SUPERbrand Giveaway Recipient Speaks

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The Madness by SUPERbrand.
The Madness by SUPERbrand.


After hundreds of our most forward-thinking readers signed up to receive SUPERbrand’s e-newsletter, one was picked from among the hordes to take delivery on Clay Marzo’s signature surfboard model, The Madness. Reprinted from SUPERbrand’s website:


Thanks to everyone who signed up for the SUPERfriends Newsletter and was therefore entered to win Clay Marzo’s Madness (as seen on this month’s SURFING cover). We’re pleased to announce the winner: Justin Jones. How pumped is Justin? “Thank you, this is insane,” he said. ”With this board I’m going to drop in and smack the lip: Whapp-aah! drop down: Baaaah! And then after that I’m going to drop in and just ride the barrel and get pitted, so pitted.” Congrats, Justin.


Whapp-aah! To join the SUPERfriends for yourself, head on over to the sign-up page.