Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

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Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Jimmicane's Fantasy Action Sports League Line Up

Really, I’m not big into fantasies. I prefer reality. In fact, I quit playing fantasy football during Week 7 of the NFL Season, yet still ended up winning our league’s Super Bowl because I’m that gangster. But with all my friends getting up on fantasy surfing, I figure I may as well spend the five minutes per event to set a team so I can at least join in their conversation, shit talk, and maybe upset a few folks with my “Passion Picks,” which is what I’m calling my picks for each event.

Here’s my team for Snapper, please get ready to hate it:


Bede Durbidge

I like this guy; he’s a nice and cool guy. His wife is nice and cool too. I’m admittedly not a big fan of his surfing — it’s not what I prefer to watch — but I know he’s a competitive beast and he’s gonna take everyone down at Snapper and win.

Jeremy Flores

This pick is passion all the way because Jeremy has some serious rage built up inside. He fights people (dudes who mess with Sunny’s son), threatens people (Sterling Spencer), denies autographs to little kids, has absolutely zero sense of humor, and is mentally ready to beat some ass in a WT comp. Last I remember he was winning the Pipeline Masters so haters can hate but it ain’t gonna matter much when he’s whipping guys on your fantasy team.

Adriano DeSouza

I remember when he got 2nd in this event back in 2009. People were pissed it wasn’t a Parko vs. Taj final but I thought Adriano earned every heat. Plus I’ve never seen a dude so happy to be in a final, and I hope he goes back.

Damien Hobgood

Recently the hell hole you and I know as Cardiff Reef actually got good. The sand from the river filled in the gaping channel and for a two-hour period it actually resembled a decent day out at Snapper. Well, Damo was going HAM out there and I think he’s recharged with that new Fox logo on the nose.

CJ Hobgood

Last year CJ was surfing pretty funky. He played way too much tennis and just didn’t seem all that interested in upping his surfing level. Very unusual for him. My friend Justin Purser who grew up with Ceej made the comment that he looked as though he was surfing not to lose, instead of surfing to win heats, and that he thought it stemmed from financial concerns. I think that’s a good observation. CJ made this vow (below) on Twitter at the end of last season. I’m gonna take his word for it and roll with him on my team. #eastcoast #Florida #321countdowncity

CJ Hobgood

Gabe Kling

Gabe ain’t leaving my team as long as he’s on tour. He’s my Jaguars of surfing and a best friend so how would I not pick him to do good? Only problem is he doesn’t have Coach Jimmikanga there to get him on his level before heats like at the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro last year when he stone-cold stunnered everyone in his path including Cory, Jordy, Andy and Davo. I’ll be coaching via Skype so we’ll see what happens.

Dusty Payne

Are you shitting me? When I saw it only cost five mil for Dusty I was like #HOP! If you aren’t making this pickup you must be crazy. That’s what I call bang for your buck!

Josh Kerr

When Kerr first went on tour and made those ridiculous claims, he was a good aerial surfer and above average with the rest of his game. It still took Fanning a miracle to beat him that year in one of the raddest heats in ASP history (see video below). Well now he’s most likely the best aerial surfer in the world and not far off with the other shit too. This isn’t someone you want to draw anywhere but especially not on the Goldy.



So there’s my Quik Pro Gold Coast picks. It is not necessarily good advice to the people actually wanting to take their team seriously, but you should already know that. —Jimmicane


Jason Miller’s Logical Picks: Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Jason Miller's FASL Team

Fantasy surfing? I love it. I enjoy a game where competitive nature comes out. Put a little money on the line and it makes it that much more exciting. It’s like putting cash down on a football game — suddenly it’s worth watching.

My picks are from a purely logical standpoint. I prefer to look at the heat draws and analyze each competitor’s previous success at each venue. There is also a balance to putting together a good team. If you load up with four or five heavy hitters, it will leave you without the funds for a complete team. Also, having a connection to someone at the event is a huge advantage. Any sort of pre-event freesurf synopsis from a trusted source will definitely give you some good insight.

Keep in mind, you get scored on each guy’s heat total win. Therefore, you want guys on your team not only winning heats, but winning big.

Here’s my selections for the 2011 Quiksilver Pro:


Kelly Slater

This one is easy. Coming off a hugely successful year in 2010, Kelly returns to competition. He’s got quite the track record out at Snapper — he’s won the event three two out of the last five years. With Rincon in his backyard, his refined CI’s are perfectly geared towards the down-the-line sandbar at Snapper. Determined by the result of this event, I foresee this contest yielding a fork in the road. To continue on with the rest of the 2011 season or chase swells and get the best waves of his life? [Editor’s Note: Boardistan has a good read on this quandary here.]

Mick Fanning

Local boy. He has an affinity towards right points and won the event in 2007. He’s put more hours out there than just about anybody. His full-body torquing carve was perfected out there and will be one of his weapons for success. He’s a guaranteed semifinal shoo-in.

Jordy Smith

The big guy. Like J-Bay, Snapper suits his surfing perfectly. He’ll surf against Patrick Gudauskas and a wildcard in Round 1. If he relaxes and doesn’t try to force scores, he should easily march right into Round 3.

Joel Parkinson

Joel’s back. When his buddy Mick was sidelined by a hamstring injury, he returned hungry, fit and rejuvenated, and now has world titles to show for it. Rewind to Haleiwa last year. First wave back in competition for Joel following his heel injury: 10 points. Eventual contest result: 1st place. 2011 season prediction: world title. As long as he doesn’t become the meat in a Brazilian sandwich (against De Souza and Muniz), Parko’s got a Round 1 win in the bag.

Josh Kerr

There’s a lot less murmur surrounding Josh Kerr’s qualification than when he had his first go-around in 2009. He spoke very highly of himself and that the World Tour was going to be a cake walk. This proclamation was pretty effectively dashed and Josh left the tour saying it wasn’t for him. However, he has returned in a mature fashion, which just might mean mature results.

Dusty Payne

He’s been a sponge in 2010, absorbing knowledge and experience as he quickly adapted to the big leagues. He’s a genuinely nice guy which makes rooting for him easy.

Julian Wilson

He qualified in 2010 without putting in an entire year on the ‘QS. He’s been one of the most talked about juniors and now it’s time to see how he fits in with the big boys. Quiksilver gave him some opportunities to compete in the World Tour events as a wildcard, where he sent Kelly packing with a 17th in 2009. Rookie of the year in 2011?

Adam Melling

The second coming of Mick Fanning. He draws very similar lines, but looks a bit more nervous. He’s got a great chance to beat Perrow and Davidson in their Round 1 clash. —Jason Miller




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So what — you agree? Disagree? Let us know below and we can get some good old fashioned vicious mud slinging polite debate going.


Jimmicane is SURFING’s Associate Photo Editor and a bona fide surf expert. Jason Miller is a former WQS and junior competitor turned SURFING’s Online Editor. When it comes to the ASP tour, both know what they’re talking about. (The rest of us mostly like to watch the ripping.)



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  • Mik

    You’re both overlooking the obvious: Taj Burrow. Won last year, and now that he has won the Pipe Master, he knows he can beat anyone, anywhere. I admire and respect the entire WCT lineup, and would love to see Joel get a crown, but this year it’s going to be Taj, and it will start at Snapper. The only one in the top 10 who is as consistently creative above the wave face is Jordy, and outside of the top 10 is Kerr, and Wilko. But none of them have the overall experience and tube skills as Taj. Plus his FireWire’s are so dialed in, and they don’t break, so he’s never got that in the back of his mind. Looking to see him win 4 events, and finals in 5.

  • Jason Miller

    He’s definitely a major contender out at Snapper. His results from 2010 to 2005 are outstanding: 1, 3, 9, 3, 2, 17. And yes, he’s got a bit of momentum after winning at Burleigh just a few days ago. Watch the video:


    He looks really confident but there’s something missing. His surfing doesn’t look quite as energized or as excited as years past. Who knows, maybe that’s the answer for Taj to have a more successful year.

  • Dandelion Alfredo

    I like the resolve here to spit in Fantasy Surfer’s face in all its dysfunctional glory – even as it’s hosted by the same bank that cuts Surfing Magazine’s checks. In complete earnestness: that, I admire.

  • Joey

    I am sure glad Dane is not doing the tour this year. We want more Marine Layer!

  • Tony Carson Big Island

    You guys need to quit fantasying and living in some dream world, and go out and catch some real waves of your own. These big surf companies are trying to brainwash you, that competition is good, when in reality, its just a tool for them to prostitute themselves and their wares to the masses, so they can make a profit(bucks). If your hung up on competition, your missing the whole point of being a surfer. The real surfing experience,(lifestyle), was never about competition. Its about having fun, catching waves, hanging out at the beach, feeling the salt water and the sand beneath your feet, and all the other good vibes that go with it. Peace.

  • bo jackson

    Kelly Slater
    “This one is easy. Coming off a hugely successful year in 2010, Kelly returns to competition. He’s got quite the track record out at Snapper — he’s won the event three out of the last five years.”

    Really? 2006, 2008, & ???…

  • Tony Carson Big Island

    Jimmiecane and Jason Miller, you guys have almost sold your surfing soul, and should be ashamed of yourselves, for trying to brainwash these young groms, that competition is good. It robs them of the pure joy of just going out and catching and riding waves, and having fun, instead of trying to compete with their friends.

  • What a joke

    Who the fuck is Jimmie Cane and Jason Miller? What a couple of fuck wits. Bring back some real men, men who fucking surf real waves, and are not a couple of friggin wankers. Surfing Magazine is choke a block full of little shit spoiled kids these days.

  • Jeff

    Still like Jason Miller, cause he doesn’t know any better. Jimmicane chose his BUTT PAL… weird I forgot his name for a second…. as did everyone FOR-EV-ER, frigging Glabe KANG. Go open a fish restaurant in a shitty florida ghetto, you aren’t as good as slater at 9 years old… Cheers

  • Saint auggie

    JIMMICANE beating a group of kids from the FLA School for THE DEAF AND BLIND should not be bragged about even if you win fantasy football.

  • Bone_Dog

    Competition surfing is great. Being a soul surfer is great. Talking about competition and how it robs you of pure joy is what is lame.

    Other lame things are:

    Jacksonville Jaguars_Lamest football team in the NFL.
    anything associated with the two above.

  • Brazzo 4 Life

    Brazzo Big 5:
    De Souza

    will be showing the world Brazil best surfers in world.

    Brazzo 4 Life

  • idyllife

    Jeff: I’d refer you to this title – “Jimmicane’s Passion Picks.” I agree that Klingwrap is not fun to watch, but are you honestly outraged that Jimmicane picked his friend, when the title suggests that he made his picks based on passion?

    Competition Haters: Don’t read articles about competition, and you won’t be subjected to reading articles about competition. Don’t buy magazines that cover it, or clothing that sponsors it (really not much difference, eh?). But don’t post about how bad competition is on an article about competition. I don’t like longboarding, and I don’t write comments on longboarding sites.

    To all: if you don’t like the writers and photographers who work for surfing mag, then don’t read it. Don’t buy it, don’t click to their site. If enough people boycott, then the mag will have no money. Otherwise shut up and go post comments on competitive progressive longboarding sites about how you think that is lame.

    Am I the only one who sees the link between surfing’s ambassador of aloha (Garcia) and the fuckwits who post on these sites? They’re all giving surfing a bad name…

  • Tony Carson Big Island

    Voicing your opinion, or telling the truth, will never be lame. But, hey, I guess if your an armchair surfer or land locked, and don,t have a surf life of your own, fantasy surfer might appeal to you. Or, if you enjoy competition, maybe you should join a baseball team or bowling league. Maybe jimmiecane and jason, should get a surf life of their own. When they asked Phil Edwards, (one of the greatest surfers of all time), who the best surfer in the water was, he replied, “the guy having the most fun”. I think that sums it up pretty well. Peace.