Mick Fanning Wins Quiksilver Pro France

posted by / News / October 4, 2013

All Photos: Steve Sherman

Semifinals, mete Felipe Toledo.

Semifinals, meet Felipe Toledo.

They must be pirates.

They must be pirates.

Gabriel Medina, pre final.

Gabriel Medina, pre final.

Mick Fanning's winning blast.

Mick Fanning's winning blast.

No, you!

No, you!

The first free ride up the beach of 2013 for Mick.

The first free ride up the beach of 2013 for Mick.

Sorry Felipe — three's a crowd.

Sorry Felipe — three's a crowd.

And the race is on.

And the race is on.

It's a shame they left their champagne glasses at home.

It's a shame they left their champagne glasses at home.


It took him eight events, but Mick Fanning finally scalped his first contest of the 2013 World Tour season. Mick’s been prowling at the top of the pack since his 3rd place result at the season opener on the Gold Coast, and has spent more time driving the #1 train than any other surfer, but the guy just couldn’t win a contest. However, in the deep rounds of the Quik Pro France, Mick found his swing and used his rail to defeat Taj Burrow, John John Florence, Joel Parkinson and finally Gabriel Medina en route to the champagne — you ever seen a more diverse list of losers? And now, with a victory under his belt, Mick retains his seat up top.

Now the ASP rankings might lead you to believe that Mick’s got a stranglehold. You’d see Mick’s 51,900 points and Kelly’s 45,900 and think he’s a lock. But before you dust off the crown, consider this: the ASP factors in eight out of a surfer’s ten results into the final tally. So when you count only six of the eight events this year, that 6000 point gap disintegrates. Mick’s top six give him 42,700 points. Kelly’s got 42,400. Behind them, Jordy Smith has 36,200, which means he’s waiting on a miracle. And so with two events remaining — the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal and the Billabong Pipeline Masters — we have a title race. Kelly Slater VS Mick Fanning. The 11-times champ VS the double-fister. The American VS The Australian. The bald VS the blonde. It wouldn’t be all that bold to say this one’s heading to Pipe. —Brendan Buckley

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  • Matt O’Brien

    That final was a joke right? I just watched heat review and the judges are telling us (and surfers) that Mick’s 6.1 was .4 less than Medina’s 6.5!? Seriously? Medina did 3 airs on one wave – with function – and Mick did two backside snaps! Then Mick’s 8.63 was seriously better than Medina’s huge full rotator? Seriously, is there a punch line I am missing? I also find it hard to believe that any of Mick’s waves were actually surfed better than Medina’s two scoring waves due to the fact that he mistimed most of his turns. I am in complete shock! Did I watch the wrong heat review? was that a different final that the one Mick won? WOW… that is B.S.!! IF you don’t believe me, go re-watch it AND tell me I am wrong. Also just a sidenote: No way Parko beat Kai. NO WAY!

  • Jay Haas

    The judging is always SOOOOOOO slanted in the favor of Kelly, Mick, and Parko, that pro surfing has become a joke.

    ASP – I know you want superstars in the sport, but please at least try to be objective. An air should be worth twice as much as a snap.

  • Yoda

    “An air should be worth twice as much as a snap”?! Ya right….I think not, buddy. How long have you been surfing? All airs are not created equal, just like all turns aren’t. A good turn beats are crappy, stink bug air any day, just like a solid, clean air on a critical section beats a weak, flicky turn.

  • Dirt

    @Matt O’Brian. I can tell from the crap you say that you are a kook. If you don’t know good surfing when you see it, it’s safe to say that you can’t do it.

  • Matt O’Brien

    Dirt – thanks for telling me what you “know”. if i go by what you say: you are a judgmental jerk who can’t pay attention to details (my name is spelled O’Brien). It is little things like that where you come off as somebody who can not determine the nauseous of what good surfing actually is. After all it is the little things that separate a great scoring ride from a good scoring ride. Can you understand that?
    Again: i am not saying they don’t surf good, what i said was they didn’t surf better than their competitors in the event. i thought Mick/Parko looked a little sluggish and Medina did not. it is what i saw. Medina had flow and speed and power – the judging criteria – [in the final rounds] Mick & Parko did not. Go re-watch again IF you don’t believe me.

  • Matt O’Brien

    now I am the idiot! I meant “nuance” of good surfing. Well I look more and more stupid with every reply I make. Whatever – bring it on (because I set myself up for this round of “public” bashing).
    still stand by my idea of the post (just not the spelling/word error)
    oh boy this is gonna get ugly I can already tell…

  • Tim

    @Matt O’Brien: simmer down. You’ve posted this all over the surf forums of several sites. Might be time to get out on the water, catch a few and take it easy.

  • bufu

    Agree with Matt. Judges don’t have a clue. Medina won that heat hands down. Yeah I am a fan of power surfing but a projection floater, with two good turns is no 8.83. Compare that with Medina’s nearly full rot no grab air -in a contest- with two turns is an 8.5……Asp needs a to get their shit figured out. I don’t give a shit what anyone says if you argue that mick deserved a higher score…. you don’t know shit. Yeah Mick’s surfing is some of the best ever but this shouldn’t of been his day. Shame on you judges. How many times is this shit going to happen? Oh wait let’s blame it on the commentators.

  • Matt O’Brien

    Tim: probably right on that note. BUT I am posting it around to get my message out and have a discussion with those that feel the same or don’t. Figure not everybody reads every site so I hit em all. BUT a surf is def what I need… and to stopping watching these beauty pageants. It is starting to bum me out how the judges get in the way of the surfers. And I don’t need to hear “it is judged by judges so how can that be possible” crap – you know what I mean. Cheers Tim…

  • Ztrois

    Mick Fanning isn’t in the stats of the 10 best waves or summations and still gets the title. Something needs to change, or is getting hard to watch the ASP. After Parkogate with Lacomare, everything would be possible in Quick Pro. Congrats to Medina, the kid and his airs… nice to see the new age of the surf ..

  • Dirt

    @Matt. Sluggish!!!! WTF. I disagree with you so so much!!
    Gabs does some good airs, but everything he does on the wave leading up them is ugly and hard to watch.
    You cant just bog, bounce and wave your arms around then do a sic air and get the score. Cause that’s Crap surfing!!!
    I think you have a problem giving credit to Aussies

  • Matt O’Brien

    Dirt: not true at all. I have a problem with judges giving Aussies too much credit. And as far as the bounce around arms flailing stuff goes – I can agree with that, but it is a close out beach break for crying out loud. AND read the judging criteria: Style is not part of it. That is why Adriano gets the scores he gets. And too add: I can’t stand his surfing BUT it fits the criteria. As hard as that is too except. I do agree they should reintroduce Style back into the criteria, but until they do – the judges should not use against a competitor.

  • dylan

    flow basically is style through my eyeballs

  • Adam

    WHO CARES? When does Dane’s next clip come out?

  • Matt S.

    They were both ripping but I think Medina edged him out. Medina had a decent turn and two air reverses on his 6.5? I really don’t think the judges saw his second air.

  • Jeff

    Definitely some questionable judging at this comp, with a few too many head scratchers. Might be about time for the asp to open a discussion with the surfers about the difficulty of certain maneuvers.

  • John Mello

    Medina, surfed much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much,much, much, much, much, better then Mick.

  • Mik

    I totally agree that Kai easily beat Parko. And that the ASP’s judges are weighted in favor of Australia.

  • chris eaves

    judging has been of all year. sad for surf fans. mick fanning is a way better surfer than mendia however during this time sample that was the final mendia crushed mick! how does a foam climb, snap, floater, floater be a point and a half better than a hard snap into air revisers into air reverse. mick is better but he lost

  • not a Medina fan says

    isn’t this the second time the Brazzo kid has kind of been ripped off lately?

  • James

    Medina got screwed! There is a reason why you will see 100 times the amount of surfers doing hard turns instead of doing airs like Medina: because it’s easier! Notice this the next time you paddle out. Obviously, Mick is a champion and can do probably anything Gabriel can do, but a floater and a turn beat a hit with two airs? Perhaps the judges are stuck in the 90’s judging criteria. However, what excites at least me the most when watching surfing is airs. I certainly appreciate power turns, but airs are simply better. Accordingly, airs should count for more. They are simply more difficult to pull off. Just my opinion.

  • Keith

    I agree with James. I’ve been surfing a long time and got the turns, etc. wired. I’m still working on the airs and can do some tricks, but nothing like the pro’s. James is correct the judges are still in the 90’s. The system needs to give more credit to the airs in my opinion.

  • the808

    Just watched joel/kai and then the final on replay. don’t understand how the scoring is not consistent. bring back sunny, taylor and pancho. let them boys show you how to hack. a true hack is the best to watch, just like a true whip in motto-x is something you can always enjoy.

  • Ben

    Medina was screwed again. A victory for Mick in those conditions is a victory for repetitive surfing. To be clear: Mick shreds on a level with few others, but he was heavily overscored.

  • Jay Haas

    Yoda said: “Ya right….I think not, buddy. How long have you been surfing? All airs are not created equal, just like all turns aren’t. A good turn beats are crappy, stink bug air any day, just like a solid, clean air on a critical section beats a weak, flicky turn.”

    Did you even watch the contest before you came in here spouting off at the mouth like a vag? Medina was screwed

  • Andre Fiorini

    Airs (the Medina, Toledo, JJF and Wilson kind) are much harder to do than any turn will ever be. Anyone who surfs decently should know this. Now if said airs had been equally stomped by Jules, JJF or Jordy in a final, I bet they would’ve gotten the score with a flurry of enthusiastic expletives coming from the commentators’ booth AND the judging panel alike, praising them with the “next phenom” banter. On the other side of that spectrum, Gabs gets the “take your second place finish like a man, smile and be grateful you’re even among us” treatment.

  • Matt O’Brien

    Andre: well said.

  • Rick Dickert

    Just waiting for Stone Cold Steve Austin to come out and power bomb Medinas ass during the awards. WWF and the ASP are one in the same.

  • Steve

    ASP – All Stupid Pricks

  • Dirt

    I think the Aussie bias is only in your American heads. I do believe there is bias towards higher profile surfers. Don’t worry I’ve seen Mick, Parko, Taj, Owen and Jules be screwed by judges before and usually at the hands of Kelly and Andy.
    @ Matt. No world class surfer would ever call Mick or Parko’s surfing in France sluggish. A know nothing kook might though.

  • Matt O’Brien

    Never said I was a “world class surfer”. I stand by my statement. AND Dirt – WTF man, it is my opinion. While i could blame part of it on the surf, Medina didn’t seem to have the same problem. Also, getting stuck on my sluggish comment and ignoring my mistimed part of my comment only proves my opinion even more (even it is just to myself). Later dirt!

  • sonny p

    i gotta laugh at the aussies on here defending micks win. i know nationalism is your countries strength, but you guys sound ridiculous defending this outcome. just like wilsons win last year in portugal.

    listen to the announcers realtime reactions to each surfers waves. mick was solid but unspectacular. medina was blowing their collective minds. why is this so hard for aussies to accept? 90% of the online reaction was in medinas favor.

  • Geoff Woodley

    I think every one should just chill out. It is only surfing and it is just a opinion what is better rail to rail power surfing to airs. I think power surfing is better my self than airs but I do not know how judges have to score. To say Mick, Kelly , and Joel are judged different is not true from what I have seen in contests. They can do airs them selves because I have seen them do them I think they take a more professional approach to surfing in contests to win. That is why they have been at the top for so long. Airs to me are a trick like skate boarding. To just do a few turns and do a air and to expect a perfect 10 or a high score every time is not right. You can see when a surfer is going to do a air long before they do it as they waste a lot of the wave building up speed like you are supposed to go wow they did a air and made it. From the comments I have read the agro in the surf never ends even when giving a comment that is what is taking the fun out if surfing now. What is better really when it comes to it I don,t give a shit and don,t really care that is what judges are for.