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Nike 6.0 team rider Nat Young
Nike 6.0 team rider Nat Young

Nike 6.0 signs on as official apparel and shoe sponsor of the NSSA and prepare for the 2010 NSSA National Championships move to Surf City

By Matt Skenazy

Nat Young, Carissa Moore, Dusty Payne, Coco Ho, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Coco Ho, Ian Gentil, Koa Smith, Evan Geiselman, Malia Manuel  and now the NSSA. Nike 6.0 continues to support the bright-eyed youth of surfing and they’ve now attached themselves to the NSSA, announcing an extended and upgraded two-year partnership.

Although those of you out in Internet land will be treated to another year of high def webcasting courtesy of Nike, you won’t be watching the up and comers surf Lowers anymore, as the site of the National Open Championships has been moved to Huntington Beach Pier. Not only has the event been moved to Surf City, but it’s going down on 4th of July weekend, and is sure to draw the hordes of spectators that Huntington Beach surf contests are known for. So while surfers will be giving up the flawless dream peaks of Lowers, the stage will surely be more crowded.

“Thirty-two years ago, the first National Championships were held in Huntington Beach and we are thrilled that it has found its way back home,” said Janice Aragon, the Executive Director of the NSSA.  “There is nothing that compares to the crowds, the activity and the excitement that center stage at Huntington Beach Pier can offer.”

Huntington Beach isn’t as well known for its wave quality as Lowers is, but if last years’ US Open taught us anything, it’s that Huntington Beach in the summer is not to be underestimated. And the stage in which Huntington is capable of producing could bring a more prestigious and dramatic venue for the nations best amateur surfers.

“Huntington Beach Pier provides the most consistent and contestable surf on the coast,” Aragon said, “and if the stars align the waves can get epic. The nation’s most talented up-and-coming surfers will be pumped up to showcase their skills and push the boundaries on HB’s center stage.”

Comment below on the pros and cons of a move from Lowes to HB and be then prepare to party with the NSSA in HB on the 4th of July Weekend.

The South Side of the HB pier during the 2009 US Open.
The South Side of the HB pier during the 2009 US Open.