ASP: Just Kidding, Ke??y

posted by / News / November 4, 2011

Owen Wright

If there are two things Kelly loves, it’s winning and Twitter. Here’s Kelly’s Twitter take on the ASP’s sus computing skills:

“Can you read this comment from Mark? The calculator at @aspworldtour must be broken. I’m not the world champ yet!”


“I’m not joking. I have not won the world title yet. I still have to win another heat! Give those shirts and hats back!”

And also:

“Hang on to that KS10 gear if you have some…just in case. Haha.”

Kelly’s up against Miguel Pupo and Gabriel Medina in Round 4 when the contests begins anew (probably Monday). Good luck Ke??y!
Kelly Slater

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  • GH

    If Owen wins both San Fran and Pipe then we are going to a Surf Off. How great is that? I mean seriously, a surf off… everyone talks about the Andy win over Slates, but can you imagine how a surf off would go down in the history books. Epic stuff. Come on Owen, let’s make this interesting again.

  • Rambo

    way to destroy the legitimacy of surfing as a viable sport ASP. way to go!

  • makai

    This would be great for Nor Cal San Francisco to run with, but the media coverage has been pathetic to say the least. Seems that very few individuals within the Bay Area media, both radio and TV are even remotely interested in the contest. Plenty of local media press at the contest, but see it on TV, or hear it on the radio, doesn’t happen.

    We have the waves, and the surf scene going on, but little local support.

    Get with it Bay Area, and stop focusing on all the occupy trash.

  • Tom James

    So awkward.

  • goon

    association of surfer potheads

    i bet this magazine doesn’t even investigate the cause, they just sit here and give us the reaction

    no proactive investigation.

  • Matt S.

    I get it, everyone makes mistakes but it doesn’t seem that tough to figure this out. Maybe they didn’t think Kelly was going to win any more heats? How bout this ASP, we won’t expect you to tell us each surfer’s % on Mondays or in each round of the contest or break down the scoring like air-reverses score range this year etc. JUST ADD & SUBTRACT CORRECTLY! Thanks.

  • makai

    IMHO, Ross clearly should have beaten Ke11y in that heat. If you recall, and look at Ross’ last two waves, he pulled out of a decent 6′ right, and then appears to have deliberately fallen on the other wave. So was he giving it to Ke11y, yes.

    As for the ASP, what would Bobby Martinez have to say about this snafu? And remember, they’re only humans that make mistakes. So get off you Internet spewing of vitriolic dribble against the ASP, they’re doing their best.

    Come November 12th, The Vans Triple Crown starts up in Hawaii, and Vans co-founder James Van Doren has passed away this last week.

  • G

    First Baywatch now this. On a side note: I hate tennis. One more thing; From a professional standpoint this is goofy. ASP, how fortunate you folks are that there isn’t a larger following with huge out of industry dollars and tons of coverage. Can you imagine?
    I wonder if Rafa and the Fed have ever punched it out and called each other names. I bet Mitt and Rick have. One could go on forever. Where’s Tosh when you need him?

  • Baha

    I love that you guys pulled the site skinning. el oh el.

  • yeahguy

    How in the world was this not caught until after the fact?

  • jaime glenn

    Kelly gets a M U L L I G A N.

  • Stewart

    I guess AI was not smiling down from above after all…

  • Heraldo

    Man ya’ll are short bus window lickers….