Joel Parkinson X Dakine Giveaway

posted by / News / September 10, 2012

Joel Parkinson
Photo: Billabong

Everyone likes a giveway — it’s like winning the lottery except without all the money and temporary fame. (Besides, don’t most winners end up broke anyway?) Anyway, Dakine wants to give away a Joel Parkinson signature pad along with a leash and a day bag. Dress up that new board just like Parko would.



So, how do you win you ask? It’s quite simple. Answer this question in the comment area below:


Why should Parko win a world title?

Explain in 30 words or less and we’ll look for the best response this Friday (the 14th at noon PST).


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  • Hannah C.

    Parko should win a world title because… because… well would ya just look at that smile. :)

    …also he can shred like no other brother..

  • Andrew

    Parko is one of the smoothest and most powerful surfers on tour and loves being with his beautiful family!

  • Nick ricca

    Parko should win because he has some of the best turns in the buisness. Power surfing is now. Power surfing will never die

  • Adam

    Think of the beautiful poetic justice for Parko to chase down and beat Mick after all that’s happened. Everyone loves an underdog – Go Parko & Trey!!!

  • Evan Cobb

    Parko winning is like me eating cereal for breakfast. You don’t ask why. It just makes sense and has for years.

  • Alan Laracuenta

    He should win because he is very high performance surfer and he know how to focus when he is surfing and has his mind concentrated on what to do to win the title, and he is very talented in surfing. Pls pick me. Sorry for passing the 30 words.

  • Uluwehi Y.

    Parko should win because he keeps power surfing alive and his smooth style is unmatchable. Parko charges. He just deserves to finally win the world title! Parko is AWESOME!!!

  • Ollie Pammer

    why should he win? his distinctive style, natural talent, uncanny ability. his consistently above satisfactory results; always one of the best. finally, he’s been amazing for years, its his turn!

  • skye neuharth

    Parko should win cause he kills it. Plus my bday is on the 18th. Seen park slay it in tavarua.

  • Oliver May

    ripping, carving, onlookers marveling, flying, shredding, where is he heading? incredible battles where he wins the world title!

  • Cameron Schafer

    Parko needs to win a world title because its already a travesty that the smoothest surfer on tour hasn’t won one yet, due to some unlikely circumstances. Parko 2012!

  • tatiana

    Parko should win because he is 1/2 dolphin!

  • Nick Nolan


  • Nick Smith

    His style is flawless, what else should there be? There’s a lot of mushy riders out there, so the fact that he’s got things so clean he should definitely win.

  • William Borges

    Parko is one of the most talented, inspiring and fun guys on the tour, great style and complete who rips in small surf or get huge tubes when is massive.

  • Alec Gutierrez

    Parko should win a world title because he has managed to be a top surfer and for him to win the world would add on to his amazing legacy.

  • Angel C

    Well i think Parko should win simply not that the fact that he can rip,carv and shred up waves but because he does it like no other man on earth can with grace like a ballerina.Every surfer on this planet, and the galaxy (including me) will hold him as their idol….

  • Junita Grosvenor

    Hottest Aussie male surfer on the planet…enuf said !

  • Matthew Norvelis

    Joel charges hard on evey wave and is defenetely SKAKA ! SHAKA ! \(:))/

  • Vafa Lightfoot

    Parko should win because he has the skill set, talent, drive, determination and the attitude to embody who a world champion should be

  • Mike Sullivan

    Parko will win with the fury of his almost unibrow.

  • Nick c

    I don’t think he ever will if mick keeps on winning. Either way, parko’s style is the smoothest and he has a crazy frontside hack!

  • Todd Mills

    Parko should win the world title coz he is f#cking awesome. He has everything in his bag of tricks and clearly the best style on tour.
    Parko 2012 World Champion !!!!

  • Charlie

    Power, Airs, Radical, Kills it, Obviously has the talent. PARKO.

  • Alexandre Santos

    He’s actually one of those guys who only needs one win against the right opponent to gain some momentum. Say what you will about his sometimes is look and surfing being “generic” but I think it could work for him if they pushed him as a “back to basics” duel against his opponents, at last Parko presence is going to end up being a decisive factor in the title battle. If he deserves it? Yes… but work hard and try it hard… For sure…

  • David Bondy

    Drive. He’s got it. Talent. It’s there. Success. Mandatory.

  • Joel Salmon

    Just because all of us Joel’s need someone to look up to…..

  • Jose Barrios

    Because is the most stylish surfer in the world, combinates both power surfing with progressive maneuvers which every asp surfer must do, also he did well in tahiti (first time)

  • Jack K

    Parks deserves the world title because of his ability to make surfing seem flawless, powerful, and unique all at the same time.

  • Harrison MIlls

    Parko is my role model and i look up to him.Parko has skill and should win because he has style and power. i think he is sick!!!!!

  • chris wells

    Wheather Parko is pulling into 12 foot Pipe on his flawless backhand or destroying Bells, no one can deny Parko his DESTINY!

  • DeNniS DeGraw

    Immutable, poised, unwavering and he Drinks the wild water

  • Amun

    Because parko deserves one!

  • East

    Parko should win a title not simply because he surfs better than almost anyone else in the world, but because he has fun doing it. Isn’t that what surfing’s really about?

  • aimee vera hedman

    Why? Because he’s da baddest, roughest toughest mudda, dat don’t take no crap from no one’ dats why

  • Rye Industrial

    because of his passion, he surfs as if it was his last wave.

  • Ramon

    Parko deserves it, he has done its best in every competition giving more than everyone, he kills it by having fun and that what is all about. Humility.

  • Murphy

    Quite simply the hardest working guy on the tour!

  • Brad

    Parko should win a world title for three reasons. First, he loves to surf. Second, he works his tail off. Third, the guy absolutely rips!

  • Jim C

    It’s not a matter of why he will win, It’s when he will win, and that my friends, will be this year at Pipe! Start passing out the arm floaties!

  • Scott Valianos

    Parko’s a great surfer. His surfing style is unsurpassed, his humble attitude out of the water makes him a compete athelete and a true ambassador to the sport of surfing

  • andres saenz

    because he will do it on boardshorts!

  • mitch

    if it wasn’t for andy (RIP) and kelly or even injury he would have 4 already. he deserves it . hes a humble guy and his still has a power game

  • david

    Utterly sublime and so there..

  • Johnny_pj

    HE’S GONNA WIN!! So shut up

  • Carter

    1. Style
    2. Grace
    3. Rail
    4. Bells
    5. Waterman
    6. Triplecrown
    7. Flow
    8. Injuries
    9. Mick
    10. Tubes
    11. 3degrees
    12. Jbay
    13. Andy
    14. Longevity
    15. Interviews
    16. Footy
    17. Goldcoast
    18. Backdoor
    19. Passion
    20. No-claims
    21. Currenesqe
    22. Power
    23. Carving
    24. Combinations
    25. Poise
    26. Louie
    27. Smooth
    28. Fundamentals
    29. Hero
    30. Champion

  • jay garrett

    Taj is busy having fun, Medina and Florence have their whole careers ahead of them and the Earth would spin backwards if Kelly got 12.

  • Jaime

    Parko is ready. He has all the weapons required to win: power, consistency, lethality, style, family and love.

  • Kristian Kocherga

    Because he’s always 2nd place!!!

  • Kristian Kocherga

    because he’s been 2nd too many times!!!

  • CP

    It is simple why Parko should win the world title, he has the best and smoothest style, and surfing is all about style.

  • humberto rodriguez

    because his turns in the wave looks like silky smooth…zohan! and he is one of the best classic surfer in the whole world!

  • humberto rodriguez

    because life is better when you surf………….and getting a world title !

  • Ty Fitz

    Why should Joel win ???
    Because that injury a few years back robbed him of a sure thing. Because he smooth and polished but a mad rippa. Because I need the Da Kine package.

  • Brady

    because if Obama can win the presidency, Parko should win a world title… and do it for AI

  • hernandez

    why…? come on he’s one of the best surfers ever and he was fighting for get the title maybe the judges get jealous of his perfect surf. Now is the parko time…cheers

  • McKenzie Fitzpatrick

    Parko seems to always be so close to a title lately. He completely rips and kills it in competition. I think he deserves this years world title more than ever!

  • Tyler

    Because its about fucking time!

  • Johnny

    Dane should win.

  • adam

    No one “deserves” to win. You gotta make it happen. He worked hard.

  • Joe

    His totally bitchin smoooooth style!!!!

  • matt

    Because he consistently is one of the top rated surfers in the world, with great style, and a strong competitive nature

  • fano

    Parko is as smooth as having sex in silk sheets.

  • Cole Saunders

    Parko should win a world title because he is smooth, powerful, dominant, and he rips! He should’ve won one years ago

  • Dash

    Parko should win because surfing needs epic rivalries and he needs a redemption against Mick, at Pipe, for the title!

  • Evan

    The after party would be a hell of a lot more fun than kelly’s

  • Natron

    Parko should win a world title so he doesn’t have to depend on his creative writing skills to get free gear like the rest of us losers.

  • Ben

    Because, as Lewis Samuels said, watching Mick Fanning surf is like watching an aerobics video. And listening to Kanga salivate over Mick’s surfing is nauseating.

  • Jesslynn

    I met parko a few years back when I worked at billabong time square..and his personality matches his surfing…super sweet!!

  • Jake

    because he is an inspiration to surfers everywhere, his attitude, and skills

  • Sammy

    Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.

    By winning Parko will stoke the fire under surfing, and show it’s anyone’s wave to claim

  • Liisa Apples

    Because I’ve been waiting for him to win for sooo loong now! And all I hear is “next year, next year…”

  • Matt Hooke

    because he has so much steez… does anything else need to be said?

  • Jason Berry

    Parko should win because he’s Parko. Enough said.

  • Devin calasa

    Because he can get a chick pregnant with a simple wink of an eye

  • gary r.

    Isnt the real question, “Will Parko win a World Title?”

    Of course!!! And deservingly, he will!

    Coming bitterly close will definitely only make finally winning the title incredibly sweeter.


  • Lokahi

    I heard Parko caught the bouquet at a wedding last week. Just sayin.

  • tuk

    Parko is a primo-dude-surfer-style-and wil win TRIPLE CROWN and a world title.DaKine free stuff Mean az!!

  • Keith

    His surfing says it all!!!

  • Kekai

    simon says, thats why

  • Kekai

    because it would be mental to see a rematch between mick and parko at pipe for the title

  • Adam Gray

    Cause he’s the smoothest mofo on the planet! My Mrs loves him which lets me watch more surfin. Love your work Parko!

  • Michael

    Parko has everything it takes. All the moves, the style, the drive, and the experience. In a surf world dominated by airs his style and flow still rules.

  • mark nortness

    Why? he rips. Should? He will when he puts it all together in one season. He? He’s Parko! Win? Cause we know he can! World? Isn’t the brother loved the world over? Title? Because Parko Wins the World Title! is a good title!

  • Aaron

    he should NOT win a world title! he had his chance and now his window is shut! by by, dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  • Matt

    Parko’s surfing is technically perfect, powerful and silky smooth, it is only the waves at asp events that have failed him….

  • Wes Ayers

    Parko should win a world title because his illustrious career deserves a world title. Beyond Slater and Fanning, who both share multiple titles, Parko’s the ever constant – consistent tour competitor!

  • SeanG

    He needs the cash for a sex change operation which will fulfill his dream of being in a vaudeville act under the name Joely P Sprinkles and live happily ever after.

  • Leo

    Because parkos chief export is shredding. He was once quoted saying; “There are few problems in this world that cannot be solved by a swift roundhouse to the face of a wave.”

  • cory

    He’s the man, fluid as mike. Aka surfings mj! he don’t play parko! parko!!!

  • TJ

    Because everyone loves the humble family man coming out on top. Look at the response to KP’s pipe win. Everyone wants to see Parko win it…

  • ixtepo

    You know how Aussies delicately sidestep awkward conversations, right? NOT! He will grow old with Mick. He HAS to win 2 world titles or forever be nagged by his mates.

  • jahko

    we all seen over the years Parko gotten so close to winning a world title, especially in 2009. Thats why!

  • MattO

    Because being that good & watching one of your best friends win two titles has to eat away at your soul!

  • Cris

    Parko world champion
    His technique and style unmatched
    Haters gonna hate

  • John W.

    Joel will win because cream rises to the top, and Parko cuts through waves like they’re Parkay butter.

  • joooshbag

    Parko should win a world title because regardless of whether or not he does he will come out smiling in the long run. His attitude towards surfing is unshakable. Oh and his style is straight butter!

  • Seagull

    Because stylish, sharp and smooth as he is, he will never get any world figure skating title !

  • NS

    Parko deserves a Title because he makes the difficult look easy. You wouldn’t discount the Beatles, the top-selling artist of all time, for being too smooth. So why deny Parko?

  • dewgun

    Because every dog has it’s day when it’s a dogs life!

  • Seth

    He surfs in a way I can only dream of.

  • John Fox

    Parko deserves a title because he’s earned it. He’s finished in the top five of the tour seven times. He’s better than ever and it’s time to claim the crown.

  • Donovan Moran

    Eyes open, Hands feeling for space.

  • Travis

    Joel has flow, style, and the skills to show. Hes been trying for years and no matter how close he gets his smile never fades. Joel DESERVES a world title.

  • Dane

    Because the best surfing I ever witnessed was watching Andy and Parko stick elevator drops in huge dumping shorebreak, coincidentally they were the only two out using dakine deck pads.

  • Andrew

    He is more winning than Charlie Sheen.

  • Angelina Morales

    Joel Parkinson should win a world title because he’s the smoothest and sexiest surfer on the tour.

  • João Relógio

    should win because it is one of the best athletes in ASP, and more consistent than ever participating for many years. And it’s my favorite surfer! GO PARKO

  • shorepound

    It’s not a question of why should he win. It’s a question of why shouldn’t he win. And the answer is simple: He can’t seal the deal.

  • chessby

    speed power and flow.

  • Alex

    Judging by the fact he has never been on Baywatch, Parko should not win the world title.

  • Farrah

    … and on day 8 there was Parko.

  • Myron

    Surfing Soleil!

  • Joet

    Because he’s got the best cutback in the world, that alone needs to get him a title. Plus he rips in all conditions, he made the final in Rio and chopes this year and has won 3 triple crowns. Joel’s going to string it all together this year and win the 2012 WCT

  • J.

    You got the wording wrong, it’s why should the world title deserve Parko?

  • Myron

    He deserves it because he is Surfing Soleil!

  • Scotty B

    Parko deserves to win a world title because his is the sultan of style, makes sick waves look simple, and is the most humble man on tour.

  • Rita Spratlen

    He is a hard working surfer for sure. It takes endurance and a lot of strength to be dedicated to such a physical sport. It looks so fun and he seems to show his gift with such ease! He is wonderful to watch. He deserves to win due to his fight to be a great athlete!

  • Malia

    The world title deserves Joel. He just flows, he makes surfing look so easy. He has a unique style and he’s just powerful in the water. You can’t stop him from what he’s good at.

  • SeaRip

    Joel Parkinson is one of the best surfers in the world and it’s damn time he gets recognition for it.

  • mermaid

    Parko is one of the best surfers in the world as well as one of my favorites and he deserves the title.