On Base: The Point Mugu Surf Contest

posted by / News / August 30, 2010

Photos by William Sharp

The third annual Point Mugu Surf Contest Presented by Quiksilver went off in Ventura in, on and above five-foot peaky tubes and ramps. Local heroes, military heroes, friends and family congregated for what’s fast become a unique and beloved event. Don’t be jealous because you can’t go surf here — these guys and girls deserve every bit of it.


Point Mugu Surf Contest Presented by Quiksilver Final Results

Military Men

1st Matt Merel

2nd Jonathan Flick

3rd Brent Travis

4th Nicholas Barringer


1st Demi Boesterli

2nd Chelsea Rauhut

3rd Chloe Buckley

4th Amanda Host

Young Guns

1st Jake Kelly

2nd Joe Rickabaugh

3rd Jacob Davis

4th Matty Parker


1st Jason Livingstone

2nd Jacob Reeve

3rd Thomas Gaulke

4th Mark Gruber

Open Men

1st Keoni Cuccia

2nd Jeremy Ryan

3rd Matt McCabe

4th Jessie Mota

5th Matt Merel


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  • Brandon Smith

    Last time i check my dad (Davey Smith, Pictured above?) was 52 years old and getting somewhat stationary and his son (I) was the young chap doing airs. But hey you guys at Surfing know you stuff… I kid, but not really.


  • http://surfingmagazine.com scornuelle

    Freudian slip! Fixed. Sorry Brandon.

  • Davey Smith

    Hey watch it Brandon! You wouldn’t even be doing airs, if i hadn’t invented them! HaHa!

  • dude

    The base does NOT break all year.

  • TO Rippahs 4 Life

    Cool! This base place looks like it rulez. My and my bros from Thousand Oaks will pack up the Escalade and come on down the hill for the next swell. How do I get to this place?

    TO 4 Life Bro

  • Robin Lee

    I was stationed at Mugu in the 80’s has a Navy airmen. Being a local boy from Hawaii it was a dream being stationed there. The waves look the same a’s it did then. But da bes was no crowds.

  • Robin Lee

    Brandon, i remember your dad Dave Smith. Use to surf with him on base and was a local there. How’s he doing?

  • Scoti Beach

    The place is locked up tight as a drum with the new force protection in place. Military members can’t even bring guest’s. I know, I’m military. Ohh yeah!
    I wish it went off all year!!