Renaissance Coming: Exhibit C

posted by / News / April 16, 2011

This five-part series examines the cultural tremors shedding light on surfing’s future.

Exhibit C: The Dane Effect

Dane in a moment of iconic laconicism. South Africa. Photo: Sherm


“Being around the tour events is a stifling environment. I feel my best when I get to be creative and make things. That’s when I’m ‘living,’ you know. It’s really hard to snap back and forth between that frame of mind and a competing frame of mind. —Dane Reynolds, as quoted in Stab magazine


Few times in the history of surfing has a surfer of Dane’s influence spoken with the candor that he demonstrated in a recent interview with Stab magazine. Over a two-hour discussion, Dane spoke of the “stifling” environment and “kinda retarded” format of World Tour surfing; recounted an instance in which he was heckled while freesurfing on an experimental craft during a World Tour event; and criticized surf culture’s upper echelons. It followed a year in which his unbranded blog,, became the star of the online surfing world, boasting countless videos of Dane riding unstickered boards and, more recently, spruiking his indie T-shirt label Summer Teeth, which he used to raise $10,000 for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Everything this man does cascades down through surfing’s every echelon. It remains to be seen what affect this latest spurt of indie ethos will have on the sport. —Jed Smith


Any pre-heat ambivalence… Photo: Sherm


…is well-hidden in the water. But for how much longer? Photo: Jimmicane


Next in Renaissance Coming: the return of big budget surfing psychedelia.




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  • ghandi

    what surfing should be about: surfing
    not what the industry pigeon holes

  • chuck

    i think dane needs to spend so time in the ‘real’ world, as in working for a living like the rest of us poor smucks. his angst is a poor joke, all that skill and talent and ‘o poor me i’m being stifled’ right! get a job and wife and kids, and taxes, and then give me a call………BS

  • sd, cali

    that was fucking shit. all you surf mags get your information from stab. u fail at your job, go out and do your own dane interview for once

  • ghandi

    any info on zoltan torkos… any chop hop to bitch claim vids we can watch or maybe see him riding on the bottom of his board backwards. wanker.

  • Jason Miller

    False, but thanks for playing. Jed Smith — who authored this post — also conducted the Dane interview for Stab. So he’s essentially citing himself.

  • WTF

    zoltan is a f*cking homo kook if there ever was

  • Smelly Feet

    Jason Miller is only relevant because his sisters dates Kelly…
    But he does have some web skills.

  • Stu

    What? That’s it? 100 words and a shallow proposition to end with. Is this a trailer to a real story somewhere on the site?

    Thanks for the pageview, Surfing.

    Wait, you should be thanking me…