Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores involved in Gold Coast Fight

posted by / News / February 19, 2011

Jeremy Flores and Sunny Garcia made the news in Australia last night after being involved in an altercation with another surfer on the Gold Coast during the Burleigh Breaka Pro. Flores states he was intervening when a local surfer was in a verbal argument with Sunny Garcia’s son. The three headed for shore when Sunny came running down the beach to intercept them. He’s then seen assaulting the surfer in the water, punching him several times.

Jeremy and the Garcia family have become close after spending time together this past year in Hawaii and the two are currently residing together on the Gold Coast during the contest.


The ASP disqualified both surfers then issued this statement:


“Following a physical altercation today, Jeremy Flores, has been disqualified from the event. The Association of Surfing Professionals does not condone any form of physical violence and we have strict rules in place for the conduct of any member both Jeremy and Sunny have also been referred to the ASP rules and disciplinary committee who will review the facts and make a decision if further action is required.”

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  • Nice

    Sunny please leave the sport of surfing enough is enough.

  • Idiot

    Sunny is a hot headed idiot. Choking a guy and smacking him in the head whilst in the water is totally out of order regardless of what started it. I’m glad Curren pissed him off in clash of the legends.

  • Jeff

    Sunny has a serious problem. He is no longer a pro surfer, so please dont post his webisodes on your site. His approach in the water is no longer relevant. Please put him on the list of “Done’s and Done’s”

  • Arthur callum

    Sunny has always been an hot head
    Jeremy is an arrogant kid that should smarten his act.
    violence isn’t the answer especially not from sunny and a no 9 in the world surfer.
    Send them both home with Asp sanctioned lengthy bans.

  • Benno

    How old was the victim 16-18? Way to go mucho man Sunny you idiot. The sport doesn’t need red neck tools like you throwing your weight around. You might have been or still are a good surfer, but pull your head in and show some respect for the sport that made you. We want to encourage more young kids to this sport not drive them away. It’s a shame someone didn’t step in and belt you
    Despite my disdain for violence you deserve a good belting.

  • Jerry Curl

    The ASP should never let him surf in a pro event again. Period. He’s had more than enough chances to get his act together.

  • craig

    sunny you are a disgrace to all us surfers who love what we do your a loser with no respect of life wake up

  • WTF

    Its really sad to see these guys we’ve all looked upto going the way of the dodo. I think the NSU edition has it spot on. I’m not going to HI this year, next year, or whenever. Apart from the well known epic surf, I haven’t seen too many good things coming from HI. Sunny, WTF You are blowing it for yourself and all the kids growing up with a surfboard. Keep your angry surf to yourself.

    No longer a fan, thumbs down, you officially suck.

  • Matt S.

    Get some help Sunny. You are an A#$!hole, but with decades of therapy, hopefully involving electric shock therapy, there may even be hope for you. P.S. Jeremy Flores, please stop being such a douche!

  • Jeff

    And Jeremy if you are reading this you are a gigantic DOUCHE…

  • PAZ



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  • Sunny Killer

    Sunny and Jeremy are pussies! Anytime Anywhere Sunny!

  • Donny D

    Haha that gay ass Aussie got what he derserves…how come none of his boys came to his defense? Sunny is only one guy what no one can step up? Don’t say shit then when you in the water if you can’t back it up koook.

  • zach


  • JohnB

    What a shame to watch such a respected waterman and role model continue to dishonor the sport. Surfing is about oneness with the universe, it’s creator and other people. Check out what good can be done by people who don’t have even a fraction of the influence Sonny has….. … on video link…..Sonny could be doing so much good if he could get his anger under control. Still a fan…just feel bad for the guy. That’s no way to live.

  • The Elder

    Well here we are again if the surfing industry does not want to do anything about this they are the biggest losers going around.Grow some balls get the straw out of the nostal and do something about your business.Quicksilver all eyes are on you about what you do with this froggy kook that will never win a world title and hanging out with trash.They should sack the french Kook and make sunny do a cage fight for charity and let the public choose from MMA since sunny loves picking on people he’s same sizes.All money raised will go to kids that have no home or future.Sunny wake up and realise you are a loser why don’t you give something back to surfing my friend ???? Regards The Australian People

  • Trevoo

    Good for Sunny and Jeremy, have you been to the super bank? Some days over a thousand surfers and most of them on the “piss”. The aussies that flock there are looking for a fight even when its flat, in and out of the water.(havent you seen the movie BRA BOYS) The gold coast has created a massive cluster fuck with the super bank. Now its getting a lot of coverage because a couple locals picked a young kid with a badass father on the beach. I thought that Aussies loved to fight and show how bad they are ….I guess not or only when they win!!! Maybe next time the local kids will watch what they do and say because in the real world you better be able to back it up. Surfing is just for sport and for fun but when you think you can use violence it doesnt matter where you are or what your doing . If you attack my child you better be wearing a bullet proof vest.

  • Dirty

    Sunny……great job showing what a jackass you are…I wish they would post the article about you getting beat up in Cali at Huntington………ASS WHOOOOOOOPED . That guy dropped you in one shot… news on that though u puss

  • nick

    If some pussy ass local talks shit to my little kid i would kick his ass to… you did the right thing sunny, stand up for your family

  • Mitch Garcia

    You don’t start shit there won’t be shit. If someone starts with my son… No no no family they got to deal with me! Sunny might be heated at times but you don’t mess with a mans family period. You bring it better be able to take it. Bunch of pussy Aussie local wanna be bad ass. I’d pop a cap in his ass mess with me or mine sounds like he got off easy.

  • javierr

    Bien garcia!!!esos putos australianos que se la creen de guapos mucho bra boys pero son unos putos de mierda hay que cagarlos apalos a todos esos mariconesde la gold

  • Neko

    Sad show. The remaining image for all kids is of a big guy hitting a small one in front of all the world. No way to find who is right here. All wrong. Something strong have to be done in order to quit this kind of thing from surfing. The energy goes and return. I bet this is not finished.

  • Dirty

    Sunny’s son should learn from his dads mistakes and just keep your mouth shut. The world is much larger than Hawaii. I’m a man, my son is a little man (11), and if he talks shit to someone…..well its on him to deal with it. Now if his son was just sitting there then yeah, but we all know just like his dad he was running his mouth hoping people fall for the fake toughness.

    Mitch, you sound just as fake as Sunny…..and his pussy as kid.

  • truth

    These nerd on the internet love to talk shit about this kinda thing. What would you do if you were sunny and two older locals were harassing your son? He was just unlucky someone got it on tape

  • Yea

    Sunny, maybe you should realise that punching someone in the head while choking him with a friend is not a good image for your own son?! Words are the answer, your not even from there. Im sure youve pissed off 16 year old kids in hawaii and his dad has not come and beat you and choked you? We all know your time as a pro surfer is long gone down the drain, that doesnt mean you have to go hurting other people to somehow get media attraction. Jeremy you snob do you want to turn into a Sunny?
    I have nothing against you two as I have not met you but maybe you should look back and realise what youve done wrong.

    Peace and love bro. I thought that was what Hawaii was all about.

  • adam

    i just feel bad for his son. having to live and grow up with a father like that. geez

  • Tom Pierce

    It’s one thing to stand up for your son. It’s another to come running down the beach to join a fight that’s already 2-on-1, thus making it 3-on-1, to put a kid who’s noticeably smaller than you in a headlock and dunk him while 2 of other goons watch on.

    And it’s not like he’s an infant; he’s 16. If Sunny’s kid is anything like his father, he’s a self-entitled JACKASS who probably brought the whole issue on himself. You start problems in someone else’s turf, you should be able to finish it BY YOURSELF, not with the with the help of Jermey or Sunny.

    Ban this goon for life.

  • King

    It’s so funny that all you haters TALK SH*T and yet can’t say that you’ve accomplished half of what Sunny has in his lifetime. No body is perfect- but yet you all hold someone under such a microscope when it comes to him defending his son- his OHANA. Ohana means family, and family means no body get left behind or forgotten….or f*cked with. Way to stand up for your OHANA Sunny.

    And in or out of the water, if you mess with someone, you better be prepared to deal with the consequences. The young kid started sh*t he couldn’t finish and then suffers the punishment, probably lipping off the entire time he was getting his as* kicked. Young kids don’t know when to keep their mouth shut and he suffered the consequences.

    The reason why the new young generation of kids are such pussies is because they hide behind the law and have learned to talk sh*t, not back it up, and then run and tell on the people who hurt them, instead of handling things the old fashioned way and manning up.

    Its called RESPECT. In or out of the water: Some know it. Some learn it. Some earn it. And some, learn about it the hard way and maybe become men.

    BRAVO Sunny! Anyone who messes with my OHANA will get the same from me and everyone in my clan.

    Where was that Aussie kid’s OHANA? Who backed him up? If he was so right to mess with Sunny’s son in the water, where are his peeps? Looks like that kid doesn’t have OHANA, doesn’t know OHANA, and isn’t the caliber person to get his local people’s respect to help him out when he’s in need……because that’s what OHANA is all about. Stupid Haole!!!!!!!

    Jeremy Flores…….way to step in and back up your OHANA. Yea, you will suffer punishment the ASP and all the haters, but you proved your loyalty to a FRIEND & stood up for what you believed in, and that makes you real, respected, and OHANA.

    What is popular is not always right. What is right is not always popular. Sunny & Jeremy: you did the right thing. Too bad the media is jumping all over the story to make their next paycheck on this one.

  • King

    and NEKO: Surfing isn’t about IMAGE- what all of the corporate giants have turned it to be to make their millions…’s about being REAL. Too many people value their image more than themselves or even their famililes.

    Sunny could care less about his image- he’s REAL, he’s RAW. And that my friend, is very hard to find in life these days.

  • chronic

    has the world been completely pussified?

    Based on everyones comments, i think so…

    What would happen if something like this went down in the 60’s …?

    People couldnt give a rats ass

  • WEST

    what would u do if some stranger punkd your son.YOU would throw down thats your blood and family.West side pride oahu.You did the right thing Sunny.Aloha!

  • backing the truth

    truth is absolutly right! nobody knows what exactly was said or how it statred, but if you see your kid geting hasseled youd probly do the same thing sunny did… well maby not take it that far, but still.

  • Sunny Forever

    All you pussies on the internet love to talk shit behind the comfort of your computer screen. Sunny would beat the fuck out of each and every one of you in real life. Sunny can do whatever he wants – The difference between Sunny and you is that you would get your fucking ass BEAT.

  • N Dawg

    Good job Sunny – that motherfucka got what he deserved. Period.

  • sunshine

    Stone did not start the fight. It was Flores, he kept dropping in on the local boys. Flores got worded (because of his arrogance) by one of the locals which he turned (on the wave) and punched the local in the chest. So they went to the beach. All the while Stone was on the outside looking in. But Sunny got his ‘come back’ from the footage, BIG TIME! He is 5 times bigger than the local boy. He needs to be taken out of the world tour. Let the No. 10 earn the ranking. Glad to hear the general sentiment of shame on this blog! Shame on violence, shame on the sport and shame on the Garcia name.

  • Tim

    Sunny, Big tough guy to beat up some skinny kid at Burls. Take on a local enforcer and it would be a different story. Fuck you and your bigmouth kid. All you pro surfers can go and fuck yourselves. A bigger pack of arseholes have never existed. Go back to Hawaii and talk it up idiot. “My son was such a pissweak idiot I had to go and beat up a 16yo kid. Man I feel tough, a real big man.”

    Take all your pro surfing shit and fuck off. End of story cos there are guys out there bigger and better than you mate.

    And yeah if it were me I’d beat your arse senseless you wanker.

  • TWON

    that was badass HAHA i wanna see the dude’s face he punched in… and im pretty sure that only a handful of guys in the world can do a frontside hack like Uncle Sunny!

  • Dan

    Fine Sunny and ban him from ever competing again! How brain dead is he? No more chances. Do not let him get away with this, guys go to jail for less! Flores should be banned from the 2011 tour too. Idiots! Im a big fan of the ASP contests and surfers, this kinda behaviour is not acceptable in our sport.

  • freddy

    Sunny stood up for his family. From all accounts it sounds like the local aussie pussy started it. Bit off more than he could chew. Way to go, Sunny.

  • Neko

    Hey King, what I wanted to say is simple. The image kids have in mind now, what they have learned is that Sunny is not efficient; he hasn’t killed that young Aussie. Kill him! Violence attracts violence. See kids, surfing is like that…

  • North Shore Rat

    Perhaps Sunny’s parole officer should see the video highlights. If this happened in the US he could possibly see more jail time. Beware Sunny, you have to walk a tight line and hold your temper no matter what! Show Hawaii some respect and don’t go the way of
    Johnny Boy who brought shame on our state.

  • KanakaMaoli

    WTF Sunny – You bring shame to yourself and our people. And you’ve now given your boy the greenlight to be a punk loser like you, SHAME! Your anger far outweighs your ability to fight; No act you punk. You will meet me one day soon, but you will remember me forever – when you’re picking up your teeth.

    The is from the Real Kanaka from the the Real Hawaii – Moku Nui

  • Scotty

    It might be time for Quiksilver to renegotiate it’s contract with Jeremy, Sunny’s assault on the camera man where he kicked him in the back was cowardly and brutal, might be time for Sunny to quit travelling and stay at home.

  • sunshine

    @ KanakaMaoli – RESPECT!

  • Disappointed

    Obviously, we need to suspend full judgement until all the facts are in but I will say a few things:
    A) Sunny has a history of unprovoked violence with a hair trigger as well as the fact that he is a bully in and out of the water everywhere he goes, B) the honorable thing would have been to let his son and the local handle it themselves while standing by to make sure it didn’t get out of hand, but Sunny doesn’t understand what honor is so perhaps this is moot, C) Hawaiian locals are among the most brutish on the planet; they violently impose their rule in Hawaii yet when locals in other countries do the same the Hawaiians can’t handle it – perhaps you should just stay in Hawaii and wallow in your hypocrisy, D) Hawaiians who attack others in their own countries do a total diservice to the sovereignty movement in the Islands.
    We’ll get all the facts soon but based on the video footage I have seen I believe that Sunny should be permanently banned from all ASP sanctioned events. The guy has the maturity level of a two year old. Enough is enough.
    I used to be a huge Sunny fan. It has become impossible for me to support him in any way any longer. Sorry, “brah,” I can’t stick up for you any more.

  • JO

    Drop in on me = same response. Mess with my kid or friends = same response. Good on you Sonny. If everyone was respectful to each other this kind of stuff wouldnt happen.Disrespect should be addressed with violence period. All you guys who are so non voilent should think about that before you drop in on someone or mess with someones kid.

  • sunny

    nothin wrong w a little scrap..

  • Charlie Tuna

    Way to go Sunny! Good to see that someone has enough sack to put those obnoxious aussies in their place, much like your elders did in the 70’s. Nice that you stuck up for your kid, and better that you did it on their own turf. To all of the sissies out there who think this is a bad thing; deal with it. Too many kooks, kayaks and SUP’s clogging the line-ups now with no regard for anyone but themselves. History is about to repeat itself, and the history of surfing is Locals Only where outsiders are required to act with respect.

  • Devin

    If someone’s messed with my kid in the lineup I’d do the same thing. Nuff said.

  • Ben

    Flores putting his ju jitsu training to practice?


    obviously none of you guys know the facts….but the fact is that if this guy who was messing with sunny’s kid was in fact a teenager then sunny should have let his son scrap it out rather than sunny being the grown man that he is and choke out a 16-18 year old?????? Let the kids scrap it out……….on the other hand if this guy was a grown man that was messing with Sunny’s kid, then bravo Sunny,,,,,,teach em a lesson……….either way fighting never brings good results and ur gonna get stuck in the system as a result, and surfing is about having fun, enjoying the water/mother nature etc…..I think these days everybody takes themselves a little bit to serious in the water……if you can hustle in the water, then hustle,,,if u have to burn people in the water and talk alota shit then suffer the consequenses weather its sunny’s kid, this aussie, or even the frenchie…………….piece in the middle east people!!!!!!

  • oneofstonesteachers

    Sunny is an excellent father. I know because his son was in my class at Kahuku High this past fall. His son is respectful and gets along with EVERYONE. I echo what others have said about family, don’t mess with younger groms even when they look older, you often get uncles and even worse a protective mother or father.

  • saltydog

    so wait, Sunny’s 16 year old kid, who I assume has already dropped out of school (otherwise he’d actually be in school instead of on the goldy), was dropping in and mouthing off and then Sunny (why is he in australia again? certainly not for any comp), whose criminal record should likely preclude him from even getting a visa, pounds a little guy and then knocks a camera wog on the beach for shooting it? Legend. Almost as good as when he beat those guys on the 5 in SoCal…oh, wait, he got beat because they guys weren’t 16 and outnumbered. Now I’m confused. Is Sunny tough or a giant doooooshbag? Haha

  • Talk Dirty

    This is the best post on this topic i have ever read.I am really very impressed with it.Keep blogging.

  • John OC

    Wow, Sunny and Jeremy definately got the better of that guy! Thats a double teaming he will never forget. How old was the kid? Maybe 17 or 18? Would be good to hear the full story!
    Being a good dad, i am sure sunny instructs his son on striking and choking as well as bottom turns. Isn’t it great to be involved in such a diverse sport! Did the guy actually have a go at Sunny’s kid?

  • richard

    Wow! Surprised how Sunny acted? He does this every where. He got straightened up on Kauai. He thought he could do that to another little kid but that kid was a somebody and Sunny got humbled. It’s only a matter of time before he gets rightfully dealt with. It’s no coincidence that he happens to be the guy in every altercation. Sunny, grow up!

  • Eyewitness

    To all of you saying Sunny was just defending his kid, thats bs. His kid was never in any danger or threatened in any way. Jeremy, the disrespectfull, arrogant little twat, is renowned for acting like a prick on the goldy and someone his own size/age decided he’d had enough and they went to take it to the beach. Fair enough so far. Jeremy should’ve known better but if he wants to flaunt the rules for a fair, even fight thats his choice.

    Then Sunny runs to his little bum-buddies aid, puts this 20yo kid in a headlock and beats him senseless while Jeremy slaps the water like a little girl and Sunny’s kid watches on, learning a valuable lesson about what type of drop-kick his dad is. Sunny was not defending his kid, he just saw a fight and wanted in on it because he is an ape. Nothing to do with “OHANA” or whatever the Hawaiians want to call it, just a cowardly act performed by a man who should’ve been locked up long ago. If Sunny really cared about his “OHANA” he would’ve talked the situation out like a real man, and shown his son how to truly handle himself in life. How does he expect to look after his “OHANA” if he lands himself in prison 10,000km from them?

  • Paul B

    Hope it taught the aussie surfer a lesson…and im sure if someone was beating my kid up i would do something similar..
    Props to sunny and jeremy…keep on kicking ass

  • Australia

    dear sunny
    please leave Australia. We never realy cared for your surfing and constant bullshit. thanks

  • DW

    Sunny has pulled lots of crap that never hit the press also, and should be brought to light… He called a San Diego Lifeguard to the beach for a brawl while the Lifeguard was taking his lunchbreak surf session. The Lifeguard kept his cool and politely said “Sunny,,,this is my homebreak where I grew up, don’t try to pull some Hawaiian Localism BS here. Sunny backed down after realizing that the Lifeguard was right.
    Garcia has “Anger Control Issues” and should seek counseling. It might even be “Racism” in his case…I think he hates everyone that is not Hawaiian. Haole’s are people too.

  • Sunny Gee

    To all the internet armchair warriors out there:

    I’ll be holding court at Backdoor the rest of the winter and the next 20 winters. If you would like to discuss your views on this issue, or any others, come meet me out in the lineup.

    Don’t worry, I already know none of you kooks can make it out there. If you need it, I can meet you on the beach. I’ll be the one beating your ass.

    With love,
    Sunny Gee

  • Garcia is a knob sucker

    Please gtfo out Australia you twit. If I see you at my local I will kick your fucking head in you peice of shit fucking homo. Go back to jail hippy.

    ps.. your a fucking pussy.

    Also your fucking lame

    GTFO out australia…. ya CUNT.

  • km

    The racism remark is stupid because sunny has a haole wife from orange county california. The bottom line is that he did what any father would do. It’s so sad how people act so tough on the computer but the never have the balls to say how they feel to someones face.

  • sunny needs help

    sunny looks for trouble, he should be banned ffrom any asp function, hes putting a bad name on surfing. enough is enough already.

  • pat

    Everybody is hatin on Jeremy Flores and Sunny, I would’ve done the same thing. Anyone who is gonna be angry at them for defending their family and friends is not someone I would want as a friend of mine. If anyone threatens my friends or family, I’ll die to protect them. If that makes me a “hothead” then I am a proud and admitted hothead and will be til I die. I think Flores and Sunny should be admonished for fighting since that is the last resort and it is ungentlemanly… but in this case, I support them 100%, and whoever doesn’t must live a very sheltered life.

  • #1 Booger

    Who really knows what happened down there. I don’t want to make any quick judgements. I’d like to hear the real story…

    Sunny does have a history of beating ass so I’m not too suprised. Some people just have the heat in their blood and when the switch flips it’s on. I’m the same way but I think about consequences before it gets out of hand. I’m suprised this doesn’t happen more often with all the agro crowds in the line ups.

    I’m a little dissapointed in Flores though. He seems like a nice kid and he is doing so well on tour that he might of messed up his career for the time being. It’s not worth it bro, there are other ways to solve problems without resorting to violence. I do think he should be kicked off tour for the year to show that violence is not tolerated.

    No one is perfect and I make no judgements but I do believe Professionals in any field have a extra responsibility to stay out of trouble because all the publicity they get.

  • ChadO

    Da Wainane came out…sry asp, but you mess with family and Sunny will go nutz. It stems back from the days in Maile where we all grew up in survival mode. I dont condone violence AND Sunny may have to face consequences but being from the west side its hard to control. Like Johnny Boy Gomes, we all gotta control the Wainae but when it rears its head…hard to stop lol.

  • WestSide

    I grew up with Sunny..we all surfed Maile, West Oahu. Theres a survival instinct that kicks in and rears its ugly head in situations that cant be helped. Its part of an ingrained survival instinct being from there, we cant help it. We apologize to the world but when defending our family we go nutz. When things are cool, we can be super nice and affectionate but da waianae is still in our blood and sry but if you cross the line…you gonna go down hard. Like Johhny Boy Gomes used to say…you can take the boy outa Waianae but you cant take the Waianae out of the boy lol. Take care and No Grab K

  • jason

    Good on ya Sunny! when you are done with this BS, it looks like theres a couple pussys on this blog that need to be dealt with! YOU AUSSIE HOMOS!

  • Factoid

    Sunny has always been a hot head. Only way to tame him and send him to pasture is to thorougly kick his ass. You Aussie pussies mounthing off should step up and try. Sunnys not that big and can be taken out…that dont mean he’ll be afraid if he gets his ass whooped, infact he’d suck up a beating as good as anyone- but thats just a tip on how to keep him at bay.

  • Disappointed

    Wow. Look at all the guys on here rushing to lick Sunny’s sack.
    Most of you have never shared a lineup with the guy. But here you are rushing to his defense trying to score points with a 40 year old thug who can’t let his son stand on his own two feet and take care of himself in what, if the numbers being tossed around here are correct, was a fairly even match.
    The fact that he attacked the camera guy as well should be enough to paint a clearer picture – unless you’re as thick skulled and dishonorable as Sunny has allowed himself to become.
    If you think brutish behavior is good stuff head on over to Afghanistan and join the Taliban. They’re always in need of another jihadi jerk-off.

  • saltydog

    tell the ASP you’re done with Sunny:

  • kent

    so why didnt some aussie’s come to the aid of the guy getting beaten….if some aussie was on the north shore and started beatin on hawaiian …you think the other hawaiians would just stand and watch….of course its probably a good thing this guy gettin beatin wasn’t a bra boy…..i would like to see koby’s revenge…

  • antony g. gallegos

    dont worry sunny you will always be cool and a credit to surfing. everyone else can suck it. when it comes to family you protect yours and the pieces fall where they fall. to all the haters out there. take up golf they got no soul anyhow.

  • Julz

    @WestSide – coming from a rough neighborhood doesn’t give you the right to beat people up. He’s a fucking bad example in a world which needs more role models. The surf industry needs more pro surfers to do what it takes to stamp out the growing surf rage.

    I come from a country which makes Hawaii look like paradise mate, so don’t make as if you come from the toughest place on earth. The fact is that Sunny is dick. Yes, I would probably go nuts if someone were messing with my son, but I hope that I will have the decency to 1st find out what happened before knocking some guy around. Additionally, it would appear Sunny’s son wasn’t even smacked…so it’s obviously a case of Sunny looking to knock someone around so that he can go back to Hawaii and brag about how tough he is. He’s a cock…and he’s not doing much for image of surfers from Hawaii.

  • Disappointed
  • fresh

    let the kids scrap it out but u gata give it to flores for holdin it down for his boy

  • Tanker

    Total losers…. I’m sending the ASP my thoughts. Sunny just being himself… A loser and now he’s polishing his style on another jerk off Hawaiian North shore kook. I’ve always respected the WEST SIDE of Oahu, and I think Sunny lost his way. Losers loser loser.

  • Uncle Loco Moco

    For all you aussies that are posting stupid comments and not planning to visit hawaii, you ‘re better off staying home…If we see any aussies on the north shore, you gonna get doughnuts in and out of the water…for a long time!…I’m not talking about Ted ‘s Bakery Doughnuts!
    So watch what your posting here, because your gonna make it difficult for your fellow country men coming to enjoy their surfing vacation. We might immediately ALL decide to NOT SHARE ANY WAVES WITH YOU GUYS ANYMORE!!!!HA-HA….

  • mike

    I have seen guys punch on in almost every other sport, F1 etc. About time we saw it in surfing too. Jeremy looks like he can actually throw them as well which is great viewing! Well done JF, and he was bigger fellow as well.

  • dirt

    I can not believe that some of you people have writen off all of australia as pussys over this. sunny beats up a mouthy little aussie who is 50 pounds lighter than he with the help of j flo, and the conclusion some of you come to is – sunny and hawians tough, aussies weak. unbelievable. in Australia it is considered extreme cowardice to gang bash someone. In hawaii that makes you a hero.

  • gav

    wow just what the hawians need after the irons incedent.
    these pro surfers are perfect examples of spiolt children pretending to be mature adults.
    you need real life experiance for that and boy, as this incedent prooves, blockes like garcia are guttless, emotionally inmature, self indulgent, egotists. reminds me of the young incedent. Yanky go home and stay thier.

  • Weak

    I feel sorry for Sunny’s son, I mean having that loser for a dad, he doesn’t have a hope in hell!!!

    If this guy hit Sunny’s son, then fair enough… he should have grabbed him by the ears and taken him to the beach and waited for the cops… I guarantee he didn’t even touch his son, and what did the camera man do wrong??? If you want to make a dick of yourself in public then expect to be filmed!!! Too bad Hawaii is a great place and Hawaiian’s are great people… they just shouldn’t let people like Sunny represent them..

    Sunny has always been a loser, who picks on the weak. I mean he had a go at Curren, the most chilled out legend there is, that’s just a no go zone. Two on one… in my world that’s weak… weak… weak… As for Flores, let’s hope that you learn and grow up… because you need to make hay while the sun is shining, because like Sunny surfing is progressing well beyond your abilities and I can tell you that you have little or no public appeal and your sponsors know it… fact… Pipe has given you a lifeline… though you may have just ruined that. You don’t get underscored your just not that good!!!! That goes for you too Sunny, why have a go at judges who score you for what you are worth. In fact you were overscored the whole event at Burleigh… you’ve cheated your whole life… I guess that’s why you ended up in jail!

    If anyone from the ASP is listening, please take a stand… ban Sunny for ever, the public is sick of him and he has been degrading the sport for years. Teach Jeremy a lesson, though give him a chance to show he has learnt and appreciates what he has got.

  • pickled

    Sunny Garcia is nothing but a bully like Kala Alexander. They both have the mentality of a bunch of circus monkeys. Keep swinging you monkeys your going to get what you deserved, just like Johnny boy goemes did when he showed up in Australia.

  • jose

    sunny is a legend. i love when wannabees get their shit kicked in. sunny and jeremy are well trained athletes that deal with stressful situations on a daily basis. don’t mess with sunny or any one close to sunny. he’ll set you straight. i love when people get served up. everybody sucks and real professional surfers are at the top of the food chain. wannabee kooks get served up all the time. if you charge real pipe, you have standing in any line up around the world. if you talk shit on sunny you are a straight kook and will never be able to visit any hawaiian island. he’s like the mafia. pro surfers rule the world

  • jose

    hockey’s got scraps, the contest back in the day at snapper let them scrap, surfers are scrappers and if u didn’t know that shit your fu@#ked this aint malibu barbie gidget shit. surfing is so gay and bubbly nowadays with every decent wave whored out and rich kooks clogging up lineups trying to be hip. most pro surfers come from humble beginnings and dont f around with anything. if your a beginning surfer watch where you go and watch what you say cuz you’ll get cracked. seasoned well trained experienced surfers will set you weak ass wannabee shit right out.thank you sunny for being real and putting on a show for the surfing world to enjoy. jeremy you got sick moves cousin. keep training and doing what you do. you need more respect. your one of the first french surfers im syked on. stand up for your friends wherever you go and do what is right. throw down. sikkk i love my fellow surfers much more now. surfing needs more carnage

  • AllofAustralia

    Sunny, we do not want you here in Australia kindly GET THE FUCK OUT!!!

  • Surf Coaster

    To all of you that think fighting is OK. Go back to the caveman days. Fighting is BS, we don’t need it in the water. I don’t want my kids growing up watching these so called ‘role models’ and think that it’s ok to have a go at someone for dropping in on a 2 foot onshore closeout. Grow some balls ASP and make the right decision, Sunny needs a life ban from all ASP sanctioned events.

  • TheLaughingSandbag

    Hey Loco Moco, why the fuck would any decent surfer want to visit your fuckhole little shitbag scrap of Earth dirt? A suckhole little island that really offers little choice in good surf in uncrowded conditions. Fuck! There’s better waves elsewhere, and without the asslickin big girl blouses that inhabit the North Shore. Go back to your shithole, Sunny and take your cat son with you. Can’t surf anyhow. And Flores, take up UFC so we can watch you fight alone, or do you need a cupcake to help you.


    How fighting and surfing have anything to do with one another is beyond me….a few of you guys are actually saying it’s good for violence in the water….thank God that this next generation of gromets are changing some of the cultural detractors that went along with surfing a few decades ago.



  • Margaret

    …still seething over your lame attempt at surfing gnaraloo eh sunny?

  • braden

    i just read that quiksilver are supporting jeremy no matter.

    now thats a joke.
    what message are they sending ?
    that you can lie, fight and all will be ok ????

    jeremy started the thing and looks like he has fed enough shit to get his way out of it. shame on you quik and i hope the asp nail his sorry ass.
    jeremy as no 9 in the world must be banned or suspended, if he is not it just shows you how corrupt the surf industry is.

    sunny your a kook, but you already know that.
    oh and quik, fuck you there are so many other brands out there that are way more worthy of wearing.

  • not cloudys friend

    cloudy puts a bad for locals he is a coward who hides behind his wanna be hui australia should take him out and save the rest of the world alot of trouble,actully its not alot of a trouble just get him off the beach the girly man does not like sand on his feet anyway must be why he liked his prison cell for tax evasion,did you put your socks on befor you ran over the sand cloudy/

  • mick tas

    Assualting people in the contest zone? Chasing a member of the public on the footpath and a further assualt. Let’s see how much backbone the asp has…….sonny garcia is a criminal thug and must go.

  • haole hunter

    eh all you fuckahs talking shit just for let you guys know when comes to Hawaii just remember its an Island so if you guys plan on coming here best if you guys humble yourselves cause we can make it that much harder for for all fuckahs who plan on coming here and believe me I not the only one with internet in Hawaii and everybody seeing everything you guys writing cause this is posted on surfnewsnetwork so all you aussie faggits going catch cracks now and another thing scrapping aint nothing new brah I from Maile and scrapping is second nature so cannot blame the guy for poundin out one aussie faggit I heard you guys get big mouths but when you faggits in Hawaii you seem pretty quite to me.SUNNY WOULD THROW!!! P.S see all you faggits soon hopefully :)

  • sam

    first of all that burliegh wannabe local is a dick, and got what he deserved, second why is jeremy fag face even on the tour, third sunny your in australia, chill out, its not hawaii

    Ps. sunny im comin over next season, u got a spare room?

  • WestSide

    Sunny is Sunny and at times doesnt think ahead of his actions…and ends up paying the consequences. He wont learn so dont ask him too. He does have a super cool side though to his inner circle. On a side note since there maybe a nice audience reading out there…A little tip from a West Oahu Vetran’ Our West side spots are so protected that theres even no cams on surfline or SSN…that being said if you surf out there dont come in big F’ing groups too kk cause that is when the boys start getting agro. Come in pairs, respect the Aina, No grab or Hog and you’ll have a hell of a nice experience out there. Oh and if you score Yokohamas on a nice South…don’t say a word…thats our Eden. Aloha

  • Ryan

    Sunny is a chop! Why did he have to blindside the dude that was having a brawl with Flores (not his son!). 1 on 1- fair game, even if Flores is a bit of a girls blowse.

  • Disappointed

    This is turning into a comedy of epic proportions.
    First off, most of the guys on here giving Sunny props have never met the guy let alone shared a lineup with him.
    Secondly, the guy has a lengthy history of violence and reprehensible behavior in and out of the water. I know. I grew up in Hawaii and his crap is as legendary as it is irresponsible and dishonorable.
    FACTS: The guy has intimidated women as well as people half his age many, many times. He has burned and intimidated people all over the world. He also drives smashed out of his mind and has at least once nearly killed people doing so. If the cameras had been there to capture every incident the pro-Sunny tools on here would be singing a different tune.
    How many of you know anything about the bullshit he and his buds pulled in Indo some years back? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Just a bunch of idiots with a computer and too much testosterone.
    Sunny is a thug. He wasn’t defending his kid so much as looking for any reason to show the world what a knuckle dragger he is.
    Bummer is he actually has a really good side to him. But like the proverb goes, he doesn’t feed that wolf enough and the bad one is getting the meals while the good one is getting the scraps. No pun intended.

  • sunny hater

    hey convited felon,I do hope the aussie police arrest you obviously enough proof after watchin video several times looks a bit close to a much more serious charge of manslaughter,I mean for real you grab a 16 year old from the back full choke hold and shove him under water,what about fractured windpipe?w how much water did that 16 year old suk in in panic evry time big bad ass sunny shoved him under water,to bad he did not pull that act in peru hed be sharin a jail cell with jorhan vander sloot,he deserves any justice he will face and I hope it sends a messeage out that nearly killing 16 year olds is chicken shit sunny style but finally a price to pay hey asp all about the monet sweep another one under the carpet,your a oitifull excuse for a human being,your judgement day is ncoming soon

  • Todd

    Sunny Garcia is a TOOL

    What a big fucken baby

    Get a life!!!

  • Todd

    PS Sunny Hawaii doesn’t want you either

  • North Shore Rat

    Now that I’ve heard the full story I see Sunny’s point of view more clearly. His 16 year old son was slapped by an adult. Jeremy got involved and told the guy to back off (although maybe in a threatening way). Then the guy turns on Jeremy and they take it to the beach. Put yourself in Sunny’s shoes for a minute. If an adult slapped your 16 year old you would be quite upset too. What Sunny should have done is call the cops and press charges on him. He does have a hot temper and he needs to learn to control it. He just reacted and the guy who slapped his son got what he deserved.

  • self indulgent


    Do something or i and all my mates will never buy your over priced shit again


    the ASP’s rep will e forever tarnished

  • sam

    email the ASP and tell them that. Also, for fun, you can post on Flores’ blog – call him a p*ssy Frog etc.

  • Sofakingstoked

    Let me start with saying I am not a fan of Sunny Garcia. I think he is an immature, insecure, sh** disturber. He is always looking for an excuse to fight, and one of these days he will get his. In this case, since his son was invloved, I am giving him a full pardon. If anyone slapped my son, I’d unleash hell on them too. Under no circumstances is it okay to lay your hand on someone’s child. I am giving Sunny a full pardon on this one. If you have a kid(s), then you know what I’m talking about. Sunny, just be glad this wasn’t one of the Abberton brothers, cause you would of got knocked the f**k out!

  • investment

    im from Puerto rico reading the news about sunny and flores:
    I tell you! if any local try to touch my kid.. i would never fight him .. I’ll shoot him and his local friends. the local guy should be thank full he only got a couple of splashes in the face and a slippery head lock.

    good job sunny!!

  • Maurice Cole

    lets get a bit of fact into the story here.
    the first physical contact was by the 22 yr old wannabe burleigh local,who pushed Sunny’s 16 yr old in the face.
    Jeremy saw it,and told the guy to back off,he wanted to carry on,so jeremy obliged trying to protect Stone,… older mature guy has a crack at 16 yr old…and dads on the beach and sees this aussie wannabe idiot,physically havin a crack at his son…..for all you guys that have criticised Sunny,I guess you would have turned the other cheek?
    Jeremy did the right thing,Sunny blew up over his son being would I!
    As for the ASP and its zero tolerance policy on violence,how about joining the rest of the sporting bodies in the world and adopt a zero drug policy,as at present your lack of a drug policy is embarassing and a threat to the youth of today..hypocritical morons!
    as for are welcome in Australia..always have been ,always you are a great surfer,world champion and a great dad.
    Jeremy,you are a credit to french surfing,standing up for a kid being attacked by a man!
    As for jeremy not being abe to surf in the Quiky pro….ASP its about time you realised that you are an embarassment to surfing..get a bloody drug policy now,and start really setting an example to the world,you are a disgrace,and the ISA should take you over!

  • investment

    bunch of pussy’s posting shit !

    every body wants to take away something from some one.

  • sunnys thearpist

    yo sunny we had an appointment you did not keep befor leaving for oz,listen son going thru life drunk and angry with a little penis is just wrong.Remember our sessions the time quicksilver bought you the new 4by 4 and you had it lifted and put the oversize tires on it remember how important you felt?and you pulled into the parking lot at eukai and wated for a stall and let an old lady take it and then jumped out and punched her out and convinced yourself your wife was finally gonna give it to you,remember how proud you felt nat that moment?and you get home and she tells you shed rather spend a little quality time with Mr T-the name she gave to her vibrator.Remember how you picked yourself up from that drove to foodland and beat up the girl cause she cut you off on the way to the cash register?The penial inplant your wife insisted on sounded like a good idea in my office,but asking quicksilver for tighter trunks to show it off was going to far and when it failed during a break in the x-cel pro between heats isnt the end of the world,contact me upon your return and lets get this past balanc e cleared up your 6 months in the rears on payments and the irs is lookin for you again apparantly they feel 60 grand in surf wax is an excessive amount

  • Erik J


    your son is 16 not 6 he can handle himself if he is a true coconut clown from Hawaii like you are!!!!!

    go back to Jail you D-bag. Just because your from Hawaii doesn’t mean you can fight everyone at any time. Your in Australia you dumb gorilla go back to Hawaii

    then you attacked a camera man You Coconut N$g%rs just cant control your ape like instincts to bash something

    Surfing has nothing to do with fighting outside of Hawaii I suggest you go back there

  • tired of it

    would someone just shoot this lousy pineapple ni**er already, what a stupid a**hole

  • Joe

    I left a shitty comment on a blog before I knew all the facts too. And I live down the street from Sonny. Then I said wait.. He’s a normal dude. I’m a normal dude. I’ve had a few scraps. If there were cameras following me you’d think I was a douche too. Shoot, maybe I am but Sonny aint.
    I actually read it reported wrong on one site (It’s been corrected) that the guy Sonny punched was 16. If this dude smacked Sonny’s kid then he deserved that beating and then some. To me it looked like it was a one on one fight which Sonny SHOULD HAVE been in. After 18 maybe you let your kid handle his own stuff with adults. But as for 16. Fuck that. Crack um. If it was 16 on 16 year old then No Sonny doesn’t belong in it, and he woulda let his son shoot a fair one. I would waxed that dude too for fuckin with my kid. Good on ya Sonny. let’s hope the Ozzies arent dicks in court.

  • dh

    Photos posted at the link below.

    Looks like Sunny’s kid is bigger than the guy and was not in any trouble. Two on one! Way to go Sunny.

  • Disappointed

    To all the guys above talking about the facts:

    You all keep forgetting that he attacked the guy with the camera well after the scene in the water.
    You also seem to be missing the bigger picture: Flores had the situation handled, more or less. Stone wasn’t beaten, at worst he seemed to get a kitty slap from all the accounts I’ve read so far. The manly thing would have been to call the guy to shore and handle it there – or in the parking lot. What that guy got in return radically outweighed what he dished out. As per usual with Sunny he went far beyond an eye for an eye. THAT’S A FACT for all you fact fiends out there.

  • Brett

    I’m a dad, if an adult cracked my kid I would beat his ass too. If it was another kid then that is different. Ugly incident no doubt. The guy who hit his son went at Jeremy as well and he certainly through punches towards Sonny. I think it was totally wrong what he did to the camera man. When Sonny cools down he will probably apologize to the camera man but not the other dude.

  • Dr. Dickweed

    I have read all the banter and have come to this conclusion; most of the people who have responded on this site are fucking uneducated and can’t spell. Australians are so fucking house proud that they do not try to see the big picture or try to understand the facts. It’s all about the Aussie’s Vs. the world. Fuck that shit! Hear the facts, not the bullshit, and then make an intelligent deduction. Sunny is a person that I would not want to fuck with no matter what, but he is also a person that I would love to have on my team no matter what the sport. The little fucker at Snappers was most likely being a fucking asshole and got called out without the support of Da Hui henchmen. It was Sunny, Stone and Jeremy in Australia with a dumbass who picked the wrong guy to fuck with in the surf. Please report all the facts of the story and educate the Australian surfers who tend to take shit like this very personally. It was not an attack on Australians it was an attack on an agro disrespectfull fellow human. By the way I only condone violence that is deserved.


  • ct

    yea he probably has history-we all do. He should of hung back and let flores deal with it-but as the elder he stepped in to defend his mate and son. As for the Burleigh boys they think they are staunch locals soo should be able to cop it. Slapping or hitting a 16 yr old is gutless-if you can’t fight some one bigger then your a gutless bully. As for the racial slurrs from some of you clowns!!!.
    By the way it was a free surf, not in a asp event and it got sorted in the water-soo much PC these days ehh… and please don’t ever photograph me without my permission bro-mind your own business!!

  • keoni

    cocaine addict, he should stay in the island where he belongs, and if his son got into a fight is his son by geeting problems with the locals he is the one who have to solve it, like if in hawaii that wouldn´t happened, he is a shame to the sport, he usued to be someone now he is and old disgrace, “pipe king” hahahaha there thousands who can ride pipes, i would call kim “cocaine and drugs king”

  • notsosunny

    It’s now official: Sunny is a kook, and so is his son…

  • Disappointed

    Read this before running your mouths:

    All you knuckle dragging pro-Sunny tools are morons.
    Most of you don’t realize he’d snap on you for next to nothing. Speaking of snaps, most of you probably do Curren head snaps and think you look rad doing it.

    I used to hate these forums but the more I visit the more amusing it all becomes.

  • Maurice Cole

    to all you so called aussies out there ,who seem to think there are no consequences when a 22 year old has a crack at a 16 year old(verbal and/or physical)……
    if ya can’t back it up,shut up!
    or there might be consequences…..maybe the wave pools will be the answer for you to go surfing…..

  • dh

    Let me get this straight Maurice. Not sure of the exact facts of the situation above however it sounds like hypothetically you condone 16 year olds dropping in, mouthing off etc and noone should say anything unless they can physically confront the grom and his mates and extended family combined. I’m sure you don’t really mean it but you appear to condone raising the most disrespectful, arrogant pain in the arse generation in surfing history. Oh that’s right we already have that in the lineup! There used to be such a thing as earning respect when I was a grom.

  • TheLaughingSandbag

    Nice one Maurice, defend the undefendable. Both ex jailbirds…like as like…you’re a hasbeen!! Fuck offf.

  • King

    To Disappointed:
    To spell it out, the Brazilian cameraman is leaving the country because he is a pansy just like you and most of the Aussies on this site claiming all the shit you do. You’re all the same: scrawny ass beer drinking paper asshole haoles!!!! you’re all he same small minded ass mentality so please stay with all your bra boy & fuck each other.

    That surf rat was lipping off & when push came to shove he wasnt man enough to hold his ground on his own home turf. Haha. What a joke.

    The cameraman got what he deserved too. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out of you stick a camera in a guys face that just kicked some guys ass without showing RESPECT & asking him if it’s ok that he’s filmed, damn right you’re opening yourself up to get lickings too. You people are all stupid who act surprised that happened. Fucking morons all of you!

    I will BUY & Support Quiksilver gear even more now!!!!

    If u wanna boycott any company, boycott Billabong for being douchebags & covering up the truth about AI’s death. Maybe if they would’ve “done the right thing” instead of being corporate sell-outs for “image” with Andy, he would still be alive today.

    Yea….Fuck You Aussies & Billabong. You douchebag pussies who can’t fight for shit but will fuck each other for money.

  • Disappointed

    @ “King”

    You always rant and rave like a psycho with Tourette syndrome?
    I’ll give you this much: at least your grammar is solid, unlike your knuckle dragging cohorts on here. A brain is a terrible thing to waste.

    BTW, the guy with the camera has a legal right to film anyone he wants to in the public sector. You really ought to move your primitive monkey ass to Afghanistan and hang with your Talibani brethren. You have exactly the same limited mentality.

    No surprise a delusional brute would proclaim himself king.

  • Disappointed

    And King,

    I suppose this guy deserved this reaction, eh? Stupid f-ing gorilla.

  • King

    Dear Disappointed:

    I bet you are wearing a Jesus cross around your neck and you are a republican who thinks Darwinism is Satan’s spawn as well hu? haha.

    Oh my! The young man in Hawaii had a stroke of bad luck. A very unlucky result. come on Mr. Pessimist, it’s not like the guy was beaten with a baseball bat, it was a blunt force punch to the head which caused a bleed in the brain, and the victim was unlucky and died. It happens. Life is very short. You can look at it like the young man in Hawaii was a knuckle dragging gorilla, or you can look at it like the guy from the mainland wasn’t strong enough to defend himself and probably could’ve had a better outcome if he was trained in some martial arts??? All to not be taken too seriously and with the lightest heart of course.

    Yes, everyone has legal rights but we all know if we trust our “legal rights” over our common sense and better judgment of situations, we often find ourselves in trouble, as in the case of the poor camera man. Common sense is NOT so common MATE!

    I’m a realist. There is a lot worse that can happen in life and in these situations….

    Actually, seeing the photos of Sunny storming in, I wish he was my Daddy! Sunny, will you be my Daddy!?! haha

  • Justin L.

    To everyone,

    People from Hawai’i demand that others respect us when they come here, but then we think we can go elsewhere and demand the same amount of respect? No wrong, thats what is known as a hypocrite. Honestly, I don’t care about the facts. Sunny and his son and Jeremy Flores are vistors, bottom line. What you gonna tell me people from Hawai’i at their home break, don’t give lip to outsiders? Exactly…everyday it goes down. We should expect to be on the receiving end of it when we go elsewhere.

    On the other hand, Polynesians have warrior blood, it is part of their identity, their history. But it still does not make it right in someone else’s land. Sunny should have talked it out, but he didn’t, oh well, who am I to judge? In reality this is just a smaller example of how humans are doomed to battle to the point of where no one is left.

    Live Aloha

  • Maurice Cole

    Dear laughing sandbag
    so if your 16 year old kid was physically harassed by a 22 year old… would..what??
    as for the personal insults,shows your depth of character,at least I put my name to what I think….and as usual cowards such as yourself hide behind your ID’s,and talk tuff….a neverbeen!
    DH,my point is if you get violent on someone,or insulting,there could be consequences to your actions,and be prepared to back up your behaviour….

  • Disappointed


    That was much better. At least this time you spoke with a measure of self-control and even a bit of humor.

    However, you got my personality, my nationality, and my political and cultural identity all wrong. In fact, completely wrong.
    And in citing Darwin you forget one thing, especially as it applies to humans: higher intelligence and the ability to control one’s temper tends to favor continued existence. It also favors civilizations that encounter brutish, less evolved ones, which is why colonization doesn’t usually bode well for indigenous peoples. Not that I think that’s right or cool.

    Also, I’m not an Aussie. I grew up on Oahu and Sunny and I have many mutual friends, several of which wish he would exercise better self control since he does represent his profession and his people. I like Sunny, he’s usually cool to be around but I fear that if he doesn’t get a grip his kids could be either spending significant time visiting him in jail, or worse, at his grave site. That would be a really stupid thing to let happen.

    Andy Irons is dead because he exercised poor judgement. THAT should be a lesson not only to Sunny but to all of us.


  • dh

    Maurice fair enough we are all entitled to our opinions. Props to you for putting a name to yours. Props also to a life well lived.

  • David Boyd

    Who stated it is always a big blur but I don’t care who through the first punch. Its pretty clear that the person on the receiving end of Garcia + Flores punches took more of beating than they deserved – it was a violent overreaction. Petty. Both these guys should be ashamed of themselves and be docked points. You can tell from Flores’ news interview in the clip that his conscience is condemning him whilst he’s trying to excuse himself with his words.

  • David Boyd

    Who started it is always a big blur but I don’t care who through the first punch. Its pretty clear that the person on the receiving end of Garcia + Flores punches took more of beating than they deserved – it was a violent overreaction. Petty. Both these guys should be ashamed of themselves and be docked points. You can tell from Flores’ news interview in the clip that his conscience is condemning him whilst he’s trying to excuse himself with his words.

  • Disappointed

    I’m really baffled that everyone is completely overlooking the fact that the cameraman, who took the worst beating between the two and who was completely innocent, had to flee the country with his family because of the threats against him.

    Sunny’s goon squad threatens an innocent victim AND his family and you all ignore the fact?!?

    So it’s okay fo Sunny to protect his family but no one else is?

    Sunny has a right to protect his own. He blew it by attacking an innocent dude.
    The Australian court should prosecute his ass on civil grounds for this at least.

    If Sunny wants to make the situation right he has a man and a family to apologize to. He should pick up the tab on the guy’s medical bills and tell his goons to back off the guy. THAT would be the honorable thing to do. And the manly thing to do.

    The hypocrisy runs thick on here. Same goes for you too, Maurice.

  • lol

    surfers are a bunch of winey bitches. crying for sunny and posting shit..

    i bet none of you have the balls to tell sunny in his face..
    and then, you see sunny in person down the street, and then you go !! oh hi sunny can i get a picture you or congrats you are ripping can you sign my poster…or i wannna suck it..

    making a big deal!! poor gorilla !!! i mean sunny.

    i hope the north shore of Hawaii gets like it use to be back in the days,, when you get you ass kick just by starring at some a local guy…

    fuck em all bunch haoles posting shit..

  • Maurice Cole

    OK,disappointed…..seems like you know about the actual threats to the photographers familly and himself,is there any fact to back this up?
    why doesn’t he just go to the police if he is really concerned,or is he just makin a scene to promote himself?
    what goons? how about some of the threats here on these boards??
    storm in a teacup…..surfing is anarchy,and until people realise that in crowded surf,there are constant blow ups…but men picking on kids….dads do tend to get protective,as do friends and familly….

  • Disappointed

    So your implication is that the cameraman is lying? He hid his identity why?

    Maurice, I grew up on Oahu. I know the bullshit that runs thick there as well as anyone.

    Are you defending the indefensible because you yourself have a well recorded history of bullshit behavior that has nearly gotten people killed? I do not live on surfing’s periphery and your claim that lineups are anarchistic is bullshit.

    And before you go down the Darwinian path like “King” did, keep in mind that the only reason there are any Hawaiians or indigenous people left alive anywhere in the world is because there were enough haoles with a sense of compassion, justice, and fair play to stop the madness and brutality that nearly left this planet looking like a an overstuffed loaf of white bread.

    The only people who stuck up for Hawaiians other than other Hawaiians were haoles with a conscience.

    There’s a lesson in there. Who’s man enough to learn from it?

  • Mike

    Disappointed. I’ve been watching you post on all the sites. I posted earlier than many, got ridiculed, told I am a neanderthal, blah, blah. Bottom line is this, the lineups everywhere it matters are full of “thugs”. I have surfed in my town for 30 years, and I grew up in a tough surf town. Got the crap kicked out of me when I was 16 by a 42 year old karate instructor for being “behind” him. Dude got kicked off Kauai a couple years before that. Pressed charges and had to carry a bat with me for 2 years during the process of dealing with his minions in his club. As someone who has experienced the sort of thing you are accusing Sunny of, I am very surprised by yours and others inabilities to observe the facts, separate your emotion about the person ((Sunny) who you clearly dislike), and then apply logic to what is clearly a situation that spiraled out of control because of a bunch of adults who should have known better, not just Sunny. And, I suppose the “photographer” is just some innocent bystander of this voyeristic culture that many seen to aspire to become famous in?! Dude or Chick, whatever you are, and whoever else thinks Sunny needs to get his. I get you don’t like violence, but jump on this bandwagon of bs focusing on a very small and ever decreasing part of our culture, and find out how fun it is for everyone when it becomes against the law to sort stuff out because someone feels afraid. Or you get arrested after some some group of kook longboarders paddle out with all their pals and start burning everyone with their 9 feet of “hall pass” and “I own a house right over their, man, I’m local” crap, and you let’em know how it works and what might be the consequence when they don’t understand. It is a slippery slope to start parceling out what is “right”. And at the beginning of all this you were all high and mighty about violence, but look at this crap up here, Brazilians and Aussies all threatening to beat Sunny down. For you to ignore the complete context of the incident, and to then ignore the content of the debate, and side with people who want to take Sunny down and are saying all this stuff. I’m disappointed! Bottom line, now that there is more “evidence”. Stone burns local dude (tours in town, bummer), dude threatens then slaps Stone, Flores steps up, Sunny hears comotion, finishes. Brazilian journalist thinks he’s “filming” history, but behaves in such a way that he becomes a part of it. Surfing world then picks a side (as if there is one), and starts firing away. Beautiful! Localism sucks, thuggery sucks, but the way I see it, Sunny handled it by himself (splashes aren’t punches) and that is that, if we let it be. Keep touching it, and it will break, and when it breaks, what are the new rules?! By the way, I’ve made many trips to the North Shore, and the locals who are the biggest bullies, usually are white, so BS on the Hawaiin deal. By the way, saw Sunny a couple months ago. He’s mellowed out quite a bit, and I’d much rather surf with him then the other 40 year old dudes I had to be around when I was 13. But, then again, as hard as it was, this crap made no headlines…and the best waves went to the best surfers. Surfing is mellow, until it isn’t! So keep acting all mellow posers…

  • dawg

    I have no respect for sunny garcia. he has no respect for anyone else. as a matter of fact sunny’s son is a sissy girl for getting into it with a local and then having his dad beat the crap out of him more than was deserved. screw you Sunny! I’ll be working on my reverted face kick for when i see you. get ready for a downtown showdown!

  • Disappointed


    Like “King” before you, you have me all wrong.
    First, I have no issue with retaliation when it is properly meted out.
    Second, violence in and of itself does not bother me and the few times I have had to resort to it I never went overboard.
    Third, I love the UFC. I come from a military family. Time and place.
    Fourth, you’ve made trips to Hawaii?!? BFD. I grew up there. You don’t know what the f you’re talking about, tourist.
    Fifth, Sunny did a lot more than splash that dude. He got way more than he dished out. From all accounts he was a punk and probably got what he deserved from a history of being an idiot. Over it. Hopefully he learned a lesson that Sunny still hasn’t – and one that you also “ignore.”
    Sixth, make all the silly statements you want but like they said about the Rodney King deal, for every time a beat down by thugs is filmed thousands are not.
    Seventh, you need to look up voyeuristic. You also need to figure out the difference between what is news and what is merely gratuitous (which is what voyeurism is) because you are seriously confused when it comes to understanding proper definitions.

    Way to blame the victims, donkey. Are you also one of the antediluvian primates that thinks Lara Logan deserved what she got because she went to cover a story the world needed to see?

    It’s always easier to blame the victimes than to face the beast within us all.

    And I’m not ignoring anything. But you most certainly are. It’s called a conscience.

  • Disappointed

    For All You Drooling Beasts:

    “Listen, what’s the most horrible experience you can imagine? To me—it’s being left, unarmed, in a sealed cell with a drooling beast of prey or a maniac who’s had some disease that’s eaten his brain out. You’d have nothing then but your voice—your voice and your thought. You’d scream to that creature why it should not touch you, you’d have the most eloquent words, the unanswerable words, you’d become the vessel of the absolute truth. And you’d see living eyes watching you and you’d know that the thing can’t hear you, that it can’t be reached, not reached, not in any way, yet it’s breathing and moving there before you with a purpose of its own. That’s horror. Well, that’s what’s hanging over the world, prowling somewhere through mankind, that same thing, something closed, mindless, utterly wanton, but something with an aim and a cunning of its own.”

    -Steven Mallory, The Fountainhead

  • HH

    I’m sure most the people posting here do not have any children and never will. Sunny’s a Dad, he did what hopefully any Dad would do to protect their family.

    If someone slap’s my son I will beat his ass down just like Sunny!

  • Mike

    Disappointed…there you go again! I’m not misunderstanding you, I’m disagreeing with you. Now you call me someone who thinks that a newscaster getting raped in Egypt is equitable to a “photographer” at a surf event not minding his own business, and obviously getting in the way of an angry man so he can “film” this bs that Sunny got involved in?! Who’s the hypocritical caveman now? How dare you compare the two, and that is my point, if you would think about what I wrote. Surfing has lame parts, those parts always involve people. Including you and I. You and I probably agree about most of this crap, but what I’m saying is all this bandwagon crap of picking a side is lame. Yes, I was a tourist, but I know some fellaz. Anyone who has spent any time there knows how it works. I can tell you understand due to your resentment. But let me ask you this? That incident I referred to wasn’t fun for me, so, even though I could have, I didn’t behave in like form. Though I had to live in the environment. Easy for me to do when I come from a good family, and had the support to make those decisions. Sunny only knows what he knows. He has made money being Sunny. As the father of wonderful children who surf, and have mistakenly burned people and been threatened by guys my age and older, I find your perspective disheartening. Because when I show up, like Sunny, there is potential for reckoning, not because I want to fight, because I don’t. I haven’t had to, because of my size and skill set, and because I have had the privilege of coming from a place that allows me to make different decisions than some of my “friends” in the water. Major point being, that given your perspective, I am surprised to hear your judgment of Sunny, and anyone that might defend his position. They seem just as logical to me as some jackass Burliegh local threatening a kid who burns him a couple times. All stupid if you ask me. Including your disappointment…just sayin.

  • Mike

    By the way, we are all crying about you living in Hawaii! Must be a real bummer…tell Mickey thanks for running me over on purpose in ’85. He was sooo coool.

  • Maurice Cole

    Disappointed says:
    February 24, 2011 at 7:22 pm
    So your implication is that the cameraman is lying? He hid his identity why?

    Maurice, I grew up on Oahu. I know the bullshit that runs thick there as well as anyone.

    Are you defending the indefensible because you yourself have a well recorded history of bullshit behavior that has nearly gotten people killed? I do not live on surfing’s periphery and your claim that lineups are anarchistic is bullshit

    Soooo disappointed….sounds like a life mantra!

    if your mate the camera man and his fammlly,were really threatened,and he was scared for his …??….call the police and get it dealt with,but you have to have tangible evidence….
    What are you dribbling on about when you accuse me of nearly killing people????
    growing up on Oahu seems to have twisted your reality,othing tangible to offer,just empty rhetoric….
    Surfing is anarchy…what are the rules in catching waves in crowded surf? what are the consequences when you break the rules?? who polices the rules?
    shit happens every day,no one was hurt….few dented egos and a couple of slaps…storm in a tea cup!

  • King

    @ disappointed:

    You write: “And before you go down the Darwinian path like “King” did, keep in mind that the only reason there are any Hawaiians or indigenous people left alive anywhere in the world is because there were enough haoles with a sense of compassion, justice, and fair play to stop the madness and brutality that nearly left this planet looking like a an overstuffed loaf of white bread.

    The only people who stuck up for Hawaiians other than other Hawaiians were haoles with a conscience.”

    You may have grown up in Hawaii, but your lack of proper education of the History of Hawaii reveals your true origin & ethnicity. The “haoles” that you claim
    stuck up for Hawaiians….what Hawaiian history book did you read? The New York Times?!? Come on man, get your ‘facts’ straight before you throw out such a bold, empty facade of a claim that ‘haoles’ actually saved and protected the Hawaiians and any indigenous people for that matter. You must be a corn bread army brat raised on some military base on Oahu fortunate enough to have been exposed to surfing. No right minded person, regardless of race, righteously educated in Hawaiian history, would ever claim that the “haoles” ever preserved Hawaiians. Hawaiians were forced into the regimes & political control of the white man at gunpoint. Please give the Hawaiians enough respect to properly convey the detrimental effect the “haoles” have had on the Hawaiian lands and the native people. The haoles raped, polluted, and were multi-faceted parasites to the sacredness of the Hawaiian lands & the people of Hawaii.

    Just another reason why “haoles” will never understand the true meaning of “Aloha” or “Ohana” for that matter.

    Just because you claim you are from “Hawaii” doesn’t mean you are 1)Hawaiian and 2) not a stupid Haole, cause we all know stupid haoles live everywhere now.

    PS: “Haole” doesn’t only refer to a person of white colored skin, it mainly is used in reference to one’s ” way of thinking & heart”, which I am mainly using the term in reference to the latter.

  • Disappointed

    You have no problem with all the cameras that focus on the glory but when the gory goes down you cry voyeuristic foul. And you call me a hypocrite?

    To quote a great man: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    You also keep trying to make this whole thing about me and now you’re trying to make it about you. You need therapy.

    Surfing is most certainly not anarchy. There is generally a pecking order, one that is being threatened more and more by the surf rage laws that we didn’t need until jerk-offs took things too far. Now I gotta worry that the next time I have to push some punk off his board for dropping outta the sky on my head his attorney is going to show the court the video of Sunny and try to equate my behavior with his. This is precisely where this shit is going.

    Self control is a virtue. It’s how you get good at things like surfing. Without it nothing good is ever achieved.

    Yup, my friends are right, you can’t reason with crazy.
    What a soap opera.

  • Kemo

    Sunny continues to prove what we have all known for a long time. This is the same reason his ex-wife left him too. What a bad example for the sport which was once considered all about the ALOHA, and STOKE. Grow up Sunny, and you sponsors and ASP start holding these athletes accountable for their actions! Am I right in saying they are professional surfers? Well then let’s treat them just like professional baseball players, football players, cyclists, etc. Fine them, suspend them, and do drug testing to clean this sport up. It’s gone from and enjoyable sport to nothing more than politics in the last 15 years. Our brother Andy Irons might still be alive had you ASP, Billabong etc not been brushing his prescription drug habit under the rug for so long. You should have stepped in and helped him and you didn’t. Time to step up to the plate ASP & Sponsors. Big time!!!!

  • The Truth

    You guys are retarded! I have been on the other side of Sunny’s rage, unprovoked, in front of my kid. He didn’t think twice, as he outweighs me by 100 pounds. The guy deserves much worse than he’ll ever get, and all of you saying good boy sunny are morons, hope he cracks you for no reason someday so we can watch your dumbass cry foul then! Look at the pictures from surflinglifemag, the “he cracked my kid” is bullshit created to save J Flo and sunny’s side of the story. I can’t believe you guys stand up for poop? The story doesn’t change with sunny, and it’s always him wanting to pound on someone smaller, probably how he was beat as a kid by his own dad???

  • Mike

    So let me get this right. In your Disappointed world, it’s ok to fight, as long as they check in with you to see if it’s right? It’s ok to burn dudes, as long as you think it’s the right dude? It’s ok to film whatever you want, no matter if it is none of your business? MMA rocks, as long as no-one uses it for the “wrong” reasons? Military occupation of a country is ok for the “right” purpose (as long as you have been educated to believe so)? It’s ok for you to push over guys who burn you? Basically, as long as you think it is a certain way, that is the way it is, correct? I can see you have read a few books by your writing, might want to stick with the reading, and not trying to interpret it. Your previous words do not match at all what you stated was your intention, as finally stated by your last statement, which is you don’t want anyone to question you when you fly off the handle. that’s why you are pissed at Sunny. Cause you’ve seen him in action many times before, and he misuses his bullying, but you don’t?! Oh yeah, I get it now! Like I said before, might not want to judge too early, or burn his son…

    keep thinking you are the smartest guy out there, it is really working.

  • Disappointed


    Shortcuts to thinking don’t work.
    I’m definitely not the smartest guy out there. But then, this has nothing to do with intelligence; it has everything to do with honor, respect, dignity, civility, and maturity. All qualities that neither you nor Sunny seem willing to embrace on, at minimum, acceptable levels. You reason in circles. Don’t you get sick of chasing your own tail?

    Context is obviously a concept that you (and Cole) don’t quite grasp.

    This will be my last comment on the topic and I’ll frame it like this:

    A-hole provokes Stone. Jeremy steps in. Commendable. Good for him. If Jeremy told the idiot it was Sunny’s kid and he still provoked the situation then he deserved worse than he got for being a total moron.
    Sunny gets involved. He should have waited on the beach for the jackass and slapped him around a few times. The humiliation would have been more than adequate. Nearly choking him out and bashing his head in in breaking waves with boards flying around is pretty stupid and Sunny’s lucky he’s not facing serious charges as this whole thing could have ended up much worse.
    From all available accounts Sunny never saw the guy touch his kid. That should tell you plenty.

    Camera guy. Totally innocent in all of this gets the worst of it. There is no defense for Sunny’s behavior here. Period. Any claim to the contrary is absolute bullshit.

    Sunny CHOSE a public life. Like it or not he has a responsibility here. Apparently that responsibility is too much for him to handle.

    You and a tragically large number of the neanderthals on here need a refresher on the Hatfields and McCoys. I’d recommend Willy the Shakes but I’m getting the feeling that’s out of your depth. Hell, you sound like you’ve barely gotten past Mother Goose & The Brothers Grimm.

    Now, I’m getting back to my life. I’ve wasted too much of it here as it is.

    They’re right: evolution isn’t a linear process. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • Disappointed

    Never say never.

    This just in:

    “An insider told The Australian yesterday that the amateur Brazilian cameraman had taunted Garcia, and that the injuries displayed on the video and on the evening news were not caused by Garcia, as claimed, but by him tripping as he ran away.”

    If the details of this article are absolutely true and correct I retract everything I have stated with regards to the camera guy.

    I have no problem admitting when I am in the wrong when confronted with overwhelming evidence. That’s what a man does.

  • Mike

    Disappointment, we are not done! Thank you for the clarity. I agree. Trouble is, I wasn’t the only one taking shortcuts! You got caught, like anyone else, making a judgment about something that we were there to see though we may “know the guy” or had our own moments him/them, or saw a video portion, minus the sound and emotion. I get it about Sunny, but your name calling SUCKS! Most of us share the position that there are things that need to be protected, like the pecking order in every surf town in the world. But, we don’t get there by jumping on either band wagon. Although I don’t share others experience surfing around Sunny, Sunny’s are everywhere. I like your version over some of our own here. Like you, I have tough, mean, surfed good at some point-still kinda do, methed out, and looking for a fight. SOMETIMES, people find what they are looking for. Anyone who thinks Sunny has ever been an ambassador for surfing or Hawaii and Aloha, I will never get. But, unlike you, I guess I appreciate that he has mostly earned his way out of the really poor position he was in. And IF YOU WERE THERE, which I am unsure of because of your position, you have no idea what it is like to get hung over a cliff for fun by a leash, or have the crap kicked out of you for being around. Or maybe you do and you just have animosity because you didn’t make the cut. I don’t know. But that is what he grew up in, period. He is a better representation of that group than the generation previous, period. But, it is a tough group. Easier to surf with than the Ho brothers! Sunny is a World Champ that had to exist in a pre-Kelly, groomed world where the best surfers all got lost to prison and drugs. The only ones we know now are the ones who survived! Why, because the cops didn’t arrest them too, for some strange reason. So give him some space. Like I told you, we probably agree about most things. Lame you have to insult people on your way. Some people sound a certain way, other people look a certain way, and some behave a certain way… so stop calling me names. It makes you out to be a jerk, and you probably aren’t. Try Tolstoy and a historian Thomas Cahill. They at the “prag” to you matism. And, continue making your voice heard with out degrading the humans around you by calling them names. Sunny defended his kid, like any dad should! I don’t care if he’s 16 and needs to learn, because dicks are dicks! 20-42, matters not. Mistake or stupidity, still a kid. Adult acting like kid, perpetuates the stupidity. Burliegh local acting tougher than he actually was, got a good life lesson about what violence perpetuates. Cheaper than college, if he is willing. Sometimes, like this 16 year old kid learned, don’t make sense at the moment, but hopefully you learn from them. I figured out surfing is a tough sport early, but at least I understand the context, now it is up to me to change the content of what “tough” means.

    Context is this..surfing. Founded by a group of latch key kids who grew up without parents, Sunny included. Glad for you that you had a Dad, saved you from some stuff. Stop acting like you are better than everyone, and maybe you won’t be so bitter about what is essentially, a mistake…

  • Mike

    sorry, I didn’t spell check. “we ‘weren’t’ there to see”…

  • Mike

    “‘Somethings'”, sorry again…

  • Mike

    Not, “they At”, but they “put”…

  • Mike

    sorry, disappointed, my “girliness” prevailed before I checked my English…

  • Mike

    Wasn’t just in, by the way. You presumed the worse…live there and know him.

  • Disappointed


    You’re bat shit nuts. Yes, “dude,” I am done. But you clearly aren’t. Prattle on.


  • Maurice Cole

    I’m soooo disappointed in ya disappointed…
    you really are not too credible as a person,when you just make up malicious lies about people ,to feed your twisted point of view.
    Wheres the documented evidence that I have nearly killed people? doesn’t exist because you just fabricated it,ya mental pygmy!

    Surfing is most certainly not anarchy. There is generally a pecking order, one that is being threatened more and more by the surf rage laws that we didn’t need until jerk-offs took things too far. Now I gotta worry that the next time I have to push some punk off his board for dropping outta the sky on my head his attorney is going to show the court the video of Sunny and try to equate my behavior with his. This is precisely where this shit is going.

    anarchy…DUH… is the pecking order determined ya peanut! look up the meaning of anarchy!
    I notice that maybe the photographer talked up his injuries for his moment of glory…….apology?
    enuff already….

  • Disappointed

    “Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!!”

    anarchy |ˈanərkē|
    a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority : he must ensure public order in a country threatened with anarchy.
    • absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.
    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: via medieval Latin from Greek anarkhia, from anarkhos, from an- ‘without’ + arkhos ‘chief, ruler.’

    conditions are dangerously ripe for anarchy: lawlessness, nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, disorder, chaos, mayhem, tumult, turmoil. ANTONYMS government, order.

    Again, I re-quote: “You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  • Mike

    Bat shit nuts?! Nice try…

  • Mike

    You must be a middle age dude…48 is my guess. Pre-xer. Everything sucks for you, missed it all!

  • Disappointed

    When a person repeatedly resorts to turning a debate into a string of petty personal attacks and crass assumptions that are neither accurate nor relevant he has unwittingly (mostly due to the fact that he is witless) conceded defeat.

    One thing is absolutely clear: neither of us are going to come to an agreement of any kind.

    Your style of argumentation creates far more heat than light. Drop it already. Move on. Return to the life that is, at least according to you, so much better than my own.

    Go ahead, little king, and continue to rule in the empire of your delusions.


  • Disappointed

    Reality Check, Pt. II
    Not that this is really any of your business, but maybe, just MAYBE, you’ll have the balls to actually learn something from this:

    I barely know my father. I do know that he nearly beat me to death before I was old enough to walk. Then he descended into a drug addled abyss before my mother left him.
    I also know that my alcoholic grandmother tried to kill me in the crib a few times.
    I was raised around rampant drug use and volatile personalities.

    Just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Get the drift, Captain Smith?

    I have every good excuse in the world to be either in a gutter, prison, or dead. None of these things happened because I took up surfing, music, books, and art – all of my own volition and against considerable opposition from all sides. I paid my own way through college and grad school and have had to bust my ass for everything I have ever had in my life. I’ve risked far more than most to chase my dreams. I’ve seen some live and others die and only I was there to pay the tab. I’ve also volunteered for various causes and am thankful for every opportunity I have ever been given.

    I don’t use the horror I survived in youth as an excuse to be a thug. I learned from it because that is what I CHOSE to do.

    You CHOOSE to make excuses for a guy who CHOOSES to behave poorly in full view of the world with a sad degree or regularity. Sunny came from a rough background and apparently learned nothing from it. Not only that but many people have given him many hands up to help him build a career. His response has been to shit on several of them and hide behind his tough guy act. Many people come from much rougher backgrounds and become ten times more of a man/woman than Sunny or you appear willing to be.

    Taking a reductive view of people there are essentially two types: those who learn from the ugliness in the world and choose not to perpetuate it (and better yet, fight against it), and those who use it as a crutch and an excuse to be the very thing they despise while making false claims to the contrary.

    Seems fairly obvious which choices you’ve been making so far.

    You really, really should stop trying to act like you can figure people out from behind a keyboard on a Surfing comments thread. It makes you look like a complete jackass. You have no crystal ball, no voodoo, no powers of clairvoyance… just a lot of ego and attitude. Bad pool. You scratched on the break. You scratched on the 8 ball. And the ass you keep scratching is obviously the primary source of your information. Cut it out.

    Tolstoy? Perhaps you should start listening to Sancho and stop chasing windmills, Quixote.

  • Maurice Cole

    OK apology for making up ” MC has nearly killed people”,or” that the photographer maybe talked up his skirmish with Sunny,and fell over running and hurt himself!”….
    Anarchy is surfing,or surfing is anarchy… your own printed definition,you have ” absence of authority,absence of goverment,” where I surf there is no one out in the water policing the unwriten rules of surfing etiquette,there is a hierarchy that exists thru respect,and or brute force…its survival of the strongest…or how do you explain to people who don’t surf ,if there is 100 guys in the water and only a set of waves every 3-5 minutes…who gets the waves….
    as for your personal journey…at least you know who and what your parents were are..!

  • Disappointed

    We’re obviously never going to come to any kind of agreement over this.
    Let it go already. If you were truly the “bigger man” you would have done so by now.

  • Mike

    Sorry to hear about that. Not surprised, though sad. But, quite honestly, you’ve called me a girl, told me I’m nuts, said I’m stupid, uncultured, etc…and I personally attacked you? Other than saying you might be 48! Oh yeah, had the general “poser”shout out a couple blogs ago. My point is still the same. Give Sunny space, I called bs on anyone jumpin on the “Sunny sucks and needs to lose his livelihood and should get his ass beat-down” bandwagon. Still think it. I’m not stupid, don’t like MMA, don’t like thugs, don’t like guns or violence, but as Maurice asked you, what is a pecking order? And, who makes the rules? Always depends on who is out. Been that way as long as I can remember…sorry again about your past, but it seems you’ve got your head on your shoulders. I wonder how you learned?!

  • mike

    Again, I still don’t see how you feel we don’t agree about most of what you said. What I do not like, neither does Maurice, is how quick yourself and others are ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Your position is not that different from either of ours, you just are acting like we are inferior because we would kick the crap out of anyone who bitch slapped my under-age kid too, 1,. And 2, I think your feelings about the world were playing out heavily onto this situation that ends up was about some other local tools acting like tools. Throw in a Brazo trying to make a name for himself by lying, as it ends up, and you have a bunch of guys weighing in on crap they don’t know about, and don’t take the time to think for themselves and wait for the story to come out. Acting like they are better people than Sunny. I though it was lame and said so, you called me names. I get you. You are smart, want what’s best for people, and think that Sunny lacks some skill sets that you feel he should have by now because you get it already and think that he should. Maurices simple point was Sunny enforced within a paradigm that is understood, including the guys that participated given the major threats they threw out. I get your point that it is lame. Understand, though, what are then the rules if we are to eliminate what seemed to be a common understanding of the moment that they were all in the altercation together? We get you. Just disagree about your conclusions about Sunny…or us for that matter. Someone who has as rounded a vocabulary as you usually judges a little less, that’s all.

  • mike

    Now I’m not a bigger man for completing an ongoing disagreement that I think can be cleared up? That’s what I’m sayin…

  • mike

    And, I am not trying to figure you out behind a keyboard. You made general statements about Sunny, I disagreed with you conclusion. Like you I earned my up too, even though I had good parents. I am raising kids who’s homework I do not do, and I EXPECT them to treat others with respect, and I define truly living as the ability to not just take care of their own needs, but others around them! Your philosophy classes and extended reading of literature might be impressive, but your over generalizations in your beginning written statements were very condemning and one sided. I know Sunny enough from our childhood experiences to see how the shortcomings of his personalty were filled with fame that disallowed him to grow up in some of his behaviors. I am glad you can observe this with your education and life experience. I have had Sunny threaten to kill me before in a heat, I know how he gets. I guess I’m not as comfortable as you are with the position of grace that I live in, despite the wisdom and experience I have gotten, to say what is being said on this board. And, specifically by you, that we need to be more peaceful, and that surfing somehow has this “miraculus order minus people like Sunny. Love them or hate them. I’m not trying to “figure you out”, I’m asking you to actually live in the stuff you say you believe. You deducing of my comments to me thinking you are not a good person are inaccurate, even though, by your written words, you clearly have taken that bend with myself and Maurice. I just don’t like it, but who am I to you anyway? There were 30 other guys saying dumb stuff on this site, but I addressed you solely because I thought you were a contradiction to you own beliefs. And, yeah, from a computer # hours away y flight, t stuck out that much that we addressed it specifically to you. because we think your and idiot? Not me, I just don’t like what you said, and, I thought, you would be one of the few that knew better. That is why I approached it nebulously. Over generalizing to make room for you to have a second thought, and you just kept doubling down on a thought, in my estimation, that hadn’t the quality and validity in which it was forced out. That’s it. Stupid old me..

  • Disappointed

    This horse is so dead it’s not just out of the glue factory it’s dried, cured, and helping to display kindergarten art in classes around the world.

    Seriously, guys, it’s time to let this one go. In fact, it was time at least a page or two back. I think we’ve tortured the moderator enough already.

    With All Due Sincerity,

    Wilbur Post

  • Mike

    Funny part is…wait! Where did it go?

  • Smitty


    I didn’t read through all of the other posts, sorry, chalk it up to a long days work and little sleep until I’m back at it tomorrow. But, something in the last few threads caught my attention. Why should Sunny be given any slack because he was raised perhaps on the wrong side of the proverbial tracks? He shouldn’t!

    What if our judicial system decided to shorten sentences based on the defendants history or how they were raised? The environment you were raised in effects you, no doubt. However, we’re all accountable for the stupid shit we do. Sunny, regardless of his history or celeb status, should be held accountable. What he did was stupid and other them some verbal backlashing on the internet I don’t think he’s been held accountable.

    And, did you see this “local” take a swing at Sunny’s kid? If not, then perhaps I’m missing something because I don’t see how Sunny chocking out and then punching some guy is considered “defending his son”? Looks and sounds to me like whatever happened, J Flores was doing a pretty good job handling it. Two guys whooping one guys ass is cowardice, no matter how you look at it.

    I’ve been in the water dozens of times when Sunny’s been out. I’ve never given him any reason to get after me but I’ve seen the guy interact with enough people in the water to know that he’s an asshole… the water at least.

  • bob

    Sunny has always been a dipshit.

    This incident only serves to remind us of that fact.

    While I am fully in favor of maintaining the pecking order, the problem with sunny is he tries to do it wherever he goes. This didn’t happen on the north shore.

    I am surprised the locals didn’t take care of him. If this happened at my local spot. Sunny wouldn’t have got off without a beating.

    Trouble is Sunny thinks he’s better that the locals. If he ever comes to my spot, I’ll chase him out of the water on principle.

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  • Raina Cabell

    Okay! Seriously! Any real man or father would have don the same thing… Jeremy!!! You should be a real man and not back hand other peoples children. Especially not Sunny’s! I was marred 2 Sunny for 10 years and he is a finally man all the way… Good luck Jeremy with your surfing carrier…..

  • Raina Cabell

    Okay! Seriously! Any real man or father would have don the same thing… Jeremy!!! You should be a real man and not back hand other peoples children. Especially not Sunny’s! I was marred 2 Sunny for 10 years and he is a family man all the way… Good luck Jeremy with your surfing carrier.

  • Die Sunny Die

    Hey Sunny, come to Costa Rica and pull something like this. I hope you get shot you fuck.

  • nelson muntz

    sonny garcia has been charged with common assault. As to those who think he was protecting his kid, I’d say behaving that way in front of your children is quite the opposite. there is such a thing as a proportional response, and that ain’t it. You are entitled to defend yourself and your family, but what is going on there is all about teaching someone a lesson, it is way beyond defense. Its an interesting concept, the idea that you get respect through beating someone up, that you protect someone who is under no imminent threat by beating someone else almost unconscious. I can’t wait for sunny Garcia to make that argument in an Australian court.

  • Maurice Cole

    yeah Sunny is going to get his day in court….as will clarkey,the tuff 23 year old local who had a crack at a 16 yeaer old,then fancied himself with a skinny 70Kg french kid…..
    Clarkies problem is/was that he picked his “mark”,with younger and smaller surfers….he has a reputation as a hassler and fighting in the water……
    sunny’s emotional reponse,is what happens in surfing,when a wannabe steps across the line…..and gets a lesson….in his own terms(ie: live by the sword,die by the sword!)……then goes and crys to the police,when his egos been trashed are an embarassment to australian surfing,and hopefully the real burleigh locals ,have stopped ya surfin there,as you are just not up to being a real man in the surf!

  • Bob

    Old argument here. Just wanted to add my 2 cents, or 1. Sunny is a fucking piece of shit that should be taken out somewhere and disappeared. Shit isn’t good for surfing, for Hawaii, or for the human race. Phew, I feel better now.

  • Maurice Cole

    Bob..sounds like ya need a good shit,but don’t push too hard ya might disappear!

  • Keith Sudziarski

    I’ve always hated sunny Garcia , and jackasses like him ! You would think playing the tough guy would get old or at least exhausting ! But these are the facts “Lions attack prey ” Sherpas climb mountains ” Japanese kill whales ” and Sunny G kicks the shit out of any other small surfer he see’s !

  • sunny’s

    He aint shit, fuk yo bitch

  • Alex W

    Sunny Garcia’s a wanker, NA NA NA A WANKER NA NA WANKER WANKER