R.I.P. Sion Miloski

posted by / News / March 17, 2011


Sad news spread across the surf world last night as we learned that Sion Miloski had passed away while surfing low-tide Mavericks. The 35-year-old drown after a two-wave hold down.

All of us at SURFING Magazine are deeply saddened by the news and our condolences go all of his friends and family. Just this year Sion won our collaboration with Vans to honor the North Shore Underground, awarding him $25,000 in travel funds. He’s also credited throughout the surf world with paddling into what many believe is the biggest wave ever paddled into. Sion was an incredible surfer, friend and family man and he will be greatly missed.

Check back to surfingmagazine.com for a photographic memorial of Sion’s incredible life.

Photo: Lawrence


Volcom has started a fund to raise financial aid for Sion’s wife and two daughters, to donate click here.

Vans has offered up Sion’s winnings from the North Shore Underground to his family. Vans released this statement today: The entire Vans family is deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Sion Milosky yesterday. Sion had recently become an active member of the Vans surf team with a terrific season on the North Shore this winter, but, more importantly, he leaves a loving wife and two young daughters.

In December, Sion won $25,000 through the Vans and Surfing Magazine North Shore Underground program with the intention of financing future surf trips. Vans will contribute the entire amount to a fund to be established to assist the Milosky family.



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  • Arn



  • Andrew Smith

    Rest in Paradise Sion, I hope that you are shredding the heavens

  • Luke

    Legend. The guy was such an inspiration. VANS and SURFING should give the 25k to his wife and daughter.

  • JH

    I couldn’t agree more, Luke. Just re-read the North Shore Underground articles about him and that picture of him riding his two daughters to school on bikes just rips me apart. I wish his family and friends all the best.

    RIP Sion.

  • sam

    Man, about a month ago I suggested that a family man like Sion shouldn’t be a “big wave surfer”. When will guys learn…?

  • Kana

    In December, Sion won $25,000 through the Vans and Surfing Magazine North Shore Underground program with the intention of financing future surf trips. Vans will contribute the entire amount to a fund to be established to assist the Milosky family.

  • kana

    Looks like it’s going to happen… RIP Brother

    “In December, Sion won $25,000 through the Vans and Surfing Magazine North Shore Underground program with the intention of financing future surf trips. Vans will contribute the entire amount to a fund to be established to assist the Milosky family. “

  • Raychel

    Sion is surfing in heaven now. Our hearts go out to his beloved girls. Kauai is heart broken, we lost another brother yesturday.

  • Long-boarder

    RIP, to think I was there the day you drowned. I hope your faith in Christ was as strong as your love for surfing. May the good Lord provide for your widow and her children.

  • Lou

    RIP, here’s to living every single precious moment. God Bless you and your family.

  • Mike

    So sorry to hear this! Van’s, or any other of the companies that sponsor events like this, should contribute to Sion’s kids and future. Pony up gents, they are doing it to make you look cool to other kids…Oh, and Sam, you gotta know when to stop your know it all crap. Bad form. I think whoever is watching this board should remove that statement and mine.

  • Brian

    I agree with Sam………Charging waves like that when you are single its all good. Charge as hard as you can but when you have a family, especially young children who depend on you. You need to re-evaluate your priorities. Its very tragic. God bless and keep the Milosky family.

  • Iska Waran

    I won’t even get a motorcycle because I have kids. I’m not saying that to rag on Sion. I’m saying it so that other readers will think.

  • Lee Grobbelaar

    To Sam and Brian, fearing life and challenges is the biggest risk of all. My husband and partner of 20 years passed away in a kite surfing accident in July 2009, leaving me and my son of then 5 and daughter of then 18 behind. Not a day goes by that I do not miss him, he was an incredible, beautiful man. But not one day have I ever resented the sport or the risk he took on that day by going out in NW winds. He learnt so much out there on the water, his spirit was fed every time he got on the water, the smile when he came off those waters will never leave my heart. I will never resent his own life’s journey, we each come into this life with our own soul contract and season’s time, we should live it to the fullest – no matter what!
    I am very sorry for the tragic loss of a lovely man, father and husband, Sion’s family will hurt a long time, but you will forever be blessed by having such a man and father for your children, may his life’s lessons for your family carry you through and bring you out stronger and better when healing comes.
    All my love, Lee

  • Benji

    Why do people keep saying “Vans should contribute the money to his family.” Vans already said they were doing that. Stop saying that. Of course they are. RIP, Sion.

  • Jeff

    This is horrible, horrible news and I can’t help but feel for the family’s loss. My thoughts are with the Milosky family at this tragic time.

    There are so many emotions and questions when hearing of this tragic news…..It seems like these surf companies that are incentivizing these big wave surfers to put their lives on the line, in hopes that their publicly listed surf corporations can increase shareholder profits, should be financially responsible when lives are lost.

    It is certainly my hope that Volcom (NASDAQ:VLCM $16.73), and anyone else that was benefitting from, and encouraging, such risky behavior from a well known family man, would compensate his family for their losses for the rest of his wife and daughters lives. This seems like the only ethical reaction from these companies, so I would imagine they are rushing to do this as responsible human beings. Actually…Just checked (NASDAQ:VLCM $16.73) on google finance…they have $80+ Million in cash right now so I”m sure it wouldn’t hurt them too much to set up this fund for the family for the rest of their lives, if they haven’t done it already.

    My heart goes out to the Milosky family and I really hope these companies have taken care of them emotionally and financially.

  • Cris

    I witnessed his competence and humility when I spent time on the North Shore. His pursuit of big waves made him the surfer and family man he was. I don’t think anyone can suggest he should have done things any differently. May Sion rest in peace.

  • aussie pride

    give me a break. A real family man dies doing what he loves (surfing) not in a hotel room… Sion your even more of inspiration…….

  • duck


  • JA

    people die at work everyday, on the way to work.
    People die kiteboarding, snowboarding, bee stings.
    An 18yr old boy died in 2ft surf at my local 4 yrs ago.
    Look out for your mates.
    Brian and Sam should mind your own business.
    SION was more of a Family man than you’ll ever be.

  • pedro

    it was imposible for him to stop getting big waves. love is one thing and passion is another. simply he chraged his brains out. peace for his family and friends, he’ll be missed. colombia rules!

  • Dustin

    Family man or not….he was doing what he loved to do and I am sure he had his family’s full support. Just because you have kids doesn’t indicate you should take a step back. I have 3. You could get in your car headed to the surf spot and end up getting killed on the highway….You can’t predict life but at the same time you can’t stop living it……Sion, you went out doing what you love. What an honor that is……..to the family, my thoughts and prayers for you.

  • sam

    That’s all good Lee, but do your kids feel the same way? Are they going to be that forgiving when they realize their dad died a very avoidable death? I’m not saying the guy shouldn’t surf, but charging huge Pipe and Mavs comes at a dear price.

  • sam

    oh, and there’s no such thing as Heaven or God.

  • Dustni

    Sam…..let me guess. Your kids are not very proud of you are they?

  • Peter

    Let’s keep the focus on Sion. BECAUSE OF HIS SURFING, he has influenced so many of us. If I saw an article title with the name Sion in it, it was going to be read. He inspired big wave surfers that inspire us. Guys like Mark Healey and Shane Dorian were blown away by is approach. As far as selfishness goes, I’d say posting on the internet only days after a persons death and attacking their character is far more insulting and selfish and disrespectful than dying doing something you love. God and Heaven are real. Aloha.

  • Amy

    Man..the oceans of the world have been brutal as of late. So powerful and beautiful all the time, but sometimes they can be so destructive. They go hand in hand I guess.
    This is not the time to judge. It’s the time reflect and say some prayers for Sions family and loved ones. I think big wave surfing takes an extraordinary individual, hell…I am too scared to do what he craved and felt alive doing, but I respect his courage and passion.

  • sam

    they’re just happy my name’s not Dustni

  • sean

    respect the ocean! it will humble or even kill you!

  • sean

    rip sion

  • Marco

    Farewell, we will meet in paradise!

  • Robin

    Sam you are the biggest piece of garbage. Do you sit on the couch at home all day because god forbid you get hit by a car walking across the street. Oh, then your kids would never leave the house because that darn street or car hit you. Get a life, you didnt know the wonderful man Sion was and your probably mad you cant even surf over 2ft. Karma is a ….. You will get yours one day, I promise. Keep eating cheeseburgers on the couch….

  • Kenny

    To Sions family & friends……In this sad world of ours sorrow comes to all…it comes with bitterest agony. Perfect relief is not possible except with time. You cannot now realize that you will ever feel better, and yet this is a mistake, you are sure to be happy again. To know this which is certainly true will make you some less miserable now. I have had experience enough to know what I say. Abraham Lincoln

  • saltydog

    sorry Robin but Sam’s right. Getting hit in a freak accident’s not the same as repeatedly putting your life on the line for a shot in the mag and a small paycheck. We all make choices – his apparently was to put surfing before his family and look where it got him.

  • Joe

    R.I.P sion

  • sean

    surfing will kill you! i saw sion in the 1998 pipe masters. he cracked his head and had blood all over his head! you need to put your family first, then getting barrelled second! now his daughters are fatherless over a big wave session at mavericks!

  • Hawaii808

    “When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical.”
    Sion was an amazing soul and died doing what he loved. It was his passion and love. He was the best big wave surfer in the world, because he transcended it all. He took off on an amazing wave and rode it straight to heaven. Our love and aloha go out to his wife, two beautiful daughters and dad.

  • dave

    RIP Sion! it was a freak big wave surfing accident, how many people die every year surfing big waves?? more people die every year just going for a WALK. I sincerely hope Sions family does not waste their time reading this crap. There’s way to many people who feel empowered sitting behind a computer, thinking that their opinions actually matter…well they don’t, get over yourselves.

  • North Shore Rat

    Let’s keep it peaceful and respectful. This form is about Sion and his family’s loss. Sam there is no need to be critical or obnoxious. Sam I can assure your that there is a Heaven and there is a God and I pray that you will come to realize this one day. I have seen miracles happen and lives changed through the power that is in Jesus. You can call it a hoax, but one day as sure as you are reading this you will face your maker. Sion – rest in peace.

  • Andy

    As someone Sion’s age with a 16 month daughter of my own, the picture from the surfline tribute with Sion surfing with his daughter dressed in goggles and floaties brings me to tears. To judge him is not our place. If we were half as good as he was and able to surf big waves and driven to do it, we would too. Instead let’s celebrate his life and as a community of surfers, support his family. Sion – u are an inspiration in your simplicity, passion for surfing, and love for family.

  • saltydog

    It’s sad, but I have to laugh at the surfing world’s continued inability to place blame on its stars. First AI and now Sion. They’re just guys who surfed well. Why that’s so admirable I’m not sure.

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  • ScottyB

    Why must we always cast blame? It won’t change what happened and won’t make anyone feel any better. Sion died doing what he loved — riding giant waves — like Mark Foo, Peter Davi, and Todd Chesser before him. There is great honor in this. Sion was a modest, quiet ambassador for our sport who truly took it to the next level. Only one question remains: Who will step up and fill his shoes? Who will fill the tremendous void that Sion’s loss has created? He will be sorely missed.

  • sam

    and yeah, Sion’s daughters are asking the same question – who will fill his shoes?

  • ScottyB

    Give it a rest, Sam. You’re not doing anyone any favors by rubbing salt in a fresh wound, asshole. Let the man and his family rest in peace.

  • Rh

    Something more constructive than Sam’s “it’s irresponsible to die” drone: I don’t know whether it was the case with Sion, but guys taking the red-eye from Hawaii to surf Mavericks the next day really need to be SERIOUSLY careful to hydrate. Dry airplane cabins, lack of sleep, and not wanting to stop on the road to pee can all lead to dehydration, which can cause blackouts underwater, which is what I believe happened to Mark Foo (maybe before he even hit the surface… the “wave” that killed Foo should have been an easy one for him). I know I blacked out underwater once after a punk show in Tampa (no drinking… but no water either) when I decided to drive home across the state, pulled up in my driveway the next morning, (after getting my only sleep behind the wheel… only to wake up with my head bouncing against the top at 55 and fishtailing back onto the road)… and hearing the surf a half mile away even though the wind was offshore, and not being able to resist getting my board and heading to the beach, only to black out underwater on my second wave. Must’ve only been out for seconds because I wasn’t starving for air when I came to, but it was a wake-up call, that made me exit 6′ glass… and it probably wouldn’t have happened if I’d gotten a good amount of water in me before going out. Again, I have no idea if this had anything to do with Sion’s death, which seemed perhaps more like Chesser’s passing, but it is something to be mindful of, especially for those pushing the limits.

  • KavemanFl.

    RIP Bra-da ride one for me. May GOD be with your family & friends.

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  • Boomz

    I grew up with Sion and he was best he could be and I can truly say, there isn’t many great people like this in the world.. Great father, husband, son, and friend! His daughters will always be reminded of how amazing and inspiring their daddy was, and here on Kauai, in Hawaii we are all ohana (family)and we all stick together. We will always tell his daughters stories and look at funny pictures. With life comes death and we are just blessed to be able to live and grow the way we do here on Kauai!
    Thank you Si, love you, and I will see you again. But not yet!

  • Jose

    We’re sorry. RIP from Venezuela

  • Popx Art

    “Yeah… ya know… Aloha’s a… it’s one of those things that… ya know… you can find it in a lot of…ya know… not just Hawaii… everywhere you go… ya know… I think it’s that community of just…ya know… helping someone out and just being there and… ya know… just showing a… showing somebody a good time and if somebody needs help… ya know… lending out that helping hand and …ya know… Aloha… ya know… goes a long way and… you can find it in a lot of places.” Sion Milosky 1976-2011

    I painted a pretty large mural in New Zealand at the start of 2010 and included the picture of Sion and his daughter surfing, on the mural. Until just yesterday I knew nothing about him, not even his name, only what he looked like in that picture. Been watching lots of vids since and am so honoured to have painted him and his daughter :) Here’s a link to a video that shows some of the mural in progress http://vimeo.com/13373286 and for a view of the finished mural please see the profile R.I.P Sion Milosky on facebook :)

  • David Byrd

    WE as surfers have dedicated our lives to the water and what it brings. It is a sad day… We have lost a brother.

  • Zed like Z

    hello, i pass all my time in the sea

    i’m allways taking pictures looking for the biggest wave that i’ve ever seen on the miditeranian sea… but it doesn’t work for me.

    in our beautiful sea there it’s rare that you find a big wave, there is no surfing school. i’m dying here

    i wanna discover it, challenge, to get a surfer life, wherever if i die in the sea. Help i’ll never forget.

    Zed like Z at Facebook


  • Major Pain


    Give Jose Angel, Eddie Aikau, And Mark Foo, A Big – Wave Hug For Me.

    May You ALL Rest – In – Peace.

    Semper Fi,
    “Major Pain”

  • Mike

    I am not an active surfer. In fact, I can’t call myself a surfer for I have not been up many times in the few times I tried. And I did not know of Simon. But I saw something on GoPro about him and then started reading articles on him. Impressive for starting at his age. Very sad tragedy. I have been involved in motorsports in the past and know what it is like to lose someone so suddenly. My prayers go out to his wife and children, his friends, and all those whom he inspired. God Bless!

  • Sara

    Lo mejor de todo es que murió en las entrañas del mar. Sion Milosky siempre estará en las olas de Hawái.

  • Jay Lawton

    I lost my longboard surfer brother Scott Lawton on January 28th, 2011, at Ventura County Line beach. After meeting his friends in the early morning, he paddled out, caught a rouge wave out of nowhere,rode it gracefully, with his stretch five,kicked out, gave the ‘V’ stoke to his partner Mike, and suffered a massive heart attack while paddling back towards the point. He was 66 years, and had told me and other friends that this was the way he wanted to go..you may Google ‘Scott Lawton Surfer’ for more.

  • Alonso

    I never stumbled up with this article on his passing until today. Sion will be always remembered, like a very good friend and very kind soul.

    He got to surf one of this year’s most epic days at Indo with one of my friends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqmeBMdUDt0