Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Day 2: The Passion of the 805

posted by / News / April 21, 2011

Bobby Martinez makes it rain truth on the state of Victoria. Photo: Sherm


I’m getting ready for the 50th Anniversary Rip Curl Pro Bells Ball (and I’m praying my date doesn’t flake, it’s a good one), but there are a few things that we must quickly talk about: Bobby Martinez’s passion. Adam Robertson vs. Jordy. Josh Kerr’s career session at Winkipop. Dusty Payne’s devastating loss — that was bullshit by my estimates. The empty beer garden I had to sit in (miss you Dane, Freddy and Kekoa). And the unbelievable number of boards that were punched today (Taj, Taylor, Julian, Simpo, Raoni, Kai Otton and Dusty Payne to name a few).

But let’s start with Bobby:


Bobby vs. Taj — you be the judge.


“I been doing this my whole life,” he yelled into the camera during his post heat interview. “That was not a 7.83. I’m a fighter and I won’t back down.” During his heat, Bobby Martinez paddled out after posting an 8 and looked visibly upset. He flipped off the webcast camera and the judges and shook his fingers. But we couldn’t quite figure out why as he’d just gotten the wave of the heat with a solid score.


Reward this man with a sponsorship for money and equipment! Photo: Sherm


Turns out he didn’t like the score they gave Taj. “I know who their favorites are,” he continued after the heat. “But I’m a fighter. Taj can get 8s and 9s all the time. But I know that wasn’t a 7.83.” And afterwards, the visibly fired up Ventura local, who is sporting new Channel Islands boards that he absolutely loves, brought a level of passion — maybe at times a little off-base or a little Mar-Sheen_ez, but passion nonetheless — to a seemingly mundane and sedated sport. It’s good to see athletes get PASSIONATE. I love and support it. Punch that board, yell, kick, scream or don’t give a fuck. Just do something! Or claim it even when you don’t want to, as Josh Kerr did during his dream session at Winkipop.

“I don’t usually claim,” he said. “So sorry for those watching, I just couldn’t help it. I was having the time of my life.” If you saw his barrel rides you’ll forgive him.

Then, late in the day, another interesting heat: Kieren Perrow against Dusty Payne. Dusty seemed to have the heat locked away until Kieren got a right, did one big opening maneuver, two soft middle turns and a closing floater for a 7. Dusty followed up with a crisp three-turn wave for a 6, clearly low, sending Dusty peeling out of the Winkipop lot frustrated for the second year in a row. I don’t envy the job of the judges; today was an “interesting” day for them.

So while, in general, Round 2 is often a little slow, this year Winkipop and the Rip Curl Pro offered up some of the most pristine waves an event could ask for. Before his heat, Dusty even said: “Best World Tour waves I’ve seen yet.”

And with Easter weekend, sunshine and more swell coming, we’re going to make this 50th Anniversary one to remember. OK, I’m off to the Ball with my dance troop. Wish you were here. —Travis Ferré


Ever the hot younger sister, Winkipop turned on and stole the show on Day 2. Photo: Andrew Christie



Jordy Smith, the South African bru-te. Photo: Andrew Christie


The peaceful warrior. Photo: Sherm


Bethany Hamilton, Carissa Moore and Coco Ho, like a young Na Leo Pilimehana. Photo: Sherm


Jordy sheds rubber after ousting Adam Robertson in Round 2. Photo: Sherm



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  • Guy

    For the record it was a 7.83

  • KPilk

    Totally agree with Bobby. Bobby ripped.

  • Mik

    Sorry Bobby. Taj should have won that heat. Martinez was grossly overscored. He surfs slow and stiff by comparison, and wasn’t as radical as Taj. Martinez needs to see a psychiatrist. He tries to intimidate everyone with is gang-banger tatoos and dogs and whatever, and the wonders why he alienates everyone. The professional surf community exists by being hip, athletic and positive—with plenty of room for counterculture style. But no-one digs associations with violence, because no one like criminals or criminal culture. Do we really have to tell him this???? Just surf Bobby, and stop lamenting on the unfairness of life. And when you do surf, surf better than Taj if you want to win, and yesterday you didn’t. No way Taj lost that heat… I don’t care how many people say otherwise. And apart from this rant, I am a big fan of Bobby Martinez’s surfing ability… But face it: Taj is on fire.

  • Ben

    Bobby is the sickest. He obviously doesn’t fit in with asp surfing culture, but how radical is it that a cholo thug is one of the top ten best surfers in the world? Regarding that heat specifically, Bobby win was justified. He surfed faster and more radical, and caught the better waves. Taj shredded, but his wave selection was poor.

  • Eric

    Maybe that is why the majority of the professional surfing community is boring. Always worried about what their sponsors image. All hip, athletic, and happy. It’s good to see a little anger and passion. Bobby’s post heat interview was the only one that I still remember. Refreshing change from, ” i just feel really fortunate to get the waves, my competitor surfed really well but i edged him out in the end, looking forward to the next round, blah blah blah. Passion and honesty like Neco, but better surfing. I like it.

  • jake

    fun fact: bobby never used to speak with such a pronounced mexican accent until the last few years. he’s really embraced his roots!

  • grope

    bobby speaks the truth…
    taj started it weak.

    I like Taj, but Bobby won fair and square.

  • johhny

    “gang-banger tattoos” seriously? you are such an ignorant tool

  • dirt

    I sorta agree with what Bobby was saying, but judges are frothing over drop wallet snaps at the moment. taj did a good one at the end.

  • Leo

    Bobby won. Had better waves. I am glad Bobby won and what a bummer for Ace. Ace and Bobby are both genuine, but i would rather see Bobbys’ interview over Damos’ or Aces’ any day of the week. Surfing shouldn’t be all smiles and shakas all the time. When the waves are perfect, emotions pour out. Tough draw in perfect waves= raw emotion. Sponsors ruin the attitude in surfing.

  • jonny

    2 things people forget:
    1) name me one other sport where the judges actually hang out around the competitors. All the judges travel with these guys (and at remote stay in the same lodging). You think the judging is unbiased… hahaha! Please, can having a major sponsor whine and dine you during an event not subconsciously alter your score when you see their logo on the nose of someone during a heat?

    2) It’s cool to be passionate and let people know that your pissed. But I can’t watch Bobby’s comments without letting his “me against the world” attitude filter in. I loved watching Fred Pattachia call the judges out last year. But I also respect Fred because he’s one of the most appreciate, genuine, and sincere people on tour. He’s always appeared thankful that Quiksilver pays him to surf, that he gets free boards (I even recall reading about him being stoked to pay for Tokoro’s), and he comes accross as very appreciative of the opportunities he has in life. Bobby on the other hand has bad mouthed most of the sponsors that have paid him and bad mouthed Merrick when he switched to DHD. Now that he has no clothing sponsor and is back on Merrick there is a hint of irony. I just feel like Martinez always needs to bad mouth something (judges, boards, sponsors, etc). Bobby may need a major sponsor, but really does any major sponsor need him?

  • poop

    goofy footers are so not favored on tour especially that the two first waves are rights imagine trying to surf your backhand for two events straight against kelly and jordy nontheless bobbys backhand is probably the best on earth

  • gunner no gun

    switch format each year or switch each event.
    kelly would not have 10 titles surfing backhand all those contests.
    although his repertoire is flawless, i just don’t see how he would be where he is without the tour catering to right hand breaks.
    pipeline… can be won surfing backdoor.
    what a rip on pro surfing.
    kind of pathetic that right hand waves are the preferred destinations.
    favoritism due to sponsors…. no $$$ for lefthand spots?
    tavarua needed to be replaced with a left
    reunion isle used to work well.
    blah blah blah
    maybe a wave for chop hop kickflips for the trolls.

  • D.

    whats the problem with claiming? didn’t understand why kerr was saying sorry

  • Backside

    Sorry, Booby had flashes of backside brilliance until his recent mental illness, but Wilko’s backhand is currently the best on Earth.

  • gunner no gun

    agreed. with above. wilko is intense,
    hopefully the goofy-footers can have more of a say.
    the goofy’s should boycott until there is a change.
    there is no reason other than “sponsors” as to why locations don’t change, why don’t the goofy’s boycott jeffrey’s?

  • WhatEvan

    If Bobby’s last wave was a 7.33, then Taj’s wave was a 7.8. Quite crying, homie. Regardless, no 3-to-the-beach waves should be scoring anything over a 7.

    The tour is currently slanted toward regularfooters, but that’s not because they sponsors are regularfoots. ASP needs to work on that. And yes, Pipe is a right. Just look at the list of winners. It’s more often than not the Backdoor Masters (partly due to where they locate the judging towers, makes BD look deeper).

    So what good lefts should they add?

  • mike

    From a bro of yours Mik, you are soooo wrong! Taj got owned! Straight up, vert,full commitment, powerful all the way through turns. None of that tail stuff-full rail with spray. Taj is a better surfer, but had to walk…

  • ghandi

    bobby “eyebrow hair” martinez lights it up!

  • rhys

    The judging was poor throughout the whole day and it started with the Robbo vs Jordy heat. Jordy gets over scored in every single heat he surfs. Adams last wave was the wave of the day by far and he surfed it flawlessly. There is no way that last wave was only one point more than Jordy’s low score. Bullshit. Money makes the world go round and its only getting worse in professional surfing.

  • Miguel –

    “I been doing this my whole life,” he [Bobby Martinez] yelled into the camera during his post heat interview.
    -—Travis Ferré

    He wasn’t yelling into the camera. That’s what Bobby means when he says the mags dog him.

    How about some objective reporting.

  • gunner no gun

    bobby lost.
    don’t blame the judges, just shave those eyebrows and we will all be at peace with you.

  • Mayhem

    you must be lost…

    Gunner has no guns or even a penis. Don’t blame your dad’s ball pubes..just shave your dad’s balls when he’s T baggn’ your gay ass all day and night you fucking poser.

  • dgb

    What the fuck are these spoilt, jaded surfing action figures becoming? You can’t chuck your hands up in excited elation after a good ride, the so called ‘claim’. Claims are good. Claims are healthy. All these pathetic claim apologists need to stop checking themselves through the eyes of other people.

  • dgb

    Bobby’s got a good Mike Tyson babble going.

  • El Patron

    Why do you some of you cats keep saying he is a Thug cholo, gang-banger with tattoos or violent?! Has he kicked the crap out of anyone on tour? Does he bring guns, his set and shake everyone down on tour? Not that I am aware of. Stereotypes that’s all you lots have on him.
    Mik – Your tossing words like “violence” & “criminal” around like it should sticks to anyone that does not fit you white surfer poster boy image. I am not surprised buy this at all.
    Anyone that thinks Bobby is a gang banger is just ignorant and afraid of what they don’t know. The kid grew up in a barrio, he is brown, has ink and is tough looking, so what!?
    I am a huge fan. I do think he puts his foot in his mouth and is unprofessional often when it comes to his maturity but at least he shakes it up a little. Let the surfing do the talking and enough with the gangbanger shit people.