PLA Stands For…

posted by / News / March 1, 2011


Update: Two winners have been chosen from among the 100-odd entries. They are:

1. PLA = Potential Launch Accessories (from Trim)
This one is just true — see Nathan Fletcher and Chippa Wilson for proof.

2. PLA = People’s Liberation Army (from Jake)
This is also true — the PLA is an abbreviation for revolutionary forces from China to Nambia to Sudan. Coincidentally, it also fits Analog’s brand message pretty well.

Thanks to everyone for your wordplay. More opportunities to get clever and get free stuff are on the way.


You tell us. We’ll trunk you.

Actually, PLA stands for Permanent Light Archive, Analog’s ongoing collaboration with artists and photographers to get slick imagery onto slick threads. It started with T-shirts, but this season they’ve expanded below the waist and beyond to boardshorts, outerwear and accessories. Each item bears the work of an Analog team rider, artist or friend. Check the photo-sublimated trunks below.


L to R:
FNTO by Mathias Fennetaux // Urethane actual skate wheels shot and used for Analog wheel wash denim // Photobooth by Mark Oblow


L to R:
Lewers by Mike Coots // Hi Res in Anahula color way by Bill Romerhaus and Tokyo color way by Mark Oblow


So here’s the challenge: What else could PLA stand for? Give an original answer that brings a smile to our downtrodden cubicle-bound faces and be rewarded with your choice of trunks from Analog’s PLA collection. Photographers Love Analog? Punt Loftier Airs? Pour Liquor Aggressively? The comments section is right down there below. Let’s have some good clean creativity. Not too clean. But classy.

Two winners will be picked Thursday morning.






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85 Responses to “PLA Stands For…”

  1. Al says:

    P*ssy Longboarder Association

  2. KPWahine says:

    “Package” Localized Air-conditioning.

  3. KPWahine says:

    Penis Length Armor.

  4. chuck says:

    People love analog

  5. eli says:

    people love asses

  6. charles says:

    people like analog

  7. chuck says:

    people loves asses

  8. elijah says:

    people love analog

  9. Jim says:

    Easy. “Passionately Living Abroad”. Making every moment in life count, making the most of time spent with family and friends. This is PLA.

    I dig the Hi Res Anahula

  10. Borat, the movie says:

    People love anuses

  11. KPWahine says:

    (P)eople (L)ove chipp(A)!

  12. TJ.- says:

    Pants Love Asses

  13. KPWahine says:

    Perfect Lovemaking Apparel.

  14. KPWahine says:

    Proper Looting Apparel.

  15. Matt says:

    Pretty lame apparel.

  16. Los Sydney says:

    painted lost anonymously

  17. Kevin says:

    Pirates Living Abnormally

  18. Robert says:

    Pilfer Lab Animals

  19. I Love Chas Smith says:

    Pederastic Licker of Ass. As in, “Chas Smith is a total PLA.”

  20. mattman says:

    Poke Like Animals

  21. bromista says:

    pshhhhhh lousy answers

  22. Stance says:

    Product Looks Awesome

  23. cc says:

    pocahontas loves astronauts

  24. Trim says:

    Potential Launch Accessories

  25. truth says:

    a couple of designers set forth and created analog…
    chippa is the face of analog..
    without chippa, there is no analog.

  26. Small Fry says:

    picaresque leprechaun ambassadors
    (these clover-loving dwarfs will sign treaties with whoever the hell they want)

  27. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Party Like Andy, Push Longboarders Aside

  28. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Party Like Andy, Push Longboarders Aside

  29. Pompo Bresciani says:

    Poly Lactic Acid

    : A biopolymer made from natural sugar sources, which can be used as a substitute for petroleum-based polymers

  30. Matt Goddard says:

    Punt Like Andy

  31. Mik says:

    Let’s see. GOP stands for Greedy Old Pricks…

    So PLA???

    Pure Love Addiction

  32. Pompo Bresciani says:

    Playboy Labor Alliance

  33. dgb says:

    Poxy Lackluster Advertising

  34. Adam says:

    Professional Life-Liver Administration

  35. Leslie says:

    PLA = Please Launch Airs!

  36. Leslie says:

    pictures love analog

  37. Lou says:

    Poorly Landed Air

  38. Lou says:

    physical long attention

  39. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Pleasuring Ladies’ Asses

  40. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Petting Long Anacondas

  41. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Privileged Little Aristocrats

  42. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Pulsating Lubricated Axe-wounds

  43. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Please Lick Aggressively

  44. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Penile Lunge Apparatus

  45. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Perfect Little Apple pie

  46. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Petrified Love Apparatus

  47. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Pornography Lovers Anonymous

  48. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Perfect Latina Areolae

  49. R.W. Van Winkle says:

    Purchase Less Analog . . . wait, no . . .

  50. KPWahine says:

    Perfect Ladies Area.

  51. KPWahine says:

    Proper Lager Apparel.

  52. KPWahine says:

    Pay Ladies Appropriately.

  53. KPWahine says:

    Proper Lovemaking Apparel.

  54. sal says:

    Pee-wee lives alone

  55. KPWahine says:

    Positively Loves Ass.

  56. KPWahine says:

    Perfect Lounge Attire.

  57. Duffman says:

    public latrine attendant

  58. Scuba says:

    Pipeline lifevest advocate

  59. Nick says:

    Perfect Little Ass

  60. Shawn says:

    Picked Last Always

  61. KPWahine says:

    Plentiful Loin Area.

  62. KPWahine says:

    Plump Loin Area.

  63. Sandra says:


  64. ryan says:

    punani licking asians

  65. Stone says:

    Posers Living Ambiguously

  66. Cris says:

    Perfect Lip Annihilator

  67. KPWahine says:

    Pubic Lice Armor

  68. Ryan Tallman says:

    Photographing Living Art

  69. angel says:

    Porn Lil Astronaut

  70. Marcrllo says:

    Punks Love Analog

  71. Juzek says:

    Pacyfic Levitation Ability

  72. cagg says:

    progressive lifestyle apparel

  73. Humberto says:

    Pipeline Life Assault

  74. Humberto says:

    Perfect=Life=Andy Irons

  75. ThisDGKid says:

    Pigs Love Adrenaline

  76. Tanner Spencer says:

    porn lovers association

  77. Dianne says:

    Pert little ass

  78. jeff says:

    Punting Loud Animals

  79. Adam says:

    Probably Less Aggravating

  80. chris says:

    Pretty Lame Analog

  81. Scrote says:

    penile lengthening apparatus

  82. dmore says:

    perty lil a-frames

  83. jaym. says:

    Penguins Love Antarctica, Pimps Love Asses, Poop licking astronought.

  84. Los Sydney says:

    peace, love, ANARCHY!

  85. Los Sydney says:

    pledged lasting anarchy!

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