SURFING’s Lost Sections Dept: Christian Muller

posted by / News / October 1, 2010

The reality of Taylor Steele’s Innersection is that most segments won’t make the movie; the latest round alone saw 54 entries. SURFING would like to pay our respects to some of our favorite, under-appreciated entries that you can no longer see on Innersection. These surfers are just supporting actors now, but by next year, any one could have a leading role.

Here’s an interesting one: Brazilian filmmaker Loic Wirth qualified 4th with his poetical section on Uruguayan surfista Marco Giorgi. But he also shot this other section with a 17-year-old Brazilian aerialist named Cristian Muller. “He doesn’t see himself as a pro surfer,” said Loic. “He’s a student. But he’s really natural in the water, very creative and always looks to evolve aerial surfing.” The section is a nice mix of Loic’s filmmaking talents and Cristian’s above the lip explorations. Not a round winner…but certainly worth enjoying again. Get your spinny-thang on.

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  • john

    he wasnt wearing footstraps

  • Mark

    progressive surf in Shit waves…
    and the rash guard says: WEIRD – YOU SURF, I SKATE –

  • Spooner

    what is he surfing a boogie?

  • Chodes

    did i just see a frontside shovit at 2:01??? holy fuck kid rips

  • Craig

    SICKK! freaking airs, nice shovits..

  • Saint

    Looks like Brazil is on the right direction, when it comes to AIR SURFING!
    Nice work

  • fartec0

    very progressive and agressive surfing style made smooth on the film… u guys r ripping.