Jordy Dot Com: Christmas Come Early

posted by / News / December 14, 2010

Jordy Smith dot com


Jordy and Kai launch, and surfers everywhere rejoice

Finally, finally, Jordy Smith catches the scent of opportunity and follows his nose to friend and film auteur Kai Neville. The two share a history of successes — a Modern history. Neither would waste effort with a lesser partner. Separately, each is the best at what he does; together, they’re a Burton-Depp force of surf cinema that’ll finally start paying regular dividends in the form of Jordy’s new site will stream B-clips from his workaday surf sessions — most of which, be assured, are stronger than anything that’s ever been put in a surf film before.

“I wanted my site to be more of a personal video/photo blog,” says Jordy. “Just really simple without out any bullshit. The edits that I’m going to be posting aren’t my best clips. I’m working on a video project over the next 12 months, so I’m going to save some keepers for that. I do surf every day and love working on web edits — it’s fun to keep it raw.”

Click, watch, surf. Just don’t call it Marine Layer Jr.

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  • How about MarineLayer 2.0?

    Are you kidding? This is designed to be virtually the same as Nothing against Jordy Smith, but don’t make a big deal about “NOT COPYING DANE” when you clearly do: denim shirts, hipster hats, drawing your logos on boards and now this. Seriously, it’s okay to do what Dane does because Dane is cool. Just cop to it and then let your surfing do the talking. And Kai Neville? A more pedantic and plagiarizing director has never come to such fame before without the objective media tearing him apart immediately. All of Kai’s methods, techniques and and influences are directly stolen from just outside the surfing sphere will little to no effort to cover up the theft. Only in surfing…

  • Daz Dilinger

    Amen to the first comment.

  • JH

    Might as well close the comments now, there isn’t much more that needs to be said after #1….

  • Horizontal is the New Vertical!

    What are you knobs talking about? Dane’s blog sequences its content vertically. Jordy’s moves horizontally. It’s totally different. I mean, the content, video edits, sepia tone effects, music, faux hipster photos are essentially a carbon copy of one another, but please…horizontal…vertical…fuck it, they’re exactly the same. I’m blown away. How can such a blatant ripoff stand?

  • Alex

    Dude, it’s totally different: it goes sideways. That’s amazing. Jordy is totally not copying Dane. Sideways! Amazing!

  • Scott

    Yeah, I like to complain about sick free surfing footage too. Jordy’s site is stupid and he has bad hair.

  • ShitFace

    Since when is copying someone not a compliment. Name fucking one thing in this world that is truly original?

  • JH

    Scott- you’re missing the point. Have you ever been to Marine Layer? It’s pretty clear that he’s biting Dane’s style here.

    Don’t get me wrong- Jordy is one of my favorite surfers, no question. All I (we?) are saying is that he could have gotten a little more creative in his layout…

  • SS

    You guys are a bunch of idiots. Who cares if hes copying Dane… (i also thought it was funny when Jordy spray the nose of his board black)… But regardless of ‘biting’ off danes style.. You gotta be stoked that Jordy has a site? Are you guys really complaining about this? I think its rad Jordy has a site, and with Kai Neville!!! Sounds great to me. I dont know whats wrong with all of you… Everyone on the internet now days are the most critical surf reviewers around… Its FREEE! why complain?

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  • Marcel

    Amen to the first coment…Amen

  • Jeff

    I just went to the site and I can’t believe that anyone has anything negative to say about it. Since when did we get to the point that almost everything that’s posted online has to have a shit load of negative comments? One of the best surfers in the world teamed up with one of the most renowned young filmers/editors around and people complain. Sheesh.

  • darren burgess

    And you twats think Danes site is original ………? Wake up ! You don’t have to scratch too far into the musical world to find similar ideas and ways to express them .

  • kevin

    soooo lame! to bad he didn’t think to do this first. he may have gotten more hype when they first came on the scene, but dane has definitly surpassed jordy with everything. sorry jordy, thanks for the free clips but a day late and a buck short. try a different approach.

  • dude

    Jordy has a serious identity crisis going on. He will never be Dane, his site will never be Marine Layer, AND you look like a fucking idiot driving around in that Lambo. What are you, Puff Daddy ? You rip dude, but have some fucking originality. I cant believe Kai agreed to this crap. I now have ZERO interest in Lost Atlas.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Hyperfreak? Definitely the best boardshort I’ve ever worn.

  • yeah guy

    I got a headache during Modern Collective and after the premiere Jordy Smith took a piss and didn’t wash his hands… so I hope none of you Hyper Fans didn’t high five him.

    But as for the site, you know, whatever. This modern age of technology is really making it easy for anyone with a camera and a Mac to be “creative”. Then you throw a couple bones in the right direction and get a few foreigners involved and then it becomes “gold”.

    Whatever… long story short, it’s another place for us to watch surfing. (But yeah those air reversals are quite boring and those brightly colored shorts and boards don’t really match the music and vibe of the site).

    Last thing, Jordy (if you read this), don’t show clips of Parko, Mitch Coleborn, etc. because they made your “B Clips” look super bad (its like horizontal stripes on a fat person, bad move). Instead, get someone like Adam Virs, that bowling balls is terrible and we all know that only reason he is any of Dane’s clips is to make Dane look better.

  • dude

    Hey Darren Burgess ! I just googled you and it said you’re a footy player from Liverpool. How original.

  • bongloads in the am

    First comment said it all. Dane’s got better style anyway.

    On the other hand, I was just startin’ to get tired of Modern Collective so it’s nice to have fresh edits.

  • Jerry Curl

    Post #1 = genius.

  • jayonetooth

    love looking at the careful analysis comments to website formats

    all of you idiots have way too much time on your hands and will never be pros… a bunch of desk jockeys circling the drain

    jordy could put up baby pictures of himself, really, who cares what he does? obviously, it affecting some of you to post… why?

  • the truth

    Wow. Looks like there’s alot of bizarre anger out there toward Jordy that’s finally boiling over, thanks to the new blog.

    WTF is wrong with you people? No similarities in the two sites whatsoever, other than videos of great surfing.

    Then f+cking analyzing how the guys dresses? Seriously? Then hating on him because of the Lambo sponsor?

    You all sound like a bunch of jealous little girls.

  • harry

    the triangle was a rip. Now the smiley face. Gay

  • The Man

    How exactly is He copying Dane when Danes site is ran by the Raen optic Dudes at Libre. Its a design style. Wrap your head around it.

  • CK

    Nuff’ Said.

    I’d suggest you re-think your design, boys.

    I got guitar picks comin’ at ya.!


  • Dane Reynolds

    Hi this is Dane uhh just want to say that after sucking Danes penis I am getting blackmailed and I copied Jordys Site. Yeah he is more original than me, I only surf for the fashion.

  • Dane Reynolds

    And I like Jordys dick