Now Seeking Simple Ideas to Make Surfing Better

posted by / News / January 25, 2011

A surfboard insurance company.

A mobile World Tour event on charter boats in the Mentawais.

Face tattoos to help tell the Hobgoods apart.

A new law making in-the-tube camera footage illegal (we get it, it’s a barrel, and they all pretty much look the same).


What’s your one Simple idea to make surfing better in 2011?


Leave it in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or tweet it @surfingmagazine. We’ll read them all and pick our favorite simple idea this Friday night. If it’s yours, we’ve got these Simple Tuba II shoes in herringbone for your brilliant feet — because herringbone just screams brilliance.



Simple will throw out an extra pair of kicks to a randomly picked idea too, just to sweeten the deal. They’re putting out steezy product these days, a departure from what we’ve come to expect out of companies with a hyperactive conscience. It helps that Simple just signed Tyler “Pickle” Warren of Dana Point to their ambassador team to collaborate on art and product design. Tyler came into our office to hang out a bit during the making of this year’s Surfboard Issue and educate us on esoteric board design. He’s got clean style and a quiver that’s everything but the kitchen sink. A fascinating guy.


Tyler Warren with a few odd planks for the playing with. Photo: Peter Taras


Tyler on a black and white racetrack in San Diego. Photo: Peter Taras


Now get creative, get smart, and let the ideas flow. Keep them short and amazing. We know you will.


(And you can find Simple Shoes on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for more of the simple life.)

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  • Gabby Belzer

    A small flashing light on the tip of a surf board. When someone on the beach wants to get the attention of the surfer they press a button and the light flashes so the surfer knows to look towards the shore

  • milby

    a crowd repellant

  • Craig Klein

    No goon cords allowed on longboards.

  • Nate Reaney

    Nike becomes main sponsor of the ASP tour and brings surfing to television.

  • bromista

    better “journalists”. just kiddingg, i love the mag

  • Jake O’Donnell

    No more board fees on airlines! Can’t get much better, or simpler, than that.

  • sam

    destroy all SUP’s

  • Keenan

    More sustainable surfboards.

  • phil

    All surfboards are made to self-destruct when a chop hop is performed

  • Luke

    Kill all surf spot maps, descriptions, and the like. Word of mouth/discovery should be the only way learn about spots.

  • FreddyMejia

    Swell in the North Sea…

  • Dan

    Create events that require the top surfers to ride anything but your standard thruster. just look at what derek hynd is doing at jbay on his finless boards,..

  • Greenie

    Online gear/board swaps. 3 truths about surfers in 2011: 1.) They have no cash; 2.) They need or want new gear; 3.)They have a bunch a old gear lying around. Every surf community should have a website dedicated to swapping surf gear- leashes, wetsuits, racks, boards, whatever. How much surf crap do you have collecting dust in the garage? Some young grommet or old logger would be stoked on it. Don’t fill the landfills with waveriding equipment! Think of it as Craigslist, but for surfers.

  • holden

    have a poll for who should be on the ‘CT

  • robert

    Surfing Mag should run another google earth reader challenge and the winning location should be the site for a ‘CT event in 2011. “The world of the unknown.”

  • Blake

    Somehow get a surfing channel like they have for ESPN or VS. or do a surf event where all the money goes to a cause…such as DARFUR or something environmental so we can keep the places we surf…surfable!

  • mikey j

    A contest pitting shortboarders against SUP’s in a battle to the death.

  • Barry K Haun

    Create a retirement fund for board makers (shapers, glassers, glossers, etc.). Even 1% from the sale of products could make a difference. These guys are the reason we have so much fun and a lot of them have no health coverage and may end up suffering through various illnesses due to working with the materials required to produce our “toys”.

  • mau

    They should create a website such as ebay but for surfing stuff . Such as surfboards , leashes , pads , bags , etc.
    People make their accounts and just sell stuff like ebay .

  • Philip

    Well the better idea would be a unified efforts among the entire surfing community to shame/pressure airlines into lowering their baggage fees for boards, perhaps by organizing a boycott of the more expensive companies and encouraging the use of one or two particular airlines with reasonable fees. That’s my idea.

    But I would also like to suggest an educational program to teach surfers (and other athletes) that Power Balance and other wrist band things are just absolute bulls**t and rob you of your hard-earned money. Sure, people wouldn’t be saving as much as they would if airlines lowered their board fees, but anything to push back against such blatant woo-woo would be nice, and could possibly help people be less inclined to trust the next untested, unproven gimmick.

  • Ward Figge

    “Deal of the day” for surf gear

  • Tyler

    Next time your local beachie is huge and completely walled, when everyone is bailing to find somewhere else to surf, paddle out on an 8 or so foot soft board. (no leash to make it a challenge and a workout) You’ll be getting in early and enjoying some major tube views, standing straight up in otherwise unrideable barrels. Perfect fix for those no sandbar blues. Cheers!

  • Shaun

    Buy local! Support the local mom and pop surf shop, the local shapers, and even surf the local spots that may have been easily overlooked for the main spot North or South of you. While we are at it, try to pick up more trash!

  • Capt Pineapple

    Functional Intelligent Training that builds up your paddle power (see: – so jetskis are banned. get FIT, be juiced!

  • BKH

    Mix it up more often, don’t ride your “go to board”, pull an oldie out of your quiver and see if you really can surf as good as you think you do. Remember, surfing is supposed to be FUN, no ugly attitudes!

  • The Greener Blue

    Agree w/ “Keenan”, ride equipment that is more sustainable. Kids will follow the pro’s lead and board manufacturers will follow the demand! Too important of an issue to ignore. Pro surfers w/the spotlight must lead on this issue!

  • Joey

    There’s a board swap already called boardspin. You can trade or buy.

  • mike

    to bring back the love and true focus of surfing, HAVING FUN! no matter if you’re new or the next best waterman, The ocean was there before us so who is really entitled to paddle out. have love for the ocean and the people who love it as well. stop the hating, in SIMPLE terms, bring love back to the community and love our ocean!

  • James

    Well, you know, this may be just too “SIMPLE” for most of you, but for me, just moving to the ocean so I can be there in the first place, that’ s the main thing…!

  • An

    How ’bout we all try to be a little more considerate in the water? Help people out instead of calling them out. EVERYONE was a “kook” at one point or another. Be kind to the ocean and our friends around it! Golden rule people… SIMPLE!

  • stephanie

    make swimsuits for surfer girls that keep the twins covered! (sorry boys)

  • Joey

    Take at least 2 pieces of trash away from the beach every time you hit the surf.

  • Scratch

    Drop a quarter (or a dollar if you’ve got it)into the piggy bank every time you go surfing. At the end of the year, count up the loot and send it to the Surfrider Foundation.

  • G

    No one buys new anything for the whole year. That might reduce surfing’s carbon footprint a little.


    Make the waves in holland look more like indo waves….
    That would help!

  • Gabe

    Give Kelly his cape, already.

  • Mik

    Every surfer should paddle out with the attitude that the friendly act of giving is the basis of receiving. If you are open to giving someone else a wave, everyone will be getting waves. Friendship is a valuable quality of life. Be a giver, not just a taker.

  • Dg

    Make it cleaner in the water by helping clean up the beach, volunteering at river cleanups, and don’t buy crap in single use plastic.

  • Apples

    The surfing world should start up their own airline, “surfair”, to make reaching overseas spots easier with better deals, better vibe and with no board handling & fee fuss.

  • travy

    chris cote banned from all future surfing broadcasts

  • Apryl

    Everyone remembering the simple idea of always surfing with aloha.

  • Nick

    Surfing is what it is…. Leave it alone, it is already a simple act that brings pleasure to quite possibly millions.

  • Dogtrot Smith

    1/.Make Travel board bags with an inflatable bladder on one side so you can sleep under the trees in Bali.

    2/. Make a range of single tab finlets that work together to replace side fins.

    3/. Invent fins with variable rake.

  • horatio

    I think their should be world peace and that we should all get along. Oops wrong contest.

  • horatio

    surfing video game on kinect

  • inflatables moonwalks

    At Frogs bounce house… Apollo is having a blast. I’m lethargic and feel like curling up in corner to sleep.