NSSA Standout of the Week: Keto Burns

posted by / News / April 13, 2011

Keto drop wallet slash

Keto drop wallet slash

Keto hopes to duplicate his East Coast success at Nationals in June

Keto hopes to duplicate his East Coast success at Nationals in June

Name: Keto Burns
Age: 18
Hometown: St. Augustine, FL
Sponsors: Rusty Clothing, Sanuk, Hyperflex, Black Pearl Creation Surfboards, Bully’s, Black Flys and Aqua East Surf Shop
School: Home School

Months back, we asked Keto Burns what his favorite NSSA moment was. “Losing every year in the third round,” he said.

Self-deprecation aside, Keto had quite the showing at last week’s East Coast Championship. While he’d reached the podium before, he always stood in the mist of someone else’s victory shower. This time, though, the runners-up watched him hoist his first place Open Men’s trophy above his head.

“I’ve gotten second [place] three or four times, and it felt great to finally get a win, especially in Open Men’s,” says Keto.

Keto also took fourth in Explorer Juniors and sixth in Explorer Mens. That same day he placed third in the NSSA airshow. Jeeze, don’t these kids get tired?

“I’ve been training a lot lately, which makes [surfing multiple divisions] easier. Eating well throughout the day is important too.”

In June, Keto will fly to California for the NSSA Nationals, hoping to carry over his success from the East Coast.

“There’s obviously more than double the competition at Nationals, but [coming off a win] is still a bit of a confidence booster.”

—Bobby Oliver

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  • stu

    not picking on this kid, but any kid who is home-schooled should be barred from the NSSA.

  • Stretch

    I was president of the NSSA many years ago. Times have changed, and this Kid works hard at school as well as surfing. I’ve seen alot of kids drop out to surf. I’m also a Dean at a High school as well, so I’ve seen it first hand.

    also his father makes sure he get’s his education and he is looking to someday go to UF.

    after 20 years in the surf industry and 24 years in education, my opinion is that if his home school is keeping him on track to graduate. Then let’s not punish the kids that can do it.

    But I do sponsor him with Bully’s surf leash’s and Hyperflex wetsuit’s. So maybe I’m a little basis?

  • Barbara

    Maybe Stu, who commented earlier, should have been home schooled so he could have learned how to read better and comprehend the NSSA education requirements which include home school students. See the reference below to the current NSSA rules regarding home school:

    NSSA Rule Book 2010-2011, section on Competitor Obligations to Events 3. NSSA ACADEMIC RULES AND REQUIREMENTS c. PRIVATE SCHOOL, HOME SCHOOL, INDEPENDENT STUDY REQUIREMENTS FOR NSSA OPEN SEASON, EXPLORER SEASON (18 & under) AND NSSA JR. – ii. Independent Study, Home School

    Also, if Stu was more knowledgeable on educational statistics, then he would have known that home schooled students score higher on average than public and private schooled students on standardized achievement tests. I speak from experience in education for the past 20 years, having started a private school in my community.

    Last but not least, I know Keto personally and he is an intelligent, honest & kind young man; moreover he has incredible critical thinking and problem solving skills. If only more students could be like him, then this world would be better place.