Not (Just) Another Industry Party

posted by / News / June 14, 2010

felineBillabong’s Design For Humanity raises the bar

All photos by Steve Sherman and Peter Taras

Surf industry parties are an interesting animal. You plan plan plan, send out invites, and hope the planets align. Star power=success when it comes to party efficacy, but surfers are a notoriously transient bunch, and getting them all in the same place at the same time is never easy. Usually, a smattering of familiar faces show up along with a flood of industry folks, media kids (that’s us), and party people with little or no affiliation other than that they love stiff (free) drinks.

Billabong’s Design For Humanity benefit was different. World champs, troubadours, big wave nuts, artists and musicians all collided on the mean streets of New York — or more accurately, a movie set crafted to recreate NYC to the smallest detail — under the bright lights of Paramount Studios in Hollywood. It was perhaps the best event yet put on by a surf brand. The bar has been set. Here’s how:

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  • Jack Hicks

    Never have I in all my life seen sooooo many girls. For all you dudes that did not make it thanks you made it easy!!!

  • surfpartycruise

    Sick Pictures!!! Sick party and cause!!!!

  • Hip Hop Harry

    true dat

  • jacks a hick

    jack, please! like you even talked to a girl. even if u did your game is wacked

  • smugged

    geeez how many camel toes can they fit into those bikinis…man its the shara over there!

  • dude

    Pat Stacy Pat Stacy Pat Stacy Pat Stacy over and over again.

  • gt

    yeah…camel toe convention…either that or they are smugglin yoyos…

  • vi

    I’d like to be there.

  • frank

    nice cameltoes.