Kelly Slater Wins in Portugal

posted by / News / October 14, 2010

Kelly Slater Wins Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Photos by Sherm


This is really happening now. Jordy Smith, after coming second in the final at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal today, now must make the quarters in Puerto Rico for the world title race to continue. Otherwise, it’s 10 in ’10 for the man who forgot to slow down for age. Today, that man notched another win, for his 44th career World Tour victory. Steve Sherman is tailing Kelly to document this year’s campaign and submitted these shots from a rather historic European day at the beach.

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17 Responses to “Kelly Slater Wins in Portugal”

  1. moons says:

    slates road to ten: the modern robbery…coming soon

  2. Neil Hocking says:

    Can’t believe even I betted against KS this year, tipping Jordy to win the title. Congrats Kelly to pretty much securing No.10.

  3. Andrew says:

    Unbelievable… history in the making. Completely nasty, he’s won the past two events! Incredible.

  4. Dickson Cider says:

    moons, you are a bitter, small man….or woman. In 2008 he won 6 out of the 10 events he surfed in with 46 other guys in each event. Robbery then too? How about the 8 Titles before that? You are the epitome of kookdom. Congrats to one man who has worked his ass off to overcome all obstacles in his way to achieve the unimaginable. Trily inspiring.

  5. Kelpy Slaughter says:

    10 is Zen, congratulations Kelly. Truly inspiring effort and ability to adapt over the years!

  6. Mikal says:

    Kelyy is best in world. He has pretty girlfreind also. Will Kelly win 10 champions this year? Only God know thw answer. Rip and Slash tube barrel

  7. steve talley says:

    bravo from santa barbara. couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  8. moons says:

    hey dick cider, how many times are we going to have to watch overscored waves everytime kelly is about to get comboed? the klingons are pissed

  9. another rip from da bong says:

    supposedly he’s placed the logo at an acute angle and this has made the difference, other surfers are beginning to move their sponsorship sticker at this angle, supposedly it has something to do with the coriolis effect in mid flight.. drafting. flux capacitor… heading back to the future…

  10. Gay Ripper says:

    Slater has mastered the system that he created. He is the best COMPETITIVE surfer in the world NOT the best surfer in world. His airs are uncreative and lack style. He cannot do shuv-its, kerrupts, supermans, passion pops, or rodeos. The next generation is already light years ahead of him.

  11. P Burns says:

    Gay, you’re partially correct. Kelly IS the best competitive surfer, but he is also the best ALL AROUND surfer. No one (Dane, Jordy, etc. included) can match Kelly’s versatility. Is he the best aerialist? No. But he can still throw down there too (check the alley oop against Davo in the quarters). Add barrels, turns, etc, and Kelly is still in his own league. I’m P Burns, and I approve this message.

  12. tommy herschell says:

    Steve Briggs, you come to Tugun next year and walk into me and talk rubbish like you just did on Shermo and I will punch your ignorant, foolish, jealous bones into the next suburb, you’re a true blue cock mate . Sick of hearing you bag a man who spends time away from his family to put photos on a website so pricks like you can show how much of a c@#t you are. He is a great man, you are clearly not!

  13. JR says:

    So what if Kelly doesn’t do rodeos (which, by the way, he invented). That’s not all surfing is about. His bottom turns alone should score higher than Jadson Andre’s ugly air reverses. If you believe surfing is just about airs you’re a kook.

  14. Enrique Glez says:

    Venga Kelly

  15. Tony Carson Big Island says:

    Who really gives a crap, if you follow contests, your just
    wasting your time, being an armchair surfer. Contests, are
    basically just a tool, big surf companies use, to prostitute and
    sell surfing to the masses, to make a profit for themselves. You
    should be spending your time in the water doing it, instead of
    watching it.

  16. joe 4 real says:

    soul surfing i get that.But the boards you ride and wetsuits you wear are all part of the Contests you maybe you need to start riding boards that are made out of wood bro.SO STOP THE B.S. GUYS MR. SLATER GREAT 10TH. WIN PEACE OUT DONT HATE

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