Kelly Slater Wins 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro

posted by / News / February 5, 2014

UnknownKelly Slater wins the 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro.

It’s not like he needed the points. Qualification was the last thing on Kelly Slater’s mind when he threw his name in the hat for the 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro. He had nothing to earn, nothing to prove — the king just wanted to get really barreled. And to nobody’s surprise, Kelly did just that. He dropped a 10, he dropped jaws, he dropped panties. He did just about everything besides grab rail — check Brent Bielmann’s sequence below of the 10 point ride in Round 4.

After dominating all event, Kelly bagged a 9.57 in the opening minute of the final. Mason Ho, Adriano de Souza and Wiggoly Dantas could never catch up. The king added another trophy to his infinite collection and earned 2000 entirely useless points to his unnecessary 2014 WQS campaign.


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  • tony (ty) carson big island

    Richard Wolcott and buds played a good joke on the surf community when they recently sold Volcon-(Youth against Establishment), to “PPR”- “PPR” is a multi-million dollar women’s french fashion company. Volcom is now owned by “PPR”- the Establishment, and Volcom now “is” the Establishment. “PPR” also owns Gucci, which makes high end purses for women and now they own Volcom, how rebellious is that? So good luck everybody with your next Volcom purse, oops, I mean purchase.

  • Tonyisakookhater

    So what, that’s old news, great contest women’s purses or not..

  • Ted

    Great contest and surfing, but I must say that regardless of a respectful surf background and/or media experience, Dave Wassell and Chris Cote are BY FAR the most irritating commentators I’ve heard to date. Somebody get them off the mic, please. I understand it’s a Volcom show and fair enough. But seriously, Wassel overemphasizes everything he says, and after a short while it all sounds the same. Maybe interesting for 14-year olds? And Cote…. do I even need to go there? You commentating reminds me of that awkward juvenile guy in the lunch room who talks too much when clearly he has very little to contribute. I’ll admit surfing contests generally have rather mediocre commentary at best (especially WQS), but if that’s the best Volcom has they got then I’ll watch on mute. Which I did. This could be so much better. I’d suggest that if they ASP wants to go improve it’s professionalism, get some commentators that are reasonably well spoken, insightful, and intelligent. Too bad they didn’t get Lopez in the booth this year….

    I’m sure many of you feel otherwise, if so, bring it.

  • huh?

    “Recently”? That acquisition happened in May 2011. Beyond old news. Kelly Slater was what, 40 when that happened? Practically a baby!

  • 1000 Fathoms

    Those guys may be big wave chargers but they are the WORST guys in the booth. Wassel says Thank You Very Much after every fucking statement. It’s cringe worthy! Alex Gray has one stupid cliche driven comment every minute! Like ‘keeping it in longer ‘that’s what she said’ crap. Riddle was great, Wooly’s great, but Beavis and Butthead need to be ousted from the booth. Look what Quik did with Patterson and Dooma, they punted those monkey’s during the contest because no one want to hear that sh*t…. Mute is the only option.

  • Alex Garcia

    Hey Ty Carson,

    Do you still smoke meth and beat your wife? or is that old news?

  • S.Cruz

    Sorry, Ke12y did not dominate all event. He dominated the final day. He squeaked through his first heat and came in kind of rattled. Still the King though!

  • kelly

    A bit crude I might add. Keep it clean!!!

  • TomK

    @S.Cruz: Can you say #semantics?;D

  • anyone

    volcom lost the only thing it had, street cred.

    love how the wildcard ‘specialists’ got smoked by the same CT winner, which invalidates any wildcard entering any CT.

    if you can’t make the tour….

    kelly shows up, poaches an empty lineup and walks away with the points he doesn’t need at his sister corporations contest.


  • tony carson big island

    The best waves ever ridden on the planet, by a so called pro or ANYONE, will always be the waves you catch and ride yourself, whether its 2 feet or 20. Peace…

  • OBoldster

    All these company’s have turned nature, the ocean, & surfing into a f**king commercial endever to make money only. They all suck, fuck ’em all.

  • http://GreatSurf Paula Russo

    Had such a fun time and got a picture with Kelly Slater right before he went up on stage! Good job to everyone who was surfing out there! :)