STAB’s Final Conversation with Andy Irons

posted by / News / December 9, 2010

Derek Rielly is the co-founder and brave steersman of STAB Magazine. Here, in one concise conversation with the late Andy Irons, he lays bare all that was grand about Andy and why there’s now an unfillable hole in our world for someone with such an open mouth, an open heart, bullet speed, original steez, and two fingers to the sky. Required reading.

“The Champ” interview with Andy Irons on STAB



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5 Responses to “STAB’s Final Conversation with Andy Irons”

  1. sam says:

    sweet, now we know AI died a relatively happy addict. Super.

  2. jf says:

    This interview is AFTER Portugal, on Kauai. No mention of the fever (dengue or otherwise) that Andy is suffering with , which would eventually kill him ?

  3. sam says:

    sssshhhh, billabong doesn’t want to hear any of that.

  4. Jerry Curl says:

    Stab is possibly the only “magazine” that contributed more to Andy Iron’s death than Surfing. Well, Transworld, too, they don’t really count because they are clearly f*cktards.

  5. mandingo says:

    Hugs not Drugs.

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