Kustom Airstrike: Big-Spin or Backflip?

posted by / News / August 27, 2010

Just three days remain in the Kustom Airstrike entry period, and these are the frontrunners: Chippa Wilson’s big-spin and Flynn Novak’s backflip. One of them will probably get $50,000 — but which one? SURFING’s editor Travis Ferre, as part of a select panel of judges, has to decide in a few days. We’d like to consult you the reader/surfers at this time.




…or Flynn?


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  • Seth

    Flynn, definitely. It looked a lot smoother and more impressive.

  • lusk

    flynn…cause he checked his watch after

  • James

    Chippa, because his style is superior, and style is money.

  • Woody

    Remember that old Lost movie with Flip Bellinzoni? This ain’t fuckin skateboarding! But Chippa still.

  • Da Cat

    Both are good, and Kustom should be cackling with glee either way. Hard not to give it to a backflip. I guess.

  • Sammy

    If Flynn didn’t whine like a child I might say his backflip, but instead I say Chippa. He’s a freak. Should be on wheels and trucks with that shit

  • Diego

    If it’s the most innovative air, it’s a pretty much dead tie. The flip has height and difficulty but the spin has technical skill and style. Not sure yet.

  • Papa Smurf

    Not a fun call to have to make and take $50grand from one of these guys. But I guess you get to GIVE 50g to one of them too so that’s cool. If Flynn doesn’t get it there will be an outcry. If Chippa doesn’t get it the event loses some credibility

  • Gian

    Chippa’s air is good, but Flynn’s is like “fukin’unbelievable”.

    My father, that doesn’t understand anything about surfing saw both vids and while he said “what then” whatching Chippa’s, he was “wow!” about Flynn’s!

  • Isha

    DEFINITELY FLYNN! way awesome and very clean

  • Heeks

    FLynn, just because!!!

  • Sean Davey

    So obvious that it’s Flynn’s flip. Come on now…..

  • HIV

    All entries are incredible. Chippas more of a trick. Flynn’s more of an air. Just gonna come down to unqualified judges and internal politics. That is the business side of surfing!

  • aaaaron

    flynn sucks, that was soooo un stylish. chippa fo sure on this one,

  • George

    I’m claiming Chippa all the way! Flynns is sick but been done plenty of times before

  • Joanne

    I can’t beleive this is even a contest?! Flynn for sure, that back flip was insane!

  • kelly

    i like how theres a different flip picture on flynn’s video

  • rick

    Sick for sure but Kerrsy’s is better thats on the site. Where is anything from J.O.B? Or doesn’t he have anything that compares?

  • jeremiah

    Chippa for sure.If the give anybody 50 grand for a backflip they should give it it to timmy curran.he was doing backflips years ago.Plus I don’t think anybody has seen a big spin yet.Skate tricks are the way to go.backflips are too close to rodeos,which look completely gay no matter who does them.even dane and jordy’s look gay.maybe someone should should do a big spin backflip.

  • sb92007

    Chippas was waaaay more difficult , no question

  • Matt

    Jeremiah is retarded and quit with the Timmy Curran first crap Who cares? Who’s doing them now is the question, and doing them well. As much as I agree that Flynn has been going on and on and on and on about this, his move is the clear winner. Chippa’s air is rad for sure but only in a “neat-o” kind of way, not like “holy eff he just did a backflip” way.

  • shit myself

    What’s Kalohe Andino doing as a judge??? oh wait, he rides for Kustom!!! This shit is SO rigged, Everyone knows Flynn’s backflip is the winner, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Kustom gives it to their team rider again…

  • tai


  • dude

    Timmy Curran !!! For HIS flip pulled over four years ago…

  • bryce

    let the people vote…innersection II… i honestly cant decide

  • dbone

    the airstrike is all about innovation. flynn’s flip is sick, but there is video of timmy curran landing one in like 2005. there was also a photo spread ran in either surfer or surfing a few years ago of timmy landing one at rocky point. same move, same spot as flynn. chippa’s is mind blowingly innovative and i’m sure its much harder to pull off. the backflip certainly puts flynn in good company if its only him and timmy to pull one, but he definitely shouldn’t win this contest with a trick that has already been pulled and videoed before.

  • bruce

    try slowin’ it down and really appreciate chippa’s – the winner

  • ryan


  • George

    Dear Shit Myself,

    Your right Kolohe (correct spelling) was a judge last year, with 5 other guys. Your information was a bit off though… Those guys gave it to freaking Dusty Payne last year who rides for 6.0
    Innovation is the name of this game and Chippa has it all the way!

  • dina

    i think a back flip triumphs over a skater twirl anyday!

  • ui

    For the who-did-what-first theorists I offer you the March 2004 issue of Surfing Magazine. Flynn Novak is on the cover. He is also in an ad on page 133 doing a flip, YEARS prior to any documented attempts by any other beings. Check it out.

    flynn is original and innovative best air by far! if he doesn’t win the comp is rigged !

  • wooster

    flynn wins

  • John

    Try doing an air at over head rocky point versus wherever that mushburger is chippa is on. then ad in the height and over all muster of doing a back flip on a wave (different then timmy’.. Flynn’s is functional ) Flynn’s must win!!

  • dan

    Flynn’s flip has way more amplitude and was smoother and more functional. Chippa is only about 1 ft above the lip, but is still pretty mental. Flynn’s flip was bigger, he should win.

  • braaaa

    Flynn for sure! he did an AIR, a 5 foot backflip at that…Not a shuvit that was 1 foot out of the water…

  • ted shreds

    i agree with ui. if any of you retards even looked at a mag from the past you would know that flynn has been doing flips just as long(if not longer) then timmy “faggit express” curran ever has. That guy is the worst surfer to EVER come out of the usa and is a discrace to surfing and “music.” come on people think about who your backing up? fuk that guy and his gay ass “style” hes a KOOK if iv ever seen one and his movie was the worst, corny ass, piece of shit, joke of a surf film i have ever seen. GET REAL!!! on the other hand, if flynn doesn’t win its rigged! and you all know it!

  • i suck at surfing

    I’m pretty sure double rail grabs are still lame, regardless of any kind of acrobatic maneuvers mixed with them. Flynn works hard, he just made a bad name for him self by whining so much. So I vote for tech and steez in and out of the water, the Chippa.

  • dude

    Travis the Ferry is a judge ?? Oh boy…

  • …LOST

    we have vids from 15 years ago of our guys doing what Chip’on the shoulder is doing. Flynn on the other hand has done something in surfing no one has seen?
    It’s going to be interesting to see how the contest plays out. We all know who should win.

  • googlemouth

    timmy curran was never doing backflips years ago. he was barely landing sideways threes. totally different than the legit backflips Flynn is pulling.

    Not to mention the fact that Flynn’s move is actually a functional maneuver, versus Chippas, that isnt. and since surfing is way more about flow, completing a series of manuevers than the street skating inspired big spin its not even a contest.

    Flynn all the way

  • Insight

    I think the backflip would definitely be the harder trick to pull off.

  • Randy L

    Wo’s this chippa guy, never heard of him.
    Flynn takes the cake and deserves to win

  • Matt O

    TO ALL DOUBLE GRAB HATERS… Does Jordy’s rodeo flip from Indo count as cool move cause it’s DBL GRAB? How about Julian’s Sushi Roll? WAS THAT LAME CUZ IT WAS A DBL GRAB?!? Comments welcome. Oh yeah – FLYNNSTONE FLiP ALL THE WAY.

  • Who cares


  • rick

    Matt O….Sushi Roll LAME, Jordy is just LAME. DOUBLE grabs are for body boarders…

  • Seb

    Flynn, so high and clean, that’s really huge.

  • Cash

    Why is this even a debate? Chippa’s is smooth and clean, but sorry I see 14 year old kids pulling them all year long in Hawaii.@George…”but done many times before”.. what you?!! Why is this even a debate, cause theres plenty hawaii haters, thats why. A Flip, high and clean and pulled off on video wins, end of story

  • Vicky

    FLYNN !!!

  • son

    thats not even a backflip. his board isnt fully upside down at any point in that vid. plus double grabs are gay. skate inspired moves are were surfing is going now. flynn is a whiny bitch. he even said in an interview that he deserved it more because he is poor and all the other entrants already have money. what a baby.

  • doo doo

    Chippa for sure! It’s more innovative..

  • chance paramo

    definetly chippa.
    flynns flip is good and all but i like the innovative stuff chippa is creating