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By Matt Skenazy

It’s that time of year again: Time for World Tour surfers to flock to Trestles’ cobblestone beach like the salmon of Capistrano. Step right up, step right up, the ASP Prime Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro is back. This year the event carries extra weight, as the new one-world ranking system has left most of the ASP World Tour surfers little choice but to come battle it out in San Clemente.

Thirty-six WT surfers, along with a wealth of international talent, will be present, so we decided to cast our lots on who will come out on top. Because what good are sports unless you have someone to root for? Read on, then call your bookie.

Favorite: Jordy Smith

With two Quarterfinal appearances and one Final, Jordy has been the most consistent surfer on tour this year. Sitting in second place on the World Tour, he isn’t always as worshipped as his American counterpart Dane Reynolds, but he’s been getting the job done. When not traveling for the Tour, or in his native South Africa, Jordy is based in Newport Beach, giving himself ample time to hone both his Southern California pick-up lines and his Lowers repertoire. Look for Jordy to continue his roll on both fronts at Trestles.

Runner Up: A Local

With the Gudauskas brothers, Nate Yeomans and Kolohe Andino having a combined 600 years of experience at Lowers, we decided to play the odds on this one.

Long Shot: Jadson Andre

It really just seems impossible for him to keep that roll going, doesn’t it? He can’t keep pulling that air-reverse over and over and over, can he? Can he?

Make your picks in the comment section below. First person to pick the winner receives the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro prize pack you see here.

Watch live at

Nike 6.0 towel: Plush and gentle on the skin. Just lovely.

Nike 6.0 towel: Plush and gentle on the skin. Just lovely.

Nike 6.0 Pro contest t-shirt: Sure to be all over SoHo soon. Tre chic.

Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro contest t-shirt: Sure to be all over SoHo soon. Tre chic.

Nike 6.0 canvas tote: Perfect for carrying the towel and t-shirt.

Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro canvas tote: Perfect for carrying the towel and t-shirt.

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  • Tom

    I reckon I’ll probably smoke ’em.

  • Aaron Carrera

    Dane is going to win.

  • Keith


  • reinaldo

    I can bet that Jadson will win.

  • lydia

    john john for sure!

  • Jonny P

    Dane is gonna have it. He is due for a big win

  • Gemma

    Jordy for sure!

  • Jonny

    Dane will win

  • Miguel

    Mic Fanning (if he’s there)

  • Justin

    Tanner Gudauskas

  • Nathan

    Dane’s taking this one.

  • Nathan

    Going with Julian, since Dane was taken.

  • Evan

    Andy Irons will make his comeback! I can smell it!

  • Luke

    Dillon Perillo.

  • matt

    lance burkhart all the way…but in the off chance that he gets called for a leash pulling interference, i’ll take adriano de souza.

  • taino


  • Mik

    Andy Irons. if the surf is head high, his relentless attack will be poetry.

  • al-bot

    someone’s going to get hurt and drop out… first alternate? Kelly. BANG.

  • graham

    after seeing cory’s massive air reverse today in person, my money is on him (Cory Lopez). Gulf Coast!

  • Jon Christensen

    Adriano will take this one.

  • Jon

    CJs got it

  • Ryan Miller


  • Belz

    Being an American I’d love to say the Dane will win but I think the reality is that Jordy is both a better all round surfer and far better tactician. I’d love to see these two cats in the final head to head, sying that I’d say the favorite is definitely the South African! Gonna be good though…

  • Matt O

    After watching today’s action I put all money on… CORY!

  • Jimmy Hoffman

    Cory Lopez is gonna take it!

  • Joey porec

    Nat young

  • Susie

    I’m gonna say Owen Wright since everyone else was taken.

  • moony

    Davo for sure!!

  • Al

    Do I still get the prize package if I say Gabe Kling?

  • Al

    Worth a try. Gabe Kling!