R.I.P. Andy Irons: July 24, 1978- November 2, 2010

posted by / News / November 2, 2010

Andy Irons // Teahupo'o // Photo: Flindt

Andy Irons // Teahupo'o // Photo: Flindt

SURFING has confirmed that Andy Irons has passed away, reportedly of Dengue Fever after withdrawing from The Rip Curl Pro Search in Puerto Rico. After leaving the event in Puerto Rico with a serious fever, Irons was told he was too sick to board his connecting flight in Dallas and got a hotel room. He was found dead in his hotel room this morning. Our hearts go out to the Irons family. We’ll miss you Andy.

Details to come.

Andy Irons // Snapper Rocks // Photo: Sherm

Andy Irons // Snapper Rocks // Photo: Sherm

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  • RRC

    I am in total shock…I am speechless. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  • Juan Carlos Albert

    rest in peace Andy!!!!!!

  • Dave

    My Heart goes out to the entire Irons family. Very sorry for your loss. Andy was one of the best surfers in the world. God bless you all in this trying time.

  • M.Short

    My prayers go out to the Irons Family. You’ll be missed A.I.

  • m

    My deepest sympathies to the entire Irons family. My heart goes out to his wife.

  • Andrew Smith

    RIP ANDY IRONS, hopefully you are catching some killer swell in heaven



  • Mauro Lima

    Rest in peace Andy, you were an Icon to the Surfing and you are a legend. The sport surfing has a lot to thank you for everything you´ve done. We here in Rio de Janeiro ( Brazil ) still don´t believe it. Aloha to the Irons family, let´s keep the faith and pray for Andy.

  • stuart

    Total shock!. The surfing world will miss you. Thanks for all the memories. You will be missed…. God bless your family.

  • Pedro Vergara ( Guatemala)

    We are sorry!!! And dont want to believe this….
    Guatemala Surfers!!

  • Ash

    No words to say how devastating this is- my thoughts are with his family and to all of us left behind-the surfing community and those who truly knew him-

  • Daniel – Brazil

    Andy!!! You are the best!!
    Fucking dengue, evil disease!!

    God help the irons family!

  • Jose Pablo

    ¡¿¿ Increíble !! Que tristeza !! Mis condolencias para la Familia…Desde Argentina mi recuerdo mas grato…

  • Dougie Fresh Photo

    I will always remember you Brah. Today is my Birthday!

    Much Aloha to your Ohana.

  • tulux

    hasta luego andy R.I.P

  • André Felipe

    My sincere condolences to the Irons family. Andy Irons will be allways may main inspiration in surf.

  • RP

    This news hits me like a brick! Total shock. I followed him so close that I felt like I knew him. Condolences to his family.. RIP brah.

  • kndy

    RIP Andy!

  • sebakrefft

    que descanses en paz hermano del mar!!! bendiciones a tus seres queridos!!!!!!

  • mic

    Imagen how tough this kid was how many poundings how many long hold downs.
    Then suddenly, just suddenly gone.
    Life is sooo fagle deepest condolences for the Irons family!
    We will all miss Andy sturring it up!
    Rest in Peace Andy.

  • Andrew

    RIP Andy.news of your death gave me goose bumps. You lived a life many of us only dream about. God be with your family

  • jrc

    que viva andy por siempre, long live andy forever!!!!

  • Keika

    I am shocked by this news as I know the surfing world will be. Andy was a friend to everyone. Can we go on without him. The invincibility mindset can slam us blindside, and a fever that lasts more than two days can become deadly. Sincerest condolences to his family.

  • Dani Olinda.

    Our wishes and prays ARE for Andy Irons be with God peacefully.Sad Day. RIP

  • richard

    SO SO SAD! My prayers go out to his wife and family. Our tribe has lost a noble warrior.

  • PRsurfer

    So sad to hear this… RIP Andy!…

  • tamatoa

    the tahitians are sad today, Tahiti is sad today, all off polynesia is sad today, and teahupo’o is mourning with us now.
    RIP our brother

  • Justin

    RIP to a ripper. A great competitor & surfer and even a greater person. God Bless to his family.

  • VonZipper

    Words can not even begin to express our sorrow upon hearing about the loss of Andy Irons. Hold tight to his memory for comfort lean on your friends and loved ones for support and remember that we love and care for you. Lyndie and his family are in our prayers.
    With Love, sympathy and condolences,
    The VonZipper Family

  • Trae

    Totally hard to accept. Rest in peace, Andy.

    I don’t understand why he was all alone!? Where were his friends? His manager at least? Dude should have been in a hospital, not a hotel room by himself.

    Damn, such a tragedy.

  • jessi

    R.I.P andy, you will forever be remembered, and greatly missed.
    my heart goes out to you family and friends :'(

  • Luiz

    Jesus Christ, i still can’t believe! Let’s pray for God to give strenght and light for his family & friends.

    Rest In Peace Champion!


    Andy was a key figure in the whole of surfing.He was the reef to the wave,like a vital element to the sea,andy had true love for the sport and everything it stands for! andy you will surf forever.

  • jeff

    see ya on the other side broh!

  • Jeff Flindt

    Is there going to be an autopsy report? Did he have medication in his system?

  • Mik

    Heart breaking news. My favorite surfer of all time. The most exciting surfer I have ever seen. They say the good die young… My sincere condolences to Lyndie and child, Bruce, and the entire Irons family. Aloha Andy.

  • pedro García

    Mis respetos para ti y mucha fortaleza a tú familia…Rest in peace Andy….

  • mario

    I am so sorry my prayers are with you.
    mario maggio


    Sad day for surfers everywhere. Shred in peace Mr. Irons. Thanks for helping me to love the sport!

  • chris

    IM SO BLOWEN AWAY he was a true legend second best surfer ever to walk this earth after kelly now he is the best surfer in heaven love and best wishes to the family and friends love from chris and family in new zealand

  • V


  • Jeff

    The man upstairs must be in need of surf lessons… he called on the best.

  • Nick

    you will be missed andy, you are an absolute inspiration.

  • Jeff

    If Andy was too sick to compete and was told by the hospital in PR to stay, where the F@#* was Billabong to take care of their favorite son and make sure he got the medical attention he deserved and made it home safely. Andy would still be alive if someone would have taken control of the situation and made sure he got the medical attention he deserved… MAKES ME SICK!!!!

  • James Smith

    My heart goes out to the entire family.Please take care and know you are in our prayers! God Bless.

  • Always

    Andy- You’ve inspired us all
    May God bless You and Your Family-we’re praying

  • chris

    It can be over so quickly for any of us.Love those around you,help those in need around you each day.Hold your kids and family tighter and look them in the eye and tell them you love them and care.Feel so heartbroken their newborn will never know their father,but I know we are grateful for the gift that was inside Andy that he shared on the worlds stage for all of us to see,and that gift will also be missed.To the family and friends,and fans we all must face this day someday and remember Jesus is just a prayer away.God Bless you all

  • Neil

    regardless of the circumstances, we all wish he wasn’t gone. Many prayers to the Irons family. R.I.P Andy. You will be missed.

  • Java

    Surfers in El Salvador are in shock, one of the best surfer of all time is gone.
    Go in peace Andy….

  • Augustine

    And he was on his way back to the top, with a baby on the way. A year ago, did he ever dream that a year from then he’d be dead? In Dallas of all places?

    Friends, we’re poised on the edge of eternity at every moment. Let’s hope he was prepared. Let his death not be in vain. Let it spur us to prepare ourselves, for any of us could pass into eternity at any moment. We hang onto this life by a thread. Prepare. Listen:


  • js

    joe- have some respect man. even if drugs played any role in his life this is not the time and the place for calling him out.

    it has been reported that andy already had one strain of dengue (consists of 4 strains) dengue has a distinct feature: known as antibody-dependent enhancement which allows for increased uptake and virion replication during a secondary infection with a different strain immunological phenomenon, known as original antigenic sin, the immune system is not able to adequately respond to the stronger infection, and the secondary infection becomes far more serious.

    there are reports of a small epidemic in PR right now of dengue (5300 cases strong) if in fact andy had one strain and contracted another, he stood little chance without proper medical attention

    andy is a legend. he is one of the reasons I surf. watching him in all the bill ballard videos when I was young got me super stoked for every session even if it was knee high east coast. His layback powerhacks are an icon of our beloved past time. He will always be remembered as a true surfing hero and an unbelievable competitive athlete. Long Live AI.

    thoughts and prayers to the irons family…everyone go out and catch a wave for andy tomorrow.

  • derek peters

    andy we will miss you dearly… you were an inspiration to every person that has picked up a surfboard. you have been one of my favorite surfers as long as i can remember. we will never forget your impact on the surfing world and how you changed the sport forever. my prayers go out to his family…and may andy rest in peace!

  • Mik

    The question arises: why didn’t the ASP step in and advise him properly? Why wasn’t he hospitalized in Puerto Rico? Why didn’t his friends insist he not travel? Where was everyone? It was shocking that Andy didn’t make his 1st Round Heat. When he couldn’t do the 2nd Round either, where was the medical support team???? This is such a tragedy. I am not trying to throw blame at anyone, but my God. One can’t help but think that this could have been avoided. What a horrible thing to let our friend struggle alone and be abandoned in Dallas.

  • johanneson

    been trying not to cry all day. such a legend taken. biggest shock. from idolizing him in videos as a kid, to watching him win his three titles over jimmy slade. fuck. Andy there will never be anyone like you ever again. Surfing died with you. Rest in peace.

  • Chris & Debby Van Lennep Cowies Hill Durban

    Our condolences to the Irons Family. Be Strong. every day is GOOD.

  • Conor B

    Let us never forget one of the most gifted men to ever ride a wave. God bless

  • mikey abejo

    I can’t believe it. Don’t want to. I’m still in shock. Completely off balance all day at work. Didn’t know him but still affected. that’s how much of an influence he was and is. My heart goes out to the family.

  • Mennywise

    Que Dios te bendiga hermano !!! i can’t believe that !!! pasaste a mejor vida por algo !!! solo dios sabe porque hace las cosas !!! R.I.P. ANDY !!! & catch the best heaven wave !!! :(

  • toto

    you were bigger than life; the legend that you were destined to be, you have become. save us a spot in the celestial lineup, someday we will share waves again, and smile and enjoy the eternity of your legacy…

  • Brian

    Andy, you were one of the purist surfers to ever ride a wave. You surfed from the heart and were a huge inspiration. Surfers everywhere have lost a hero. You are a true legend who will live on forever. Rest In Peace.

  • emanuel morais

    i never gone forget your words in amado beach(portugal-algarve),you are a legend, and you never gone die for everbody.

  • sean

    absolutely cannot believe this, didn’t even know him but can’t hold back da tears. enjoy heaven bru, i hear da waves are awesome there.

  • brendon

    i am so shocked about this, andy irons there will not be another surfer like you, you will always be a legend evan wen your in heaven you would be on everyones mind, especialy mine. i have been looking at these stories for about an hour now and finaly relised this is actualy happening. im trying to hold in a tear.

    love you andy, your a great role model for kids my age (13) R.I.P BRO <3

  • Andrew Crosher

    His surfing was an inspiration to all of us. I loved watching him surf, i remember seeing Andy and Bruce tube riding at same time on consecutive waves in France – awesome. you will be missed

  • Billy Satcher

    Andy Irons was Kelly Slaters Rival and we all know that!! He always was the one that made all ASP surfers feel a slight fear every time he entered the heat? A real true competitor and 3x World Champion, he and Kelly are and will always be WORLD CHAMPIONS and the two most competitive surfers I will ever know! Good bye my friend.

  • Crystal Photos

    Sad to hear this. Andy was truely a legend. Wish his family and close friends the best. The ASP won’t be the same without him.

  • Jorge

    We know in Brazil that Dengue is a serious problem. Our government has to fight against it, during most part of the year, without success. So many peoples die by Dengue, year by year, here in Brazil. Isn´t easy to identify a Dengue, because there are 3 types of Dengue, but only one can to die people. We call “Dengue Hemorrágica” the most dangerous type. I believe that it is cause death of Andy Irons. We shocked in Brazil about. R.I.P., Iron. Our condolences to your family.

    from Jorge, from Rio de Janeiro city,

  • Bassman

    Andy is a Legend.
    He was in treatment, so he had his medicines. Use the right words.
    Respect to AI. My prayers.

  • Tim B

    Since I live in Dallas, it was tough to hear how this transpired and that Andy didn’t find help there. My condolences to his family and friends.

  • robert sandoval

    La verdad que es dificil de ver y de creer, una persona como Andy con tanta energia y que vino de nuevo otra vez a darle palante.

  • Tom Rulon

    One of the most polarizing personalities and gifted natural talents ive ever witnessed, and had the pleasure of traveling many years with. My heart goes out to Lyndie, Bruce, Phil, his mother, & and the extended Kaiui nation. God Bless

  • putra Irons

    I Putra Irons for indonesia
    I am sorry andy’s departure ….

  • Mario

    Andy is and will always be a true legend , He was such an inspiration to the young kids on Kauai . He was and increible
    surfer. Andy was a natural he was born to surf , he was my favorite
    surfer of all time .I’m in complete shock and very sad . My heart
    and prayers go out his family and his wife Lindy. The comment about
    the ASP not seeing what was going on should be looked at ,so this
    terrible accident will never happen again.

    Much love & aloha

  • duilio milanesi

    andy rest in peace,my respects for bruce and his family and his son is coming.
    from arica chile.

  • Agustín

    The only one ever to outsurf KS.
    A true champion passes away and i wonder if the organizers of the event at Puerto Rico informed properly about the consequences of tropical illness to the competitors.
    Not to blame anybody but life is precious and should be taking seriously, this is an unfortunate loss that could be avoided if he had taken the proper medical treatment in time or at least if he was aware of the risks (dangers)of dengue. Andy was too strong to let Dengue took over him, he just didn´t know what he was fighting against.
    Rest In Peace Andy, you will never be forgotten.

  • esteban collado

    Andy, one of the best surfers ever, an inspiration for us,a LEGEND, and he will never be forgotten.
    Respects for the Irons and Hawaii.
    Costa Rica
    Pura Vidaaaa!

  • aaron

    It is so sad that he is dead because a bad organization and planning on how to treat this kind of disease.This is considered a third world country problem……wake up!!!
    I am from El Salvador and even in this country to die of dengue fever you have to really be poor and unable to reach a hospital in time. This is someones fault, this should not have happened.

  • Julio

    Mis condolencias para la familia bruce!! have a good trip Andy! We will surf together someday over the rainbow!!!
    Rest in peace.. Costa Rica!!!!! Pura vida!!!

  • Andrew

    God bless you Andy. My heart is greatly saddened to hear of this loss to our world.

  • Ezequiel

    My condolences to the Irons family. It’s a very sad thing to lose him. Rest in peace.

    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • TK of Florida

    The world, not just surfing, has lost a great American ambassador and athlete. So sad to die so young, alone, whatever the reason. To the stonethrower losers, get off it. Andy Irons was among the best at what he did to ever walk the planet or ride the ocean. Period. He wrangled nature’s most frightning aquabeasts into jaw-droppingly beautiful masterpieces, with a unique powerful style (and smile) that will never be forgotten.

    I don’t ride standing up anymore due to four broken vertebrae in 2004, but I ride prone and kneeling, and next time I’m out, I cry for you Andy, but mostly, thoughts of you will GET me out on the water again. Thank you, kid! Our prayers are with your wife, brother and family.

  • taino

    Its so funny growing up, your hero’s, they are so invincible. No matter how deep andy was or how late he dropped in, you knew he was going to make it. Why? because he was the man, nothing was going to stop him. But after hearing this yesterday morning it was like a sucker punch straight to the stomach…it sucks man but atleast I get to say I witnessed what Andy Irons has done in his life time. R.I.P. A.I.

  • Monika R. Masters

    Being a SoCal local and seeing Andy many times it’s hard to believe this has happened. Surfing has lost one of the greats. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, I wish there was something I could say, other then he will be missed.
    Newport Beach,Ca

  • Carlos Landaeta B

    inaceptable esta mala noticia para la comunidad surfista mundial, Andy ahora esta remando el pico hacia el cielo, dios bendiga al surfing y reciba al campeón.
    Venezuela presente en luto activo.

  • Mauricio

    A fantastic powerful surfer. Beautiful style. My thoughts go to the family, the wife and a baby that will miss his/her dad. Now, how is it possible that he was so sick and traveling alone? This could be avoided. Dengue is a serious thing but treated right and in time, you can recover. How is that the ASP, friends, Billabong, etc let AI travel alone? From San Juan to Hawaii is a long trip.
    So sad, such a brilliant surfer to die alone on a hotel room in Dallas.

  • kala

    So, was it dengue?

  • Pedro

    He was such a gifted human being. things happen for a reason and the asp and sponsors have to doublecheck the procedures to check these athletes’s health. this was a mistake, maybe his or whatever, now he’s gone. just hope AI is in heaven surfing cloud waves.
    Bless his family and coming child, wich ovbiosuly will surf as good as him.
    Paz desde Colombia!

  • Sergio Augusto Medina

    Andy was a real surfer. just let the memories spreeding around the world like flowers on the sea . My condolences to the Irons family.Brazil will remember the great man he was.

    Sérgio Castro Medina

  • Peyton Smith

    Andy you surfer with more soul than I’ve ever seen in my life, I just cant believe the man who was always on the posters on my wall is gone. Words cant describe how crucial he was in the surfing community, hes been a hero to just about anyone who knows the sport. I know your in heaven know man.

    RIP Andy Irons

  • Brad

    My favorite ever. Unbelievable. I am very sad. My best to all of his family, and to all the surfing world as a whole. It’s unusual to idolize a younger man, but Andy Irons was/is certainly one of my few heroes.

  • jesse

    Kia Ora, e noha ra Andy known you for a long time since early 90s. You are a true Surfing Legend for all time. You will live forever in our hearts and anytime the ocean breaks, ride free tangata me he mahaki ngakau. Mihi Andy. Kia ora Aotearoa (NZ)


    The world of surfing is not going to be the same without ANDY.
    CHILE, is sad to watch his CHAMPION leave.
    All our respects to his Family and Friends.
    Andy you are going to be in our hearts for ever.

  • PRRikimaru

    Andy Irons will be forever in our hearts, he is now Riding waves in Heaven with the greatest…Duke Kahammamoku.

    Another leyend RIses to inmortality…

    Andy Irons 1978-2010

  • Jorge Jojó

    About Andy Irons, there are a surf magazine here in Brazil called “FLUIR MAGAZINE”. In last issue, from october, had a text about Bruce Irons. The title of text is: “CEDO DEMAIS PARA MORRER”, that means: “TOO YOUNG TO DIE”. That´s incredible the publisher said it before Andy died.

    from Jorge, from Brazil.
    mail: rootsland2001@yahoo.com.br

  • mik

    Hey guys..I can`t already understand how has happened this to Andy..dead by dengue while coming back home;it’s so difficult to take..poor Andy…..I enjoyed seeing you surfing as a maniac,and your layback and turns will stay in my mind forever..rest in peace Andy Irons,i will never forget you..

  • Paul Olade

    Querido Andy,
    se que estas bien. me caias gordo, hasta que comence a apreciar tu belleza, tu energía y entendía tu manera de ser al imaginar el origen. Nunca te vi en persona pero vi tu garra y corazón limpio y puro, eras transparente y claro, gran cualidad. ME diste la oportunidad de leerte y entenderte. para mi , desde lejos fuiste un cometa que iluminó la noche y puso pasión a mi mundo interior del surf. bien definido sin medias tintas. Tu familia estará bien, ya verás. Con profundo respeto te despido, nos vemos allá despues de mi última ola.

    PD que pedo con el serviciop médico del ASP, ¿donde estaban, fumando?.

  • Eduardo

    Andy was among the best of the best, a true real surfer. It is a sad moment for all of us. Go and catch the best way of you life in honor to Andy

    My deepest sympathies to the Irons family. I’m so sorry

  • Asdrúbal

    Lo mas importante ahora no es como murio, ya es muy tarde para eso,, lo mejor es recordar como vivio….

    Mi mas sentido pesame para la familia de Irons………

    Guatemala lamenta su perdida…..

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  • Garth Robinson

    Just been at the paddle out for Andy at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay. Locals here are still in shock, we have lost a good friend who was also a special mentor to may of the young surfers in town. Our deepest condolences to his family and wife from the entire J-Bay surfing community. Hamba kahle mfowethu!

  • pablo

    Andy and bruce are brothers in a sport that leaves the rat race. I never got to share waves with them but their connection to the sport of kings is cemented as mike and derek.

  • betinho

    Bali farewells AI last Friday with a beautiful paddle out at kuta beach check how these nice event was http://www.indosurflife.com/surfnews/356-bali-farewells-andy-irons.html

  • Allison Perez

    this is amazing…well done, boys!

  • Michael Spencer Taylor

    Aloha Andy Irons will see you again someday my friend! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIHPIfyPEV0