Katin Pro/AM — Brought to you by PT (and Katin)

posted by / News / January 7, 2011

The Katin Pro/Am is happening now. At this moment! Read this hastily and then ignore the rest of your day’s obligations and get to the webcast. . Not familiar with the event? Shame. It’s a surfing institution. Surf brands make teams of four surfers and are pitted against competing companies. They take their retail rivalries to the water for a bunch of cash and revenge. Don’t think Rip Curl will be gunning for Quiksilver after losing Steph Gilmore to the mountain and the wave? Battle of the red-wave logos!

And the waves are cooking. “At Huntington?” You ask. “Eff yes at Huntington,” we reply. But don’t take our word for it. Don’t take Surfline’s either. Take PT’s. We got a half-minute interview with him this morning as he exited the water from a free surf. PT is the man.

For more of PT’s voice and some slightly more progressive surfing, check the webcast: http://www.katinproam.com/live/

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  • dush

    I can’t believe PT still gets paid… In snowboarding and
    skateboarding there are real personalities who do the announcing
    not washed up coke heads trying to con people for money.

  • surf fan

    thanks for your opinion douche