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posted by / News / June 16, 2010

This is merely a reminder to all our friends who are not yet SUPERfriends — we highly suggest you make that jump.

What’s the difference?

SUPERfriends have signed up for the twice-monthly e-newsletter from SUPERbrand, makers of graphically superior surfboards, a growing cloth line, and other vestiges of surfing’s design-driven fringe culture. Their SUPERfriends program is guaranteed to entertain, educate and inform — and never waste your time or precious MB storage. Sign up here by International Surfing Day — that’s this Sunday, June 20th — and you’ll be eligible to win SUPERbrand teamster Clay Marzo’s signature model board. It’s called The Madness, perhaps because what Clay does on it is, in fact, madness.

The board looks like this:

And Clay’s surfing looks like this…his contest surfing:

Clay Marzo – Pufferfish Clips from Heavy Mayo on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “Snag The Madness”

  1. [...] Win a Clay Marzo SUPERbrand Surfboard by clicking here and signing up to be a SUPER friend. [...]

  2. tay yates says:

    clay is the meaning of cool. i’ve watched him ride superbrand boards for years now and i’ve always really wanted one.i love all your graphics.there sick. i would love to win this board.

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