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posted by / News / August 30, 2010


LOTW runs for seven days, with the week’s most brilliant submissions picked and posted every Monday on surfingmagazine.com. There are two ways to write in: send an email to surfing@sorc.com, or use the Write a Letter tab on our Facebook page.


When Nathan Myers wrote his essay “Go Without” [Oct. 2010], he alluded to the eviction of his beloved dog as Nathan emptied his house and prepared to venture into Indonesia with nothing but a surfboard and a motorbike. At least one reader took this as a serious crime.


Letter of the Week: PETA Warning

Dear Surfing Mag Editor,

I have to write and let you know just how disgusted I am with the apparent lack of animal rights your surfer/columnist seems to posses. To use the exact quote from the article: “Yesterday, I moved out of my house in Bali, put my life in storage and my dog out on the street.”

Really? Are you serious? I think PETA is over the top as much as the next guy, but I think I might hand this one over to those guys…let you deal with that. I have lived in Costa Rica, and seen developing countries and noticed the dead, rotting dog corpses along the road that nobody cleans up. What the fuck? That guy is just gonna throw his dog on the streets of Bali because he has to have some nostalgic notion of what life was like before the internet. What an asshole; he basically relegated that dog to death. Gotta say I am pretty disturbed reading that kind of lack or respect for living things…glad I canceled my subscription.

—Justin Buchanan


It sounds like this letter was a trumped up excuse to mention how you once lived in Costa Rica. We all want to sound worldly and well-traveled, Justin. Don’t drag the animals into it.



Justin, your care and concern — though misguided (the dog stayed with friends during Nathan’s excursion) — is admirable. SURFING and Atwater want to reward you with a couple new Atwater outfits — made 100% free of dog derivatives.

See those white tiger stripe trunks you're getting, Justin? Atwater loves animals too.

See those white tiger stripe trunks you're getting, Justin? Atwater loves animals too.


This week’s LOTW has a massive prize in store from Futures. We’ll give you a hint: it’s fins…and yes, we said that last week. And yes, this time we’re serious.

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  • Bali High

    Justin Buchanan you’re ignorant . . . Most dogs do just fine in Bali on there own . . . A lot of people are just getting by over there and can barely afford to feed themselves . . . If they have a dog as a pet they often keep the dog outside and let it find it’s own food . . . That’s just the way it is . . .

  • Jake C

    That was hilarious!! Stoked for Justin on the new trunks, especially the Zebra print!

  • Isha

    Pahahaha this guy’s an idiot. I dont really think the dog was wandering about in garabage cans…

  • Johnnie A.

    Is that Justin that lives in a glass house? NO-NO-NO that’s Justine that got out just in time!

  • Insight

    Go snuggle up with your boyfriends pug and cry it out, Justin.

  • dude

    Holy Shit ! You rewarded that PETA weirdo with a bunch of gear ???