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LOTW runs from Monday to Monday, with the week’s most brilliant submissions picked and posted seven days after the prompt is first issued on surfingmagazine.com. There are two ways to write in: send an email to surfing@sorc.com, or use the Write a Letter tab on our Facebook page.

There are chefs and models and housewives. Repo men and cops. Cake decorators and tattoo artists. Mechanics and bachelors. Everyone has a reality show, but surfers’ attempts in the field have been — how do you say? F—king awful. Cinematic oil spills. Foot straight through the TV material.

So in this week’s LOTW, script us a decent surf reality show. Who would be in it? What’s the struggle, the plot, the motivation? Why would anyone want to watch it? Who would be the token psycho hot chick?

Best idea gets a box of Nike 6.0 gear dropped on their doorstep — and in all likelihood, a screenwriter contract from MTV (not guaranteed). Our favorite ideas, and the winner of the Nike pack, will be announced and posted next Monday — when we’ll have another LOTW assignment and a brand new reward. Start your keyboards.

collection_with60_300dpi_1Nike 6.0 says: “The Nike 6.0 Full Court Pack: Sunshine, empty barrels, and ballin’ with friends: this is the recipe for an epic summer. Soak it up in the Nike 6.0 Full Court Boardshort-mesh print gives you basketball flavor, while the extra-stretchy quick-dry fabric is all about performance. Both the Mavrk Mid 2s and the SolarSoft Sandal sport your team’s favorite hues, and the 6.0 Hutch Tee helps you transition from water to court with ease.”


Send submissions to surfing@sorc.com


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  • Jake

    The winning package … looks like a Walmart give away. Why would anyone want that? Yellow circus outfit 101…

    Here’s the deal… we will pick your brain for plot lines and then give you some clothes that make you look as hip as a 6 year old.

  • Jonathan Druary

    Shane dorian
    cj hobgood
    damien hobgood
    andy irons
    bruce irons
    clay marzo
    dusty payne
    donovan frankenreiter
    yadin nicol
    jordy smith
    joel parkinson
    Alanna Blanchard

    Plot: a house in bali for a 2 months the crew is filming for the newest movie or a sequel to Stranger Than Ficiton. its delves into what really goes into getting the best video part. drama starts becuase donovan wants everybody to get stony and he keeps trying to talk them into doing soul arches instead of huge air reverses because he claims its the new thing and airs are retro. donovans moustache leads him to believe he is the most powerful man in the house. during daily surf sessions all the guys are throwing down countless bangers. this all stops when alanna blanchard paddles out and they are all distracted by her bottom turns and therefore they cannot focus on the task at hand of nailing the video part. meanwhile donny is soularching his way into the video and the drama jsut never stopsbetween them.

  • Sir Seves of the Sea Alot

    Ya I agree with Jake, only fuckin 6 year olds are Lakers fans…

  • Tim

    Not everyone is a Lakers fan, agreed, but its free Nike 6.0 gear for an idea. Nike isn’t necessarily going to send you Lakers colors. Stop being a little bitch and submit and idea.