Kelly Slater Falters At Rip Curl Pro

posted by / News / October 14, 2013

All Kelly can do now is sit and watch. Photo: Sherm

All Kelly can do now is sit and watch. Photo: Sherm

Only four heats ran. In chest-high, slightly disheveled bowls, Heats 1-4 of Round 2 at the Rip Curl Pro staggered onward. Most of the time, the first four heats of Round 2 are as big of news as Guilherme Herdy starting a surf camp — rather easy to ignore for eternity. But this wasn’t like most times. Your two world title warhorses happened to have heats within the four. Two men entered, one man left.

Mick opened up the round in a duel with Francisco Alves. True to himself, Mick linked some turns together and put 13 points on the board. It was enough to send Franny packing. Kelly, in his bout with Frederico Morais, stuck an air reverse for a mid-range 5 but Freddy stuck a better one for a 6.67. The champ never found his feet (or a 6.91) in that Eastern Atlantic and down he went. Reports are that Kelly did not let the door hit him on the way out. Instead, he left it open for Mick.

If Fanning trumps his way to the semifinals, he will become a three time world champion. He would tie Andy Irons’ title count and he would possibly even start drinking and go on to win the event — as he did in Brazil after winning his first title in 2007. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Mick’s got a long way to go, and everyone loves a good surprise. —Brendan Buckley

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  • Matt O’Brien

    Kelly may have faltered, BUT Damian Hardman pulled the trigger! Why not wait for the crappy waves that are coming in few days? Instead he ran 4 heats in crappy waves today! 4 heats. That is the real story. Shame for the ASP and fans of “pro” surfing.

  • ace

    Bad conditions in at least the last 3-4 contests ,with not enough contestable waves.This is a pooor way to uncrown the king.

  • Jeroen

    Why not wait for better waves???
    Rio, Lower Trestles, France and now Portugal… what a joke!!! Not the best surfer wins, the most lucky one…

  • jeff

    Slater’s been off. The best guys can win in any conditions, that’s why theyre the best

  • ali

    I agree with Jeff

  • Oliver

    Lame. Why even surf when the conditions suck this bad? Felt like I was at a NSSA event in HB.

  • you


    the bet guys can win in any conditions. doesn’t mean they want to, though. “I wasn’t inspired by the conditions today” – slater himself

  • bean bag

    pin cushion

  • bufu

    In most cases I would agree with Jeff. However Slater’s done everything there is to do in competitive surfing. Dude is without a doubt the greatest surfer -if not athlete- ever. It must take some kind of wave quality on the “Dream Tour” to get the adrenaline flowing. The last three contest have been brutal. To most France and Portugal have been closeouts. Hope it comes down to Pipe.

  • paul

    There’s a reason there’s a waiting period for events now, so surfers can perform in the best conditions. The conditions today didn’t warrant the contest to resume [ with waves coming later in the week],especially if they were going to call it off after 4 heats. A bad call by the director, and it may have cost Slater a chance at the title.

  • Steve

    Absolute Stupid Pricks (ASP) have done it again. Why put two surfers in a title race out in that crap. so hope next year is going to improve otherwise professional surfing does not have a bright future.

  • Center Line

    Slater got malasadad.

  • Sven Hedin

    If Ke11Y happens to make the title race to Hawaii, make sure to go to Tibet, over the Himilayas to the Gobi Desert. Once the Asian dust settles, make way to South Korea then Japan and sail due s.east to Hawaii, there the Triple Crown will host Pipeline Masters and thereafter – not Ke11y anymore. So hopefully stay in the running.

  • Nathan

    a pro should be able to surf in good and bad conditions

  • Dirt

    @ Matt, You are such a cry baby. You blame the judges, you blame the weather, you blame anything but Kellys poor form.
    It seems that you believe that no Aussie should ever deserve a world title.

  • A.M.

    Seriously though… whats the point of a twelve day waiting period if theyre gonna get antsy and run heats (world-title pending) on day six in some chest-high side-shore shit…and according to MagicCryptweed…there’s better swell on the way…FOOLS.

  • Jay Haas

    Kelly should have won his heat, regardless of conditions. Stop making excuses for Kelly.

  • Pauly Boy

    Pretty cool to see how far Professional Surfing has come. Back in the day, Potter, Curren, Elko and Carroll would have been grinding it out in those conditions with no whining at all. The now horrible and shitty ASP……has us all expecting the worlds best to only compete in Epic conditions around the world. Come on…get real, the ocean is never going to be easy to predict. So go ahead and Damn those judges, damn those contest directors, Damn Bong, Damn Rip Curl and Damn Quik….Classic! The world champ has and will always be determined by who can adapt to the ever changing ocean conditions. As the saying goes…..from 2′ to 20′.

  • Matt OBrien

    Ahh Dirt, good to hear from you. I am merely commenting on what I saw go down at this event. I think Aussies do deserve titles (even think Mick earned 1 or 2), but they should earn it! Not have judges stuff the scores in their favor. As for blaming waves weather judged – yup, in this case! You can’t realky think running 4 heats (2 effecting the world title!) in crappy waves was a good call!? All in all it was 2 hrs of surfing that ended a surfer’s world tour (Raoni) and screwed Kelly and probably propelled mick to anotheer title. All in super crappy waves. Why not wait a day or two for crappy surf that everybody else is going to compete in anyways? It looks suspect. If it had happened to your precious aussie surfer than i am sure you would be pissed too! All Damien(rip curl) contest director had to do was wait OR run the whole round 2 so everybody surfed in small guttless crap. But he didn’t!
    Really starting to not like you (as i can tell you don’t like me).

  • Matt OBrien

    Also Dirt, why single me.out!? I am not alone in my view point. Jyst being a dirtbag huh? We fans expect better from the “sport” we follow. And as for kelly’s “poor form”: he pulled an almost full rotation & got a 5.33! Wildcard pulls a 160-to-reverse (spun around after landing) & got a 6.67. While his wave may have been bigger, when its 3′ it shouldn’t be a factor. Actually it isn’t even part of judging criteria. But all you read is me crying. FU

  • Mik

    Wit u Matt O’

    Damian won his titles by playing the odds, and he knew by the odds that he was helping Mick.

  • Brian

    Be nice to see this go to Pipe, there seems to be less open to interpretation by the judges in 10 foot barrels.

  • Roxy

    Aus Mafia at work again. Crap call AH’s

  • Oliver Hurback

    ASP = Aussie’s Surfers Pushed
    that’s the only way an Aussiehole will ever get anything! ANYTHING!
    bunch’o poofters

  • ixtepo

    that was an “dirty trick” by Dooma, I guess. But I do feel that if Kelly was up to it, he would’ve won it… Also, he could have easily beaten the 15 year on his Round 1 heat. He has said himself that he needs to get his body and mind back into competition. This may mean he has an injury he is keeping quiet about it. Or maybe in small waves his surf doesn’t outshine other’s as it used to….
    Matt, grow a thicker skin… I hadn’t payed attention to the other user’s comment, you just shone undue light onto it…

  • Looke

    Maybe, after all these years, Andy is finally right? Are we finding it difficult to witness the death of the king? No doubt still undisputed in waves of consequence; barrels, reefs, but can a 41 year old body still compete with guys 10-20 years younger in 2 foot crud?
    The crud is always gonna be part of the game, it’s the unpredictability of the ocean, and hey its what kelly grew up in, it’s the crud that made him the king that he is.

  • Brett

    I’m pretty sure both Mick and Kelly were in on the decision to run. Kelly came up short – see ya next year old man. Congrats to Mick – he’s earned it.

  • anyone

    the tour needs to contract… 16 men tops. No more wildcards. completion time being one good full day.

    the same guys compete each stop for the win, no need for the second half of the draw that needs too much time to run the connie.

    and ASP soveriegnity is key… why is a sponsor making the call? what other ‘sport’ allows the advertisers to determine play? the ASP should own these events, stage them and lisence out the underwriting like every other sporting organization.

    their is no dream except a corporate nightmare.

  • Alby

    from here all them waves looked pretty damn good. Don’t forget where you is boy!

  • Samuel

    In Spanish, extremo means far, proximo close, in Portugal the Supertubos surf venue smells like “pescados” spanish for fish. The whole point of the ASP is mirar (to see) el primero (the best). Unfortunately, Mic would do himself chivalry to drop the race and start out new at Pipeline for good surf. Not fair. Then againKelly is alterator at Mavs. Life aint fair.

  • Junto Garcia

    En Oaxaca no tenemos lo pescado, pero en Portugese ellos los pescados tenemos mucho. ? Decembre los cristo del ASP en Hawaii? Kelly Slator mucho gusto por surfear, despues Mic “White Lightning” no surfear por las publicas. Tu Compras mis lo pescado en Hawaii, mi familia busco Kelly Slater, por diaz uno anos numero uno, a escribe un nombre en la marquee del Pipeline Masters. No creo Mic “White Lightning” Fanning tiene un athletico pronto por los grande surfear. Kelly, mucho gusto. No comprendaba porque ASP te gustan mucho sociologico cpu por mas dinero. En Oaxaca, mi familia buscamos pro primero surfer en los oceano grande. Por favor, Asp, no tenemos mucho. Hace nada por White Lightning. Mucho Gusto.

  • real talk.

    How about the drug test Mick failed at the begining of the season? it got swept under te rug but rules are rules.