Mile 1: The Start Of A Road trip

Live updates as Josh Kerr and Damien Hobgood chase a swell around the West Coast


Plump hotdogs gyrate on grease-stained metallic bars. A cashier smiles distantly. Small statues of Chihuahuas wearing gold chains are available for sale, perhaps the best $12.99 you’ve ever spent on your lawn. Chips line the shelves. Soft drinks decorator the refrigerator. Two well-known professional surfers mill around aimlessly.

They are Josh Kerr and Damien Hobgood. They are going somewhere.

We’re not exactly sure where. Or for how long. Their home for an indefinite amount of time is a luxury RV. It has six wheels and two TVs, a fridge stocked with beer and beds everywhere. It’s a portable home. Which is a good thing to have when a swell like this is filling in and promising to give the entire West Coast a few days to remember.

So, let’s remember them.

Stay tuned for daily updates from the road, and for live updates on @theroadsoda.