O’Neill’s Giving Away 30 Bikinis, Want One?

posted by / News, Swim / March 24, 2010

O'neill Swimsuit on cover of Swimsuit Issue

Mix and match models, locations and bikinis here to win one of 30 O’Neill swimsuits. You or your lady are gonna look good this summer. Like, really good.

We saw you eyeing that O’Neill suit on the cover of our annual Swimsuit issue, looking amazing on our model Allie. And the good people at O’Neill want to give it to you, along with 20 other bikinis. It’s as simple as looking at a hot girl, a perfect wave and sexy swimwear, making the connection and sending us (in 100 words or less) your dream getaway.


Pick one model, one swimsuit and one location. Then describe what your ideal getaway would include. If you’re one of the best we’ll send you one of 30 O’Neill swimsuits for free. Leave your entry in the comments area below. Please leave your first and last name as well as your email address to receive your prize.


All entries must be in by March 31.

30 Winners will receive an O’Neill swimsuit. It’s that easy. Now go out and get our swimsuit issue and then enter to win.


1. Model 1

Model 1

2. Model 2

Model 2

3. Model 3

Model 3


1. GoodTimes: reversible top and tab side bottom by O’neill

good by O'neill

2. WashedUp bandeau top and skimpy bottom by O’neill

Washed Skimpy by O'neill

3. Mirage one-piece by O’neill

Mirage one-piece


1. El Salvador

El Salvador. Photo: Jimmicane

2. Tahiti

Tahiti. Photo:Flindt

3. Reunion Island

Reunion Island. Photo: Carey

4. Panama

Panama. Photo:Struntz

5. Nicaragua

Nicaragua. Photo: Carey
Photo: Carey

6. Bali

Bali. Photo:Lawrence

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  • Brianne McElhiney

    Model 3
    Swimsuit 3
    Location: Bali

    My ideal getaway would be surf trip in Santa Catarina, Brasil. After a couple hours of surfing I would just lounge on the beach eating fresh crab and drinking coconut water. I would spend the evenings into the early mornings dancing to local music with my vacation fling(s). I’d watch the sunrise everyday and take a quick swim or surf at dawn before passing out in my hammock on the porch of my beachfront condo. Repeat daily.

  • Jocelyn Hsiao

    Model 3
    Swimsuit 2
    Location: El Salvador

    I moved to the Midwest for graduate school, but I grew up in a place most of my classmates would consider to be paradise – San Diego, CA. My ideal getaway would be a trip to Central America. Not only would it involve sun, sand and surf to remind me of home, I would also be able to enjoy a place filled with new experiences, fantastic culture and great cuisine.

    P.S. A new O’Neill swimsuit would be the ultimate way for me to kick off my summer back in California!

  • Heather

    Model: 2
    Swimsuit: 2
    Location: Tahiti

    My ideal getaway includes: waves that barrel, that sleepy feeling you get from drinking sweet things in the heat, a tan & no place to return to for days. Not picking up shells & gasping at the surf because I’ve seen it a million times before & it’s more like a sister than a celebrity. Cocoa butter in the refrigerator to put on red shoulders. Ending the day with beach barbecues, walks and bonfires at night. That’s what I want.

  • Katy Gerloff

    Model 2

    Swimsuit 2


    I grew up surfing the East Coast exclusively; Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks, Hatteras, and Charleston, SC. Due to financial restraints, I have not been able to travel to any surf destinations besides those in my backyard (which I loved every minute of as a child, of course). My ideal vacation would be definitely be a West Coast tour to all the hot spots; San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Ocean Beach, Maverick’s., Steamer Lane, and wherever else I could sneak in. I would love to surf all day, and then catch some live music at night; music almost goes hand in hand with my surfing. After my Cali tour, it would be absolutely necessary to pop into Hawaii to visit my cousins who I have not seen for many years. While in Hawaii, I would surf everyday, and also start my journey to training for the Ironman World Championships, which I hopefully will compete in by the time I am 30 (I am currently 24). I would swim in Kailua Bay, bike on Kaukini Highway, and run all over the place! Being the philanthropist and social worker that I am, I would certainly commit myself to doing some sort of service project while in Hawaii; whether it was working with children, doing clean-up/environmental work, or volunteering at a homeless shelter, I would love to get my hands dirty helping out the Hawaiian people. After this journey, I can’t really imagine wanting to leave, so maybe I will just settle down and make a new home for myself! Shaka!

  • Nicole

    My dream getaway would be to Cungu Bali. I would start my morning with a coffee and oatmeal and of course an amazing fruit spread, then put on my Good Times (#1) bikini and lay by the pool. Then for lunch I would go to Ku De Ta where I would see model #3 getting ready for another swimsuit photoshoot for Surfing Mag! We would all enjoy our Lychee martini’s and the sunset! Enjoy! Nicole

  • Sarah McGinnis

    Alright model number one (number one! number one!)… why the furrowed brow, girlfriend? Perhaps your swimsuit (first of all) is just All Wrong! How ’bout a Good Times reversible? How ’bout good one way and good-er the next? In those warm-shaded stripes (I’ll wear one too) we’ll hit the beach in Bali and sprint along the sand banks. Climbing up the black old lava our knees we’ll skin a bit, but the salty sea will mouth our wounds and float us to the line-up. Party wave! We could all be friends here. Pass the days along. Get. A. Way. Win!

  • Taylor Broussard

    Model: 3
    Swimsuit: 1
    Location: Tahiti

    Ideally any sandy beach, with amazing scenery and sun. Anywhere to forget about college and work and chill. :)

  • amanda

    Model 1, Swimsuit 1, Location Bali

    My ideal trip would be to morocco. Though I have never been there, the culture, colors, flavors and scents inspire me. Im not an avid surfer but have an intense respect for the ocean. I grew up in a little beach town on the east coast only to move to a small beach town on the west coast. I can not explain it but there is something inside me that draws me to big blue. While there I would want to take some time feed my soul: volunteering, taking photos and finding myself again.

  • Clint Furnas

    Model 2
    Suit 3

    Ideal getaway would be taking the wife to Kauai. I can’t think of a more alive and totally laid back place to escape too. The perfect opposite of snowboarding here in Colorado during the winter. Relax @ Hanalei. Surf paradise. Soak up some sun. Get some hikes in. Snorkel a bit. Kayak. Snowboard season is winding down, man I’m ready to go.

  • Nicole

    Model 2
    Swimsuit 1
    Location : Bali

    My ideal getaway would be to a tropical spot with uncrowded lefts that went on so long that it would make my knees shake. Good beer and great music would be on the beach waiting for me. Sounds like heaven!!

  • Michelle

    *Model 2
    *Bathing suit 3

    Love to go of on an exotic paradise island with my soulmate.
    Walk on the beach, try to do some surfing and have fun.
    Eat some exotic fruits from the island and chill with the locals, and maybe later on have a bon fire, dance, joke around, laugh, and fascinate the stars in the night <3

  • Matt

    1. Model 3
    2. Swimsuit 1
    3. Bali

    My ideal getaway is an escape to a secretive sub tropical break with a small group of my best friends and partner. There would be a light offshore breeze tickling the waves and throwing our hair up. The water would be slightly cool and refreshing, begging you to dive in. We have to walk across a shallow warm lagoon to the reef.

    The paddle out would be through a deep water channel with a slight rip which helps us out. The waves a breaking cleanly, peeling almond shaped barrels more green than blue. As we have the beach to ourselves, we set up a small shaded shelter with green palm leaves, and dig a pit for a small fire, keeping the orange embers glowing. In between sessions we’d fish and eat them fresh, with the fragrance of those purple flowers in the air.

  • Ashley Anderson

    Bathing suit: WashedUp bandeau top and skimpy bottom by O’neill
    location: Nicaragua

    Ideal Getaway: Waking up to the ocean breeze coming through the small shacks windows. As I get up the ocean air is chilly enough to put on a pull over and step right outside the door for a shore line run. While running along the waters edge I can see the early morning brave surfers going out for a crisp morning ride. On the run back a dog runs aside me, while I hear his owner calling from behind. I slow down and get on my knees to satisfy the retriever’s happiness by scratching behind his floppy ears. The owner then catches up, there stands a tall dark local man, and his features are more then handsome but beautiful. We then begin to ask each other questions of our personal lives. It all comes down to me wishing I was a surfer but never really could get a hang of it. As late afternoon came he ran by the hut with a couple of bright beginner boards. I heard a tap on my window. As I look out the cloth curtains there stands beautiful man with a huge gorgeous smile on his face. I slip on my little black bikini, with some bright yellow board shorts. I run out off my deck into the soft warm sand. He puts me in my stance, as his hands keep running up and down my hips to correct me. As the evening goes on of successful teaching in the rolling waves the deep blue ocean, he helps me onto the chilly shoreline.
    I run inside to put on an evening appropriate sun dress with a small sweater and my worn in flip flops. He then walks me down the road to the small beach town. We walk into a local restaurant, he then asks for our meals to go. He put a blind fold over my eyes and sets me in his car. We then come to a stop and I hear the door open and feel the cold breeze come upon me he then wraps a warm blanket over me and helps me down a flight of stairs. He takes the fold off and above me is a million glowing stars and nothing around but a slice of land that we walked upon and the surrounding Dark Ocean. We sit on top of a layer of blankets. The rest of the night is filled with laughter, pasts, and simple silence. I wake up the next morning to a small hibiscus next to where my head laid. I am wrapped in several blankets. I can feel mist from the ocean waves against my face. As I pick up the flower and sit up, not really sure of where I am. The beautiful man is out in the water, as he glides across the waves. We fell asleep under the stars of the dark black night sky and the roar of the water crashing onto shore. I sit and look out over the sea, all I can do is just smile and just say to myself life is good.

  • Ashley Anderson

    Bathing suit: Washed-Up bandeau top and skimpy bottom by O’neill
    location: Nicaragua
    Haha didn’t read the 100 words or less. I will break it down. Waking up every morning in a small hut and smelling the fresh crisp ocean air. Then going out for a run against the shoreline and watching the talented early morning surfers, then running into a beautiful local man who has the patients to then teach me how to surf all day. Then later that night being taken to his favorite hidden spot on the beach and falling asleep under the stars together.

  • katelyn

    Model 3, swimsuit 1 and Tahiti. My ideal getaway would be cruise to bahamas in the summer , with a brand new oneill bathing suit.

  • EJ Best

    Model #2 – She has such a happy sparkle in her eyes.
    Bikini – O’Neil Washed Up (one of the BEST on-trend bikinis I’ve seen so far this season)
    Location – Panama!

    My ideal surf getaway would be getting an old van, spending a few months prepping it into a functional surfing safari outfit, then taking a deep breath, some serious Spanish conversational skills, and a hot dude (who will also serve as security personnel) on a road trip through Mexico to reach my favorite surfing destination – Central America. Staying on the North Pacific Side we’ll hit El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and finally Panama. Hitting all the breaks we possibly can in 3 months, and stopping to pick up litter along the way. ‘Cuz garbage is ugly. Oh, and did I mention, I’ll be living in the 30 O’Neill bikinis you send me. Peace!

  • Martina Svitakova

    Model nr. 3
    Swim suit nr. 1 – love it
    Location nr. 2 TAHITI

    My ideal getaway would be Tahiti. Surf, sun, sand, soulmates, breathtaking scenery, sweet drinks, super party at night on the beach, watching stars.
    And new supr cool swimsuit from O´Neill, would be like a cherry on the top of that.

  • erin christine

    I want a perfect right barrel in Bali on a little 7’0 that I picked up for the trip (so that I can leave it there for all the kids wanting to surf) Course I’d do this in my new Washed Up bikini that would fit just right so as not to give a sneak peak to all those kiddos! i would bring my boyfriend (cause what’s a trip to paradise without the love of your life) and his best friend so that they could keep each other company while I go for long beach runs with Emily. She seems cool, down to earth, and I’d love to pick her brain about OHhhhhh so much!
    Sexy times, surfing, beach barefoot running. The TRIFECTA! every day the goal would be only that!
    There would be vats of fruit as far as the eye can see, warm water, warm skys, crap loads of laughter and good times all around!

    p,.s model 2, suit 2, Bali bithches!

  • Jessica Lynn

    model: 3 allie is gorgeous
    swimsuit – 1 playful
    location – 5 exotic

    – I would be down for a getaway to cape town. need nothing more than great surf & a cold beer

  • Demreie

    Swimsuit :1

    My ideal get away is to go some were perfect were the waves are great every day! Supper nice weather warm so I dont have to wair a wet suit! and spend the day at the beach and surf every day

  • Emily Russo

    Model 2
    Bathing Suit 2
    Location 4

    My ideal getaway would be a trip to anywhere warm! Panama looks incredibly beautiful! I would love to lounge on the beach starting early morning, then in the afternoons surf in the bright sunshine. I love the feel of the sun’s warmth and the feeling after a long day at the beach. Your skin is super smooth and you could just lay down and sleep. Bathing suit number 2 looks perfect for a lazy day in paradise and model number 2 is listening to music, which is also a must. Reggae + the beach + the perfect suit + a warm location like Panama makes for a perfect getaway!

  • Tabatha Ann

    Model 3…what a beautiful model.
    Swimsuit…1..looks very playful and bright

    How amazing would it be to park my truck on the beach, pop the tailgait, play some great music, pull the cooler out and enjoy a killer time on the beach under the beautiful sun. To have my love or my friends there, and have a simple, relaxing, fun vacation would be heaven. I wana tour all the local spots and meet all the local people to really grasp the true living of such a breath taking Sun. Simple. Sexy.

  • Bonnie Fordham

    Model 2, Swimsuit 1, Location 2 (2-1-2)

    Cape Hatteras (home of Brett Barley) is my ideal getaway but given the options, I have always dreamed of going to Tahiti.
    I have only seen pictures of Tahiti and the overwater bungalows. Sea breezes, sand, and sun…..lying on the beach, eyes closed, listening to the water as it moves on and off the beach. What isn’t ideal about that? More important than the swimsuit I would wear, or where I would lay my head at night, would be having my family there with me.

  • mike steele

    model 3,swimsuit 1, and Panamaas my location. I would have just surfed for the last 3 hours in the perfect peaks provided by the clean conditions that only Panama could give. Being so tired from the stand up barrels I got, I would walk over to my beutiful wife that has her Oneil suit on, give her a big kiss, and grab a cold one!!! Yes, heaven!!!

  • Dane Losen

    I want all three Models and I want them on an Island by myself with perfect waves and epic wines. That’s what I want!!!!

  • Simone Reddingius

    Model # 3
    Suit # 1
    Location # 2 (Tahiti)

    My dream getaway would be any of those places, but Tahiti looks like it has a nice, friendly right peeler. I like the suit called “washed up” cuz I am, but suit #1 would probably fit better !! Yup, I’m 52 and still love to surf and I would love to wear “Goodtimes” cuz I still like to have them!!

  • Dave C

    Model 3
    Swimsuit 3
    Location 6

    My dream getaway would be to replace the model in the swimsuit with my wife of 10 years and celebrate our up and coming eleventh anniversary together in a beautiful tropical getaway (and sneak out for a cheeky surf when she is getting spa treatments).

  • Jamie Collins

    Model No. 2…swimsuit No. 2…Bali!

    What could be better than a surf trip to Bali? …rockin’ my brand new skimpy little bikini, the hubby and I with our choice quiver for whatever surf the ocean throws our way, and hell…who says three’s a crowd?…we’ll let model No. 2 join our party in Bali too…no trip is complete without a few lazy days sipping pina coladas in the sunshine with the beautiful people!

  • anne beamon

    Model: 3
    Swimsuit: 2
    Location: Bali

    I’d love to go some place warm and tropical. I’ve never been to Bali, but my brother has and the place simply looks amazing in photos. I would spend my days surfing, sunning and snorkeling. I love the WashedUp bandeau top and skimpy bottom by O’neill bikini; it looks loke you’re wearing the ocean on your body. The skimpy bikini bottom is nice and low cut, which helps keep those tan lines at bay. What I’d really like to do is sit on a beach chair, get some sun, and sip on a drink with an umbrella in it. Maybe take a nap in a hammock tied between two palm trees before dinner. Before bed, I’d like to get a massage from a cute guys with a nice tan and strong hands.

  • Jessica Reid


    My ideal getaway would be to take a surf trip through Europe with my husband. Lots of uncrowded surf and untapped waves while being able to go to multiple countries learning about different cultures and history hands on!

  • Leah Murray

    My ideal get away you say! Well, it would be with model number 3, she would be wearing swimsuit number 3 and I would be wearing swimsuit number 1 and we both would be ripping up waves in Tahiti’s blue blue waves! Of course making others crazy jealous of our mad skills but then offering some lessons for some ganga trade. :) After our mad surf session, we would kick it on the beach in our blue and green hammocks meeting all sorts of types from all around the world and exchanging our tales.

  • Tiina Otsmaa

    Model 3
    Swimsuit 3
    Location Tahiti

    My ideal getaway would be a month trip to somewhere in Indonesia. I’ve always dreamed about surfing Macaronis and I would be absolutely over the moon to but my surfboard in the water on the wave surfed by so many of my idols including Occy and Parko.
    I would like to live on the boat the whole month I’m out there and every morning sail to the place where waves are breaking, surf there till i cant move and then enjoy beautiful food and couple of beers (maybe more) every arvo. And ofcourse on my time on the boat I would be soaking up the sun in my brand new O’Neill bikini! Bring on the good life!

  • Kelly wright

    Model: 2
    Swimsuit: 1
    Location: 2 Tahiti

    My ideal getaway would actually be to Tahiti. My dream is to see Teahpoo in all her glory!!!!!! Possibly even to surf if it was gnarly enough!! After the badass surf session I would cozy up on the beach in a warm O’Neill hoodie and drink rum by a bonfire with my favorite mates, recapping the glorious day. We would sllep on the beach and have dreams of the glorious days yet to come!!

  • Kelly Mullady

    Model: 3
    Swimsuit: 1
    Location: 6 Bali

    Bali is my ideal location for a getaway place. I am from America and I feel like traveling across the world to the Indonesian island would be the best place to getaway. In Bali I would totally surf, look at hott guys and their bodies, drink and listen to some good reggae on the beach! I would be at peace with my soul and my environment. I would also hope to pick up on the Indonesian language.

  • Christoph Berger

    Model: 3
    Swimsuit: 1
    Location Bali 6

    My getaway place would be a place where there are no worries, a place where I can chill and be happy with my girlfriend. Anywhere near a beach would be great, she would love to learn to surf so hopefully over the summer I can teach her! All I need for my getaway is her, my board, friends, music and some good drinks.

  • Kelsey Schumaker

    Model 2
    Bikini 2

    My perfect gateway would be at an unknown beach by all civilization except my boyfriend, Matt and I. Every wave would break glassy and perfect. At sunset the atmosphere would turn a mixture of pinks and purples and the waves would radiate the colors and turn into something magical. Surfing brought my boyfriend and I together. We love to surf together and we have a blast doing it no matter how good the waves are. It is the one reliable source of happiness in our crazy lives.

  • Marco Lengua

    Model: 2
    Swimsuit: 1
    Location: Reunion Island

    We would go to the beach, both give our best trying to catch some nice waves. Then eat some fresh fruits, and play around with each other. With her bikini on, i couldn’t stand the chance to take her to the hills, and have a layd back evening and watch the sun setting down. I would talk endlessly until we both savage each other – in what way is up to the fantasy!

    Then we will fly away and the some new Galaxys…


  • Alanna Bodnar

    Model #2: Emily
    Bikini #2: WashedUp bandeau top and skimpy bottom
    Location #4: Panama

    My dream getaway would be to Panama, with model Emily, and of course that sexy O’Neill bikini. It’s the ultimate combination to work on my surfing and sunning; killer waves, great people, amazing clothes, and the sun to smile upon us. Panama was the last place my aunt travelled to before she passed on, and I believe it would be the perfect place to carry on her surfing tradition. It’s somewhere that I could see myself connecting with nature, getting to know myself better, and really appreciating what life is all about: the things that make you happy.

  • Rene Lyn

    Model #3: Allie
    Bikini #2: WashedUp bandeau top and skimpy bottom
    Location #5: Nicaragua

    I’d rather be in Nicaragua, catching waves at Playa Maderas, where it’s not expensive, polluted or crowded, and parking is never a problem! After exhausting ourselves on the playful, fast & racy waves and occasional barrels we would spend the rest of the day on the sand, cold drinks in hand, soaking up the sunshine, and watching the beautiful people stroll by. Back at the casita we’ll get washed up, party with Allie and our Nica friends, and be serenaded by the howler monkeys as the sun fades. Enjoying the tranquilo lifestyle – this has everything to do with surfing.

  • Alexis Adam

    Model- #3
    Swimsuit- #2
    Location- # 2 Tahiti

    My ideal getaway would be either Hawaii or Tahiti. I’ve grown up in NJ about 10 minutes outside NYC. I have never been farther than my area, nor been able to see clear water for myself to actually believe it(haha). My dream has always been to get away from here and experience the thrill of surfing/skimboarding on an exotic island . While in Tahiti or Hawaii I would be on the beach, breaking out my telephoto lens and start capturing each surfer I see and making friends with the locals and learning how to surf. I would spend my days enjoying the timeless surf, drinking some coconut milk and my nights playing the ukulele around a bonfire with friends & family.

  • Briney Alltucker

    Model #3
    Swimsuit #2
    Location #2 Tahiti

    I awake to amber rays streaming through white curtains, our over-water bungalow straddles the gentle lapping of warm turquoise water. I step out onto the deck to stretch my arms up to the slowly waking sky, green peaks jut up from the ocean in the distance. I am sore from paddling the day before, but excited for a new day to experience the Tahitian ocean. We grab our still wet (O’ Neill of course) suits and shimmy into another day of total bliss. We ride the ocean for hours, stopping only to run up the beach for some sticky sweet Noni juice and fresh mango off the tree. As the sun disappears, I lay flat on my board, watching the pink sky glitter away. I am in love with this place. I am one lucky girl.

  • Nicky Robinson

    Model 2, swim suit 1 (matches the candy stripes on my new longboard, Nice!) Nicuragua

    Nicaragua, me, my man of 12 years, (leave the kids at home with the grandparents!), a full quiver of long and short boards for him, long for me, O’neill bikinis galore.
    Long days surfing in the sun together in perfect fun waves in perfect bikini surfing weather. Feasting on local seafood and beer in the evening then chilling in a hammock star gazing and hanging together before doing it ALL OVER AGAIN the next day. Ahhh, bliss.

  • Jen in Cali

    Model 3 swimsuit 1, bali

    My longboard, 2 best mates and their good humour, camera, journal, and the sweet nature and incredible diversity of the Indonesian people. Supporting culturally and environmentally responsible tourism on the island, volunteering with local organizations between waves and wandering aimlessly and delightedly through local markets, following all my senses, moving in Indonesian time. Learning how to say “sick barrel mate!” in indonesian to the locals who quite clearly will be schooling me with pride. The sounds of gamelan and hours of walking among the terraced rice fields. Water the color of sky, sun on my skin, laughter in my throat, silence on the face. Love of the world and all it’s magic.

  • joanne nauheimer

    model 3 swim suit 3 Tahiti I love one piece swim suits you cant find them anymore very hard to find Im 43 with 4 children this is the first time I feel good being 43 Im tanning and back on my board. I pick Tahiti because Ive never taken a vacation out of ca before and want to experience the real world Im not getting any younger just older lol. Ive always wanted to go to tahiti to surf. The real wave

  • milene

    model 3, swimsuit 1, tahiti. I love the rainbow color. I never went on vacation out and this place seem wonderful. anywhere would be great to forget problem and work.

  • aisha sayed

    model 3, swimsuit 3, location Bali,,, my dream vacation would be anywhere out of africa… just to live my fantasies on those white sand beaches taking out sexy pictures…not forgetting to relax,and spend quality time with my hub.. love the one piece suit.. still have a great body after 4 kids and only 34..so it would be a dream come true to feel like a model wearing one of your swim suits.. always loved to be a model.. that dream stayed a dream.. maybe this dream holiday could come true..

  • Haley Martin

    model 3
    swimsuit 2
    Im from the west coast, Southern California to be exact, so I grew up surfing all of the normal spots: Doheny, Huntington, etc. Since i grew up here, but i have never been to tahiti, i would definately go there. i would get up in the morning, go for a quick jog around, just to get my heart racing. Then i would put my new suit on, and hit the sand, since I am a AA beach volleyball player, just to get my training in. after that i would lounge in the sun or in the waves, then go visit some of the natural wonders that Tahiti holds. then i would crash into my bed, alseep before my head hit the sheets

  • Ally

    Model: 3
    Swimsuit: 3
    Location: Reunion Island

    Currently taken by the beauty of the Maldives and it’s homey island hostels. It’s the ideal, hammock swinging, exotic, far away locale in the Indian Ocean. You can sail around the rim, and explore thousands of islands, preferably with a beer, breeze, and handsome man! The capital city looks beautiful and I hear the people are warm and welcoming.