Project Rebuild and Recover Assist in Hurricane Sandy Relief

posted by / News / November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Project Rebuild and Recover in conjunction with SoundsToGoDJ’s and Move for Hunger are accepting and distributing donations such as clothing, toiletries, food, etc. We are setting up a monetary donations fund momentarily. We also will be having a benefit in December that is going be a large event with giveaways, raffles etc. with 100% proceeds going to relief efforts. We are located at 21 East Front Street, Red Bank NJ, 07701.

Once FEMA and the National Guard clear our barrier islands, we will be working with local city councils, mayor offices, etc to place clean up teams and and helping hands in our region to assist in whatever we can do.


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  • chas

    If I was to mail packages to where you are located of donations of the listed needs, would you accept them? Would the delivery address be the same as above, 21 east front street?

  • Luke


    Yes, send them to –

    21 East Front Street

    Sorry for the delay, things have been insane.


  • Mike

    I am currently living in Virginia but may come to Nj the first week of December to help clean up. I’m thinking the shore area but I ave no family there and do not know where to go to help. Any information you can provide would be helpful

  • Luke

    Mike, email us at

  • L. Ashley

    I’d like to start a clothing drive at my church. I live in southern maryland. I’d like to deliver the cloths to you on Dec. 27. Is that ok? Would I be able to drop them at the 21 East Front St., Red Bank, NJ address?
    Please send me email reply. I’m anxious to get started!

    Ms. Ashley