epic Bells, Parko winning, Fanning bouncing back, Kelly losing but still doing well, and Owen Wright being the highest placed goofy-footer. Now we go to the land of passion that is Brazil.

Unless you sleep in a dumpster, you know that Brazilians dominated the most recent Prime event at Lowers last week. They were rollin’ deep down at Trestles, giving it more hell than ever before. I look for them to come hard in their homeland so I’m reppin’ some serious green, yellow and blue this round. —Jimmicane



Adriano De Souza

My main man in this event. I saw him at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos the other week. He ordered the grilled chicken bowl with black beans and white rice. I ordered the same thing. How’s that for some irrelevant information? But seriously, I remember Adriano’s introduction to the USA. He was 14 or 15 years old and came out of nowhere to go on an absolute tear in Virginia Beach for ECSC. Everyone was freaking out. He served up such a beat down, folks were just surrendering in heats and paddling in. Now there’s all these new Brazilians on the come-up copying Adriano’s old steez, and it seems like they might be stealing a little bit of his thunder. I think he’s gonna take that back in his homeland and remind us he’s the #1 Brazilian.


Jadson Andre

You’re goddamn right I’m picking this guy. Adriano’s tag-team Oakley teammate and defending champ. If you watched the final last year, you know it was like mother fucking pristine Cocoa Beach on the best hurricane swell in years. I’m talking slightly overhead, semi-glassy, and about as mushy as those tanker waves in Texas. In other other words, it was Kelly’s conditions for the taking. Yet ASP WT rookie Jadson Andre took that shit out. Gotta like my chances with this man.


Heitor Alves

Any Heitor haters out there? If there is, they are probably few and far in between. The guy surfs like a less aggressive, goofy-footed version of Michel Bourez. I honestly don’t know much about him other than every time there’s an event at Lowers I see him killing it during freesurfs, and he always does good in the comp as well. Miguel Pupo just told me he likes Heitor in this one, so I do too.


Alejo Muniz

Honestly can’t say I love everything I’ve seen of Alejo style-wise. He kinda gets butt-squatty on bottom turns (exemplified by hideous purple and yellow trunks sometimes) and exaggerates arm movement on certain turns, but overall he fucking rips the hell out of waves. Especially when throwing frontside grab finners. He’s also super young and has a high ceiling for improvement. Alejo is clearly part of the young crop of Brazilians who will be mainstays on tour for the next decade. Would not be surprised at all if he pulls an upset and wins this thing as a rookie just like Jadson did in 2010.


Raoni Monteiro

This guy was an animal in the old Rip Curl videos. Always liked him and wondered what happened when he fell off tour a while back. I heard he just loves to party and get tons of chicks. Well who in their right mind doesn’t? Doubtful he will do good in the event but I don’t doubt he’ll be MVP of the party scene… Plus I needed a cheap option so I could grab this next guy…


Kelly Slater

The only reason I’m picking him here is because he wears spring suits. Who the hell does that these days? Only Slater and that eternal surf doggie at your local break who rides a 7’6″ fish sitting out the back chatting and catching one wave per session. As far as I know, judges do not deduct points for heinous attire, so until they do, I’m riding with Jimmy Slade.


Damien Hobgood

I see Damo surf more than any of the other guys on tour and I’ve never seen him have a bad session. Not once. He’s the most well-rounded surfer in the world not named Dane, Kelly, Jordy, or CJ. Can’t do frontside airs to save his life but I doubt he’ll need to when he’s blasting the hell out of sections instead.


Gabe Kling

I’m happy to announce Gabe recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Megan who, like Gabe, is a great person. I’m thinking he could use the prize money from killing it in Brazil to help pay off that ring… and maybe something else too!



The waiting period for the Billabong Rio Pro starts tomorrow. Watch it live here and come back to surfingmagazine.com for more cool shit — some of it possibly about the contest, some of it not.

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  • RydrHi

    Ha, if you guys ever want some picks from people that have been in the top seeds for multiple years and currently 1 and 6 in the rankings, not 1404, hit me up be happy to put some info in to compare picks with “celebrity” picks from the cane….

  • spring suite

    hey dipshit i happen to be extreamly conveinent and very comfy on crisp summer morning, so take your insults and shove it!

  • tyler

    ASP???? you go to a shitty beachbreak and then not run because its closing out???

    What did they expect???? Dont worry NY will pump, not…….

  • the truth

    Damien can’t do f-side airs?

  • Heitor

    Jimmicane is the Neco Padaratz of surf photogs…..

  • mezzzzzz….. zzzzzz

    always an entertaining, balls out ready to get chopped off and i just don’t give an ‘eff read this kid.
    on ya jimmy …

  • Doidão

    You dont know Raoni, hes a family guy with a beatifull wife and a lovely daughter.

  • stu

    the only thing I found amusing here was dopeycane’s misuse of the word “exemplified” in the Muniz rundown. Is there anything funnier than a dumb souther surf photog trying to use big words (at least big for middle-schoolers)?

  • Jimmicane

    I should’ve used “exaggerated” or “magnified”. Sorry. I’m not a writer. I just do this for fun.

    I don’t know Raoni. That’s just what I heard about him.

  • the truth

    What about wildcard —-> Zoltan Torkos?
    Heard he might show up and win a heat solely on a kickflip.

  • stu hater

    I think the mag should expose who Stu and the rest of the regulars on this site are. They’re usually from a competing mag or a tool that got fired. Hey Stu if you’re so damn smart why don’t you write for a mag? Oh wait you just like writing into blogs you faceless pussy.

  • alex ridzi

    Land of passion,land of new up commers kinda rookies, the youths..can you imagine if Brazil had reef breaks all over the cost….land of best soccer ever, land of Jiu Jitsu,MMA,Acai, land of clean fuel,cars with double fuel,land with no terrorist, land of peace, no war at all,land of freedon of al Qaeda target,land free of hurricane,earthquake,tsunami,volcano,land of adraiana lima,gisele bunchen maya gabeira, we just not were 100%blessed due to no have reef breaks as same proportion of our cost line,better i stop guys wanna jump over here..ahh i forgot, land of proportion that 4 womens to each man.

  • stu

    LOL, like it’s a dream of anyone with half a brain to write for a surf mag. The kids at the In ‘N Out counter make more money. Hate on, stu hater.

  • stu

    and Jimmicane, you probably should have gone with something like accentuated. Don’t get me wrong here though – your cover a few months back of Ibelli was one of the best covers I’ve ever seen.

  • stu hater

    what about your covers stu? oh that’s right you pussy. unveil yourself you little dickless jealous hater.

  • stu

    Haha – I was wrong. There is something funnier than a country bumpkin using big words – it’s a guy getting riled up on a surf website. For what it’s worth, I am an exec at one of the best known brands in the biz. So suck it, hater.

  • Jimmicane

    It’s all about getting paid in lifestyle Stu. Something the In-n-out folks know all about cause they most likely get free food. I personally prefer chick-fil-a but both are excellent. Glad someone liked that cover because most people told me it was the worst. Even a dude from Oakley and that was their team rider. I’m just lucky Surfer ran that speed blur of the guy going left at Cardiff Reef cause that officially guarantees my cover wasn’t the all time worst. Thanks to the people who stick up for me on here but yall shouldn’t worry about it cause I’m immune to haters.

  • jeff

    haha, classic. I’m not sure which was more amusing, the actual article or all of the comments. jimmicane, you should start using the thesaurus in word whenever youre stumped (i knew what you meant by the way), stu does and it obviously works for him…. stu, no one cares how smart you think you are or the fact that youre “an exec at one of the best known brands in the BIZ”…. a lot of sucessful people are just really good cock-suckers

  • MattO

    Jimbo, come home, everyone knows you’re dumb and loves you.

  • alex ridzi

    quanto pela saco playboy junto.hate hatters

  • Jorge Jojó

    “Land of passion”… hahaha. Well, thanks for nice words about Brazil, Jimmicane. The only problem in my country is the politic corruption, that destroy our people and financial life. Really, Brazil is a great nature country, big economy and democratic politic system. But, the our politics in Brazilia city, center control government, don´t respect the population. They steal own people, they steal own brothers and sisters, they don´t respect the laws and they have special statement of “no punished person” status. Then, they cannot to be in prision when they steal people. This is the real situation about my country. Corruption by governments and politics. We would be a great nation, if would not bad politics problem. Thanks!

    From Jorge,
    Rio de Janeiro city,

  • Little boy (Former Gov.)

    @ Jorge Jojo – Next time choose better, and try to show your point of view to the people in your “quadrado”. This is a surfing place – no politics ” cada uno em seo quadrado”. Wanna claim? Go to Foia or Globobo. Thanx.

  • MattO

    hey hey, just wanted to throw out there that I the real MattO just read a comment by a “MattO” or was it “Matt0″, but I didn’t write it – “Jimbo, come home, everyone knows you’re dumb and loves you”. I got no beef with Jimmiecane on this matter. In fact I was sippin’ tequila and swimming in carribiean waters when post was posted. So either some fool stole “my” Handle or “borrowed” a bit of it. Just throwin’ it out there that the “MattO/Matt0″ wasn’t me. Shesh grab yer own handle!

  • MattO

    I am a real MattO! I’m personal friends with Jimbo, just messin’ around.

  • matto 2.0

    Cool real matto I will now be “matto 2.0″ Ha ha… just so we don’t confuse ourselves. Yewwww!

  • matto 2.0

    Ps wasn’t trying to cause havoc by claiming you a “fool” or that u “stole/borrowed “my” handle” just having fun myself. Yewwww!


    no no no I am the REAL Matto. The one and only. From Sebastian, FL. Surf-Station.com LIVE CHAT surfboard slanger. CI enthusiast. Lover of all things Kelly. Yes, the Semi Pro works. Yes, I hate Mick Fanning. Yes, Jimmicane is my friend. Yes, he knows me personally. In fact, I will text message him right now. Suck it, fake matto’s of the world. And suck it Fanning. KING KELLY 4 EVER. If you really want to talk to me, I am LIVE NOW @


  • matto 2.0

    cool for you. so are cool or do we have beef? im trying to show respect… thats all. i will go by my real name so you can be “matto” 1 & ONLY! hi my name is Matt O’Brien, nice to meat you. P.S. Jimmiecane is funny guy. peace from the west coast. After we ain’t rappers (well Im not & this ain’t the 90’s).


    okay mr. 2.0 we are all good. When I come out west I’ll hit you up maybe you can show me the peak at lowers. I’ll bring my neckbeard. The CI version, of course. Hey, do you know dane? That’d be super rad to meet him. Maybe I’ll have him sign my DD (dumpster diver) I had the first one in FL. And, when you come east I’ll show you to first peak sebastian no worries. Deal?

  • The realest of real MattO

    No way! I am the real Matt O. A living legend in the town I live. I rip it up, party it up, live it up, and pull chicks it up. And I wizard staff with Jimmicane. I know intimate things about Jimmicane like how hairy his chest is and his back is getting. He texts me all the time and gives me cool little inner circle tid-bits about all the gossip in the industry. I love knowing what book Dane is currently reading or which girl on the womens tour Dusty smashed the night before. I also do love Kelly Slater because I’m from his home town of Sebastian Inlet, FL. We fist bump when he comes home to surf, no big deal. I give him tips on his quiver. I’m actually the one who suggested the carbon stripes, Super flex out of the tail enabling him great release off the lips. He takes all my advice to heart cause we are tight like that.

  • Matt O’Brien

    Deal. Although I live about 500 – 700 miles (10 – 12 hrs) from lowers, BUT that won’t stop me from charging lowers if I am around. Would be rad if I knew Dane, but alas I do not. If you around S.F. for the Search event we could “share” their waves with the locals and pros alike. Stoked we had this chat.

  • Matt O’Brien


  • Matt O’Brien

    “Dream Tour” NO MORE:

    To quote Owen ” I didn’t know I got on tour to do floaters” classic AND spot on. With this “new” criteria Brad Gerlac or even Rob Bain could show and blow-up IF the floater is the definition of “new school”. HA F-ing joke. Owen’s last wave was a 6.83 at least. A 8.2 for a floater?!? Really. Go Bede Go Taj Go anybody else but Adriano “Claims Every Wave” De Souza – of course there is still 10 mins. in this semi against Bede so he can still pop a radical revolutionary (for 90’s) floater and win heat, then tour, then the hearts and minds of us haters. NOT!!! Pfffft (as you Aussies say)

  • Matt O’Brien

    “Dream Tour” NO MORE

    P.S. Kerrzy full rotation should have won the “Expression” Session yesterday – how the hell does a safety grab 180 at most reo beat out a FULL ROTATION 360 AiR!?! Still can’t figure that one out either. OH Wait – the dude who “won” was a brazzo, that’s how. Pfffft…

  • Matt

    The weirdest thing is I’m the actual Matt in St. Augustine and I have no beef with anyone! I originally put that up about Jimmy coming home. This shit above is hilarious.. and not me.

  • Matt O’Brien

    Cool “Matt”, Glad that we can be friends. I am now using my real name so that we can all get along (even you already do). It is funny that our folks gave us such a “unique” name that we have to over-clarify ourselves on message boards just to make sure it is real “us” speaking. that first bit o rant I did was for that reason only – I like to comment on message boards, but don’t like to be “guilty” of things I didn’t say. Hopefully the other 500,000 “Matt O’Briens” will not use their real names or I am gonna have to change my name to something unique and original (unlike the catholic/irish name my folks gave me). Good times and say hi to Florida for me (even though I don’t think Florida knows who I am) Cheers…

  • alex ridzi

    Matt and Matt Obrien are a couple? kind divorciated, or gay couple