North Shore Underground: The Estate of Hui

posted by / News / December 8, 2010

(L to R) Kala, Eddie, Kamalei, Makua and Marcus in the foreground, plus a few of their tools — or toys, if you like. Photo: Jeff Flindt


North Shore Underground

The Volcom Pipe houses (there are two) are our Playboy Mansion. As salaciously popular as any of Volcom’s human team riders. Those houses should probably have their own signature boardshort, or at least a beer koozie, and actually, one kitchen drawer there contains Volcom branded condom wrappers emblazoned with the rallying cry, “Jam out with your clam out!” and an illustrated clam.

Haha, gross.

But Marcus Hickman doesn’t live there. He could; they’d love to have him. He’s Volcom’s Lamar Odom around these parts (if Bruce is Kobe, Dusty is Shannon Brown, Dingo is D. Fisher, and Dave Wassell is Phil Jackson). But Marcus is a lifer from right here at Sunset and he has his own setup with best friend Makuakai Rothman, in the compound Makua owns by Backyards, just inside of Phantoms. It’s an estate, really — one that needs no guard dog.

“Kala [Alexander] lives with us downstairs,” says Marcus, “and of course Eddie [Rothman] lives in the front house. We have Makua’s brothers staying here, too.”

Marcus has lived there for a year, but for a time before that, he was about 45 minutes away on the East Side, housed with his lady. The arrangement didn’t last.

“I think that was actually one of my best winters out here, when I was living in Kaneohe,” says Marcus. “Just more motivated, I think. Coming all the way out from there, sitting for an hour in the car, you’re excited to surf no matter what.”

But tellingly, he’s back Country side. Marcus says he couldn’t pass up the chance to live and surf every day with his besty. Now headquartered at Sunset, Marcus and Makua’s days begin early, before the sun, with the chickens. There’s coffee on and Makua’s full-time filmer is knocking, already on the beans, already breathing java. Then they set out to find waves.

“Usually we have an idea of where the best spots are ‘cause we’ve lived out here our whole lives,” says Marcus. “Usually we know where to go, when to go.”

The boys are welcome at any team house on the main strip, and that access lets Marcus snipe key windows between Pipe and Logs when the conditions sing just right. He doesn’t miss a thing. He doesn’t miss the East Side.

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  • sam

    thanks SO MUCH for bringing us this little glimpse of life on the NS. This is so totally awesome and super cool. Next time show us the inside of his car and stuff too. Or maybe a close up of his shoes. I’ve never seen a house, a car or shoes before, so this is totally super rad. Whatever you do though, don’t ever tell us about Fast Eddie’s drug running. Nobody wants to hear about that totally boring, uninteresting and irrelevant non-surf culture stuff.


    Bubble gum journalism continues… Is there any irony whatsoever in this story, especially with the events of the last month. You guys are so far out on left field….

    The refusal for this mag, and every other Teen Beat Surfing mag to cover things that really matter and are of sustenance in the surfing world appear to be out of your reach. Of course you Dana Point monkeys are too busy trying to look cool in a place where you don’t belong.

    Stop kissing ass and start writing about things that matter in the surfing world.

    Tell Rothman to go back to his place of birth, and for Makua to rid himself of his hideous plantation pidgin accent….

  • sam

    why do you think Glendora wants Eddie back?

  • Punk Action

    Where can I find these donkeys? So tough, I will knock each one of those kooks out one by one!!! Except for Marcus and Kamalei those guys seem humble and cool! Unlike me, obviously not that cool nor humble though someone has to step up and pound out the wanna be tough guys!!

  • johny boy

    ho bra back the bike out! put da board on da ski so it looks like we ready for action! get out the quad we go pig hunting after eating plate luch! line the boards up! da shot is looking good.. oh wait you gotta out the stand up in there! we is watermen…ok all good bra! 3-2-1 say shaka!.. you get the shot haole? if not we pound you bra!!


    ummm..everyone in that picture is also haole…..caucasian….

  • mike ockenbalz

    Not a single polynesian last name in the bunch. Let the Cocaine rain supreme, the Coke Pack in full effect. So Cool….Bunch of angry addicts that think they are cool because pusssy magazines give them coverage So gay.

  • mike ockenbalz

    Drug dealers are soooooooo cool!

  • OGgrl808

    you don’t need to have a “polynesian” last name to be a local from hawaii. they all were born & raised on dis island, so im pretty sure that makes them local!
    & why are u you guyz assuming that they’re “drug dealers” or “drug addicts” have you ever actually met them & got to know them? im guessing no because they aren’t like that! i’ve known them a really long time & are the complete opposite of what you think they are.

  • Jedm

    Hahaha! Not drug addict, spousal abusers? Gotcha.

  • Trevor

    I recently hung out with a long time surfer in costa rica that knows bruce and andy irons very well. Well enough to know that a rampant drug addiction is what took his life and that the volcom diamand was drawn on a napkin at one of their famous coke parties in huntington beach. Everyone is avoiding the fact that the family hired a private toxicologist to cover up the truth and that he had methodone in his room. Everytime the methadone subject was brought up, the family ignored it like the plague. They are controlled by money and greed, and would rather have the money keep coming instead of telling the truth.

  • Alberto Estrada

    So glad i live strictly soul surfer down here in mainland mex far from all this magazine crap.

  • Linda

    I gotta say something GREAT about EDDIE ROTHMAN, KOA, and his other younger son who’s name I have sadly forgotten…(not Makua the oldest).
    My son Jacob & I are from the mainland here in So. California, having graduated from Huntington Beach High School more years than I care to count. Surfing has always been a love of mine and I always had dreams of surfing…Only tried it a couple times though before my dad found out and went nuts! So while I don’t surf today, I have always admired and loved our local surfing championships here in HB and surfing and other water sports in general.
    My son, because of his Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities, does not surf either…but like me, he loves the ocean.
    He and I took a vacation to Ohau in 2006 when met this rugged looking, but kind and helpful man at the airport who offered to help Jacob with his luggage after seeing him struggle with it. He also gave us his phone # and invited Jacob to his home on the North Shore to meet his son’s, hangout and just do some water sports for the day. (I too was invited). Mind you…I had NO IDEA who Eddie Rothman was and didn’t find out until much later.
    A couple day’s later we called Eddie and accepted his invitation.
    I was of course apprehensive initially, not knowing this guy. I checked out the situation @ his home and felt it was safe for Jacob & I to go in and meet Eddie & his boy’s. There’e an enlarged copy of the billibong $66,000.00 check in a frame hanging on his wall that Makua had won a couple years before in Maui for riding the notorious 66ft. wave…that’s when I started learning about who Makua Rothman was.
    Eddie, his children and his friends went out of their way to make my son’s trip to Hawaii one he will never forget. Koa and his brother were so cool and patient with Jacob, who was 14yrs. old at the time…Koa was a few year’s younger than Jacob. Eddie took Jacob out on his Wave Runner, making an experience for Jacob that he will forever remember.
    At one point Eddie talked about Da Hui, his clothing line, and gave Jacob some DaHui swim trunks and other stuff.
    Eddie’s boy’s hung out with Jacob all afternoon making him feel welcome and at home…never paying attention to his physical disabilities, difficulty walking, small stature or his speech impediment. These boy’s were, and I hope still are, magnificent…The Rothman family shared one day of their life with us and I’m sure their memories of us have long since faded…But my son and I will NEVER forget the experience he would not have had if Eddie Rothman hadn’t opened the bridge of his heart to my son and I. As a parent of a disabled child, I can’t say how much I STILL appreciate Eddie and his families kindness.
    Jacob still reflects on this day with Eddie speaking of it often…of course we still occaisionaly look at our pictures of that memorable day. Thank You Eddie and Boy’s!

  • eddie

    Yo you guys are still welcome to come back Just leave a message on our site
    ALOHA EDDIE And for the rest of you computer tuff guys bring it .