Nathaniel Curran’s Alpinestars Surf Giveaway

posted by / News / April 21, 2009

Economy making you squeeze another season out of those faded, stained-uptrunks? Your board sucking up more water than that rotten sponge on yourkitchen sink? Well — thanks to Alpinestars — that all could change. All yougotta do is tell us why need this Nathaniel Curran prize pack more thananyone else this summer and you could be back in business.

ALPINESTARS.COM for more on Nathaniel Curren and the complete summer 09 line.

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  • Joe

    I need this stuff because I just got fired and I am moving to California and I need to learn to surf so my 5 year old daughter can be taught by her daddy. I promised her.

  • Caleb Tiliakos

    I just started surfing on Friday. I am 7 years old and both my dad, uncle and Papu surf. I was a little scared to surf, because my Mimi told me that my uncle had to have staples in his head after being hit with a surfboard fin. But, on Friday, I tried it anyway because my uncle said he wouldn’t play the Xbox with me, unless I at least tried. Once I actually got on the board and surfed on a wave, I felt a lot better and didn’t want to stop surfing. I’m eating a KitKat right now and hoping that I will win this really cool surfboard!