North Shore Underground: The Ola Episode

posted by / News, Video / December 16, 2010


North Shore Underground

Twenty-four years old, from Maui. Medium build. Low, compact style. Last seen wearing a mustache. Still at large.



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  • ryan

    How can a good underground surfer get an invite to the triple crown ?

  • Stewart

    If these guys are “underground” then I am full on Chilean style underground.

  • Eddie

    This is a joke. how about:

    European underground?
    Puerto Rico Underground?
    Australian Underground?
    Tahitian Underground?
    California Underground?
    Canada Underground?
    Anywhere with a coast underground?

    What’s the deal with hawaii? You’ve got the best stretch of coastline, and all of you have an invite to the triple crown and… oh, that’s right, an Australian has won the triple crown the last three years?

  • Jack

    this whole Hawaii thing is really the downfall of surfing. it’s kind of sad.

  • mike ockenbalz

    Pretty tame surfing….
    why the hype?

  • ola eleogram

    hate hate hate hate!!!!!!!!!!
    do you guys not have anything better to do then hate on people?
    go on and hate all you want! what comes around goes around? thank you to all the people that arent a bounch of haters! im not saying i rip, i just surf and love it, im sorry that you guys think im overhyped, blame the people that called me underground and stop hating on people you dont even know!
    ola eleogram

  • Burger

    fuckin Haters.. Fuckin jack n eddie u guys r fucin clowns must be some dumb barns that cant even surf hating… Plus the only reason Parko won three triple crowns is because AI pushed all those fuckin guys to surf harder n better.. Ola rips n all the underground guys n plus everywhere u go people try to compare waves with pipeline all over the world but there is only ONE pipeline u dumb fucks.. K barns just keep hating n Hawaii is the mecca of surfing k lates.

  • cali cool brah

    who cares how good he surfs. he has the hottest chick in the world thats cool. i think he already won the triple crown.

  • kanaka

    yeah fuck all you haters! jack and eddie go fuck each other. hawaii has more underground talent than everywhere else put together, that’s why there is a hawaii underground competition. also, do you donkeys even know that surfing was invented in hawaii? hahaha kooks nowadays i tell you….

  • Jon

    don’t stress, keep shreddin!

  • Micah

    Too bad this compilation of Ola’s surfing is so weak. He surfs way better than this. I saw him get better clips at Pipeline yesterday in 2 heats then in this entire video. Ola rips even if this video doesn’t show his best waves.