Quiksilver Pro New York Day 1

I know it wasn’t ideal, but they had to run today. You need four days of competition for a WT event and four days is a lot when you’re talking about the East Coast. Thankfully, Hurricane Katia is blessing us with an almost-too-good-to-be-true forecast for waves that should have this thing wrapped up by Friday.

Still, today was far from epic, especially for #teamgivinithell. Gabe, Asher, Balaram and Cory got pitted into Round 2, one after the other. I decided I was not even going to talk to my friends anymore because everyone I talked to would seem to lose. Sure enough, I avoided CJ and he put on one of the performances of the day. Coach Jimmikanga was in a deep valley of despair today.

Waves are on the rise, Bal surfs against Fanning at 7 a.m. sharp Wednesday with Asher following against Owen in Heat 2. Look for #teamgivinithell to bounce back strong and hold it down for the Right Coast. —Jimmicane


Get up and at ’em tomorrow to watch live as the Quiksilver Pro New York continues into Round 2. The hurricane swell is on its way and could make things very interesting, very soon.