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The repugnant stench of injustice wafts into our office this Tuesday morning via the Letter of the Week. (It should have been posted yesterday, but our servers were downed by a power outage — sorry about that.) And sorry to letter-writer Mark, below.

Letter of the Week: No Aloha

I live in Kailua, Oahu and I have since I was born 17 years ago. I’m not a haole or a tourist, but I don’t have Hawaiian blood so no, scratch that, I guess I am a haole and a tourist and I don’t belong in my own home state. Or at least that’s how it feels sometimes.

I was surfing at Banyans this January (the most exposed and well-known surf break on the Big Island in Hawaii, near many hotels and a mall) and it was really small, so there was only one other person out and almost nobody on the beach. I surfed until almost dark and then came in to wait for my dad to pick me up. I showered off by the water and put my board down for literally 30 seconds while I showered, and when I turned around my board was gone. It was five feet from where I was standing. This isn’t a third world country here that we’re talking about, it’s Hawaii, the 50th state.

Then I saw a local kid standing by the rock wall with my board and I went over to him and said, “Sorry, but can I have my board back?” trying to be polite and not start something. He said, “Brah, that’s not your board. You should get out of here.” He kept saying that while I stood there amazed that he was trying to pull this off: “You should go, brah. You should get out of here now, brah.”

Two of his friends were next to him and one was telling me, “That’s his board, you’re tripping.” One against three I was not going to win, and two of them were bigger than me anyway, so I just left. When my dad came I couldn’t even tell him what happened because I was so mad.

My name is on the stringer: it’s a 6’1” Pyzel with a red deck and it says, “For Mark.” If you see someone riding it on the Big Island, cut him off and give him what he deserves. And don’t come to Hawaii if you want “Aloha spirit.” It left a long time ago.

—Mark from K-Town


So…you put your board down and turned your back — in Hawaii — and are surprised that it got lifted. Really? Hm. Even though…you grew up there? For 17 years? Well, Mark, we suppose tha…seriously, this was surprising to you? Huh.



Thieves burn in the eighth circle of hell, and until then, Mark will be getting a new Creatures of Leisure traction/leash package to soothe the pain of his loss. In time he’ll see that Hawaii is still pretty f—king great.

Moving right along, this week’s LOTW will get a fat box of Hurley gear in honor of the US Open (happening now! live action here).

Aloha kakou!

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  • Jon Pyzel

    Hey Mark- Hawaii is still full of Aloha! If you read this, give me a call at 808 223 3305, and I will make you a new board for my cost. It sucks that there are people like that ANYWHERE, but that is the way it is. Jon Pyzel

  • Imaikalani

    There’s still lot’s of aloha on Hawaii Island. Just don’t expect it at Banyan’s at sunset. Lot’s of coast out there to roam, far away from the pollutants.

  • smugged

    Mark, ALOHA lives brah..keep smiling, possessions are worldly, spread smiles, they go for miles…the problem is not the lack of ALOHA, its the lack of parenting and the lack of big Uncle slapping those groms for stealing, they will get theirs…The Big Isle is a madhouse, second is Oahu…go surf Pinetrees this winter and tell em Bruce sent you..!

  • Allen Layne

    I see you’re familiar with Dante’s Inferno, surfingmag. I’m mildly bordering on almost impressed that anyone there reads. Don’t stop now, you’re almost to 12th grade.

  • BrokenMan

    Mark, You should have fought these guys, even if it meant getting your ass kicked. You’d feel better about yourself right now. A few bruises are nothing…and this would be a much better story. Now your cowardly shame is like a little pit in all our collective stomachs. If I see you showering, I will definitely take your board.

  • Kent Honea

    KARMA is A BITCH…Hopefully his comes in the form of a Tiger
    Shark..It is shark week you know..

  • EB&D

    @BrokenMan Fuckin right. Bullies need to be taught a lesson, especially Hawaiian bullies without da kine ejumikashin. Knock the biggest one in the mouth and go, “Ho, so good wen’ broke da mout!” and then run.

  • http://surfingmagazine.com scornuelle

    Dante’s what now?

  • Gastroenterologist

    The one time I went to the Big Island I was told not to surf Banyans because it’s overrun by bad elements. We surfed other spots up north and everyone was friendly, except at A-Bay where the people are scum. This is not surprising, unfortunately, but how cool is John Pyzel?

  • O Boy

    this does happen in the islands sometimes but it sucks. A lot of so-called locals are kooks and lost the RESPECT the early generations have had. Next time have a freind around who can scrap and lick um. Let me guess they were wearing those Ainokea t-shirts? talk about a messed up attitude. next time false crak medi-vac

  • Diane

    Are you sure he’s from Kailua, OAHU? Banyans is in Kailua-Kona, on a different island – the Big Island.