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See the full NSSA webcast Live

Nothing says patriotism like fine performances from the best amateur surfers in the USA. Which is why the SURFING team will be watching the NSSA Nationals from the sand this holiday weekend. If you live in the area come join us. But if you’re unable to make the jaunt to Huntington, fear not, you can watch the event live at www.nssalive.com. It’s your chance to see the future of American surfing when they’re just lil guys and gals, so that when they mature and start winning world titles, you can say that you watched Parker Coffin way back in the NSSA days. “He’s always been a character,” you’ll say to the stranger in the water.


Taylor Clark with Mother Goose. Photo: TarasTaylor Clark with Mother Goose. Photo: Taras


In addition to gathering ammo for your surf-talk arsenal, on Sunday afternoon you can watch SURFING Magazine’s Show Up and Blow Up contest, a fan favorite that mixes NSSA grommets with a bunch of blow-up pool toys and sends them into the world’s biggest pool to go nuts. The winner (decided by loose rules which include who is having the most fun and best ride) will receive VIP passes to Kai Neville’s Lost Atlas premier in Huntington Beach on August 4. What fun.


Outrageous fun. Photo: TarasWhat Outrageous fun. Photo: Taras


About to leash up: Pat Curren. The anticipation is killing! Photo: Jimmicane
About to leash up: Pat Curren. The anticipation is killing! Photo: Jimmicane


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