RIP Noel Robinson

posted by / News / May 7, 2010

Noel Robinson

Northern California native and part-time Puerto resident Noel Robinson drowns while surfing Puerto

Sad news was delivered to us this morning from SURFING Magazine photographer Jeff Flindt who was down in Puerto shooting photos. Noel Robinson, great surfer and friend of SURFING Magazine drowned one hour after this photo above was shot. Noel has been one of the hardest charging surfers in Puerto for a really long time and is very well respected in and out of the surf.

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with Noel when he came along with Greg Long to our Google Earth Challenge trip. He was one of the nicest people around and will be greatly missed. We will update you on the details as they become available.

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    that was not his last wave/ why u say that it was a right HANDER make the story but b real please

  • Dr. Hurley

    In response to “HEY THAT NOT REAL says.” There is a big difference between the last wave, and “one hour after this photo was shot.” Nowhere does the above article say it was his last wave. Noel was a good guy!

  • loshel robinson

    Meet Noel a few years back while staying at the same place he called home, He was super chill and great to all the groms who came down. He always remembered who we were each year. Best quote I’ll remember him by ” Hey your buddie is passed out naked on my porch!”

  • Sebastian Sagramoso


  • Jacqueline Goodrich

    Met Noel A few times and one would never forget how energetic, fun, lighthearted and caring of a person he was to everyone he came in contact with. I know many people are going to miss that positive touch. Thanks for being a great guy Noel. Jacqueline Goodrich

  • eamonn

    I watched Noel grow up around the Duncan’s Mill area. He was such a sweet and delightful fella. I’m not tight with a buck but it doesn’t find it’s way out of my hand easily since I don’t have a lot. But if I had twenty bucks to my name Noel would get half before any of his trips. I felt like I was there with him in asia or mexico or whereever his path went. Thanks for your bringing me along even vicariously. RIP

  • Robin

    I didn’t know Noel personally, I was a friend of his mother’s. I know where he got his spirit and positive frame of mind. She was the best and was very proud of both her sons.

    Noel lived life on his terms and loved what he did, that much I knew from listening to Babette. They will both be missed by all who knew them, but now they are sharing a beach somewhere.

  • oceanislife

    How did it happen? Did he get knocked unconcious, or was it a hold down?
    Either way it is sad to hear. May he rest in peace and paradise.

  • eric lindell

    your soul and spirit…..lives with all off us that had the pleasure of knowing you through the years…………one love………e

  • Larry Laverty

    Every soul who ever surfed with you or spent even a moment with you at a gas station are a hundred times richer for having had you in their lives. I wish I could have thanked your mom for you and Chris. She must be so proud of you both for the huge lives you’ve lived. Here’s to you Noel. I love you man.
    -Your cousin, Larry Laverty

  • Phil Davison

    Dear friends,
    I’m a semi-retired foreign correspondent for the Brit national media. I now write obits of people whose lives impress me, such as Noel.
    I write regularly for the Financial Times, the (London)Times, Daily Telegraph, the Independent and the Guardian.
    I’d be keen on getting Noel into one or more of them.
    What I’m lacking are a few basic biog details — his date and place of birth etc. Plus, more details on the films he shot.
    If anyone can help, please get back to me on
    Best regards to all