Kelly’s Magic Carpet

posted by / News / July 23, 2009


It’s no breaking news that Kelly Slater has been pushing the limits of surfing this year with his choice in quiver, but is this new whip the magic carpet that will propell Kelly to victory at the 2009 Hurley US Open of Surfing?  With 100k on the line it’s only fitting to see Kelly show up with a new board that could create as much buzz as the announcement of the 1st place purse.  Let’s hear what you think about this choice in equipment.  Is this the board that will make Kelly Slater 100k richer or just more ammo for haters to go along with the white wetsuits?

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  • billy williams

    i think it’s pretty gay that hurley can spend all this money on the us open but the backed out of the huntingtion beach skatepark.
    so gay

  • AjaxMcGregor

    I’m tripping out on that thing. “Tangent?” is that what it says. Double rail stringers, but not parabolic. Looks like a panel in the back 3/4. Optional quad or tri set-up (I’ve been riding that, and it teaches you a lot about a board and its fins to be able to switch back and forth). He’s really pushing the bounds — and it’s fucking awesome to see. We’ll all end up giving him 100k whether he wins or not. In the end, he always wins.

    Sign me up for one of them things, Kelly.

  • Andrew

    I think the white wetsuit is an unnecessary shot. In hearing Paul Gomez today talking about personal marketability, this goes right along with it. Surfers differentiating themselves ups their worth to their sponsors. Kelly is a shrewd self marketer when he doesn’ t even have to be becuase of his supernatural talent. So what if his white wetsuit is his trademark. It serves him well.

    We needn’t worry about him trying to win $100K on this board he’s holding in the picture becuase it’s already broken and he;s back to Old Faithful, the Tangent that he won Trestles last year and Brazil this year. That board has one him $75K from the Trestles contest and $40K for Brazil. $115K just for two events. I;m sure there’s alot more as he must’ve used it in other events last year as well. It stands a chance to be the winningest surfboard prizemoney wise in the history of the sport.

  • We Miss Al. . .

    Yeah I saw it up close. It might as well have been a firewire. There is only one reason why someone puts that many gimmicks into one board, and it’s cause they can’t figure out what they are doing. The trestles board seems to be old faithful. Kind of a normal looking PU/poly tri fin. I think Al shaped that one. So I guess Kelly is scrambling to try and get a board as good as Al’s shapes, cause Al’s really retired and hardly shapes any boards anymore. Uh oh did I spill the beans. Good luck Kelly, and good luck CI!!! The Magic isn’t in the Carpet. It’s in the hands and the feet!!! Peace

  • Chris

    Latest pics show Slater on his magic carpet! Personally, I think that Kelly is pushing the boundaries of board design. He isn’t using gimmicks because they are gimmicks. They actually work!
    The suit! Either you hate it or you love it. It does suit Kelly though!

  • stephanie

    Hating does nothing but keep you frozen in time & wasting your life. Whatever Kelly does, wears, whatever…who cares. He is incredibly talented and glad he showed up for this huge event.