SURFING’s Lost Sections Dept: Ricardo Wendhausen

posted by / News / September 23, 2010

The reality of Taylor Steele’s Innersection is that most segments won’t make the movie; the latest round alone saw 54 entries. SURFING would like to pay our respects to some of our favorite, under-appreciated entries that you can no longer see on Innersection. These surfers are just supporting actors now, but by next year, any one could have a leading role.

Is it a strange strategy when a surfer lands about 50% of the maneuvers in his section? I mean, it’s video, right? Wouldn’t you just…well, nevermind. Ricardo Wendhausen kinda makes it work in this section. He’s obviously insanely talented. Possibly mentally insane, as well, but in the good Christian Fletcher v. Joe Crimo v. Josh Sleigh-insane sorta way. Right? It occurs to us we know way too little about Mr. Wendhausen. Do we have to wait for him to land that kickflip before we find out. Maybe. Is Volcom still holding his money? Maybe not. Somebody get director Bruno Bez and Ricardo on the phone to ‘splain what’s exactly going on here. We like it, even if we don’t understand it.

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  • Scotty

    Why does he double-run missed airs? This guy’s a nut.

  • BennyD

    What?!? FREAKshow. Surfs good though. Half the time.

  • nate t

    this guy is so sick.

  • Pablo Biz

    Ricardo is a talented surfer born in the city of Florianopolis, Brazil.Fine Skater too, as we see in your surfing. His a crazy He is a crazy, incredibly cool, a lot of people who could charm the world with her surf. It is very likely need a sponsor to him more attention, but the most important thing about them is their desire to innovate and create, through a classic line. Adventuring is not designed for tricks and style and versatility give the other most common. Bruno Bez, born in the same city and skateboarder, is a visionary with unmatched talent, passionate about liquid ramp’s with the greater desire to transform the surfing of your friends (like Ricardo, Gustavo Schilikmann, Fernando Moura, and others) and their own surfing in pure art. Many things will happen beyond that kickflip.

  • dude

    Reminds me of Steve Landucci !

  • Fernanda Menegaldo

    He´s a simple guy with a big soul and a big surf style. Pura vida, puro surf from the waters of Floripa.

  • Andrew

    That was rad! It’s sick cause he looks like he’s got the steez of a skater when he lands his manuevers. Was that a friggin varial flip he was trying!?! That will be mind blowing when one of those is landed on a surfboard.

  • Natália

    hey scotty!
    you are right, this guys are nuts, but what more you have to say?
    you and your comment are a complete ass hole, squared human like a shit …
    think such good things for others, dont try talk about you never try MTF .!.,
    we need learning something what we can’t understand …
    try again and take more of you next time =)
    MAGIC ISLAND, wendhavall is on!

  • toto

    thank god for people like this

  • ahnilema

    was very disappointed by ricardo Wendhausen not have been classified for the film, innovation in the surf should be valued!
    Open your eyes, this is what the surfing world need ta, insane tricks and encouragement for this!
    go for it, surf the truth, I hope he has some opportunity to appear and show more of your surfing totally innovative!

  • Bruno Bianchi

    Falar o que ????? O cara voa!!!!

  • NataMichels

    …………he always have been a great surfer and a fine skater, but lately he is so focused that its getting ever BETTER…. in november they finally got his alley oop 540 filmed…. and its just GNARLY i bet no one in surf did this trick so high so good so fast……. and he has been riding the bowl like everyday making his surf even better…..

  • NataMichels

    …by the way, its just stupid not to put the most viewed surfer in the innersection film….seriosly dumb. ppl seem to be afraid of whats new, original and ingenious!!!