Nate Tyler // Mexico // 2:59

posted by / News, Video / March 24, 2011


Remember skating around flatground ’cause you had nowhere else to go, and stacking your friends’ decks rail to rail to see how many you could ollie? That’s what Nate Tyler’s frontside airs are like. Sucks up his knees to his chest and bangs out five-deckers, easy.

Edit by Victor Pakpour

Nate won the first round of last year’s Innersection. A new first round starts next week at


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  • jeff

    ripper. some of those lip crackers were bad as fuh

  • NM

    Nice. Victor is one of Innersection’s great success stories — was still in high school when he won the first round, now killing it working for Billabong. Definitely got some “next big thing” in his future.

    Song is sick on this edit. Unfortunately, band has a strict “no action sports” policy on their license and wouldn’t allow it for any offer of money or sexual favors. Stoked you get to see alternate version here though. Nate’s a brilliant surfer and an excellent human.

  • DaveO

    Sick airs, but NO combos at all? That’s why he wasn’t a contender for the big money on Innersection. All M500s and no Roman Candles.

    But yea, them airs is bigness. Big bigness.

  • Rons

    Nate Tyler might be my favorite surfer. He is #winning in my book.

  • Anti

    I like Nate, too, but please stop using “winning”. It’s stale already….

  • DG

    Blue Shocking- Send Me a Postcard

  • Waddo

    Nate is the real deal, style, power, clean airs, and never forces anything. A lot of these new school kids can learn from watching him. Good on ya Nate you kill it!!

  • benj

    One trick pony.