RIP: Leroy Grannis (1917-2011)

posted by / News / February 7, 2011

SURFING Magazine cohorts: Dick Graham, Leroy Grannis, PT, and Bob MignognaSURFING Magazine cohorts: Dick Graham, Leroy Grannis, Bob Mignogna, and PT


Leroy Grannis, the iconic photographer and co-founder of Surfing Magazine passed away on February 3rd of natural causes. Grannis, known for his commitment to photographing and documenting surfing. Our very own former Editor of SURFING Evan Slater said it best, “Grannis was a surfer first, but he was also one of the first surfers to realize our sport needed to be documented properly” as he became “a key founding father of surf media and surf photography.”

Grannis was inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach in 1999, as well as the International Surfing Hall of fame, and an incredible collection of his images can be found in “LeRoy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s,” a $400 limited-edition 2006 book.

He leaves behind a legacy of incredible surf imagery and inspiration for all of us at SURFING Magazine. He will be greatly missed.


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  • Nick Carroll

    RIP LeRoy! Not just a wonderful photographer but a wise and gentle man in whose presence you always felt honored. The images he shot were always anchored by his warm and intelligent engagement with the act of surfing, they and he were the real deal and he was a mentor for all of us in surf mags who cared first and foremost about riding waves. Now he’s gone…but we’ll always be able to look at those pics.

  • Mikie Merman

    RIP Leoroy you are one of the greatest men who ever lived for co founding Surfing Magazine and you will be remebered by surfers always

  • Robert M. Boughton

    LeRoy Grannis was and always will be more than a great surfer, more than a world-renowned photographer, more even than my grandfather: he is my hero in every sense of the word; a super-hero.

  • Nathan Myers

    I used to have to drop by Leroy’s trailer every time SURFING needed an old archival print for some ‘back in the day’ story, and Leroy was always so cool to talk to. We’d end up hanging around for an hour just talking about surfing…even though we didn’t really know each other outside of those random little visits. A wise, kind and agelessly stoked dude. I looked forward to those visits, and continue to admire the manner he conducted his life. Gone but not forgot. RIP.

  • Brian

    It was wonderful meeting Granni in the 1950’s as a young boy, knowing him while setting out as a traveling surfer and surf photographer, and having him as one of those primary “models for life” of what a true waterman was really all about. I thank God for the life of Leroy.


  • Justin Mehren

    What a great man that inspired many through his gift….RIP

  • Bob Mignogna

    I will always have a warm place in my heart for Leroy, and a deep gratitude for what he contributed to the sport and to Surfing magazine in particular. PT and I were honored to be photographed with Leroy and Surfing magazine co-founder Dick Graham one night in Newport Beach at the Hard Rock Cafe. PT and I have mentioned that moment many times over the past 15 years as we both knew the significance of hanging with the mag’s Fathers.

  • Dylan Mignogna

    The Man, The Myth, The Legend! He taught everyone how to shoot and never crossed the line. RIP Mr. Grannis

  • John Grannis

    Thanks everyone for all the kind words about my dad.
    He was one of the great surfers of all time. I really miss him and mom.

  • jim Power

    Where is Richard Graham in the article?