SURFING x Gromsearch Video Elections: Hawaii

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Who blew up at this weekend’s Gromsearch event in Hawaii? You tell us and you may find yourself on the podium with new Rip Curl gear.

Since not all ripping happens in the final, SURFING created the Gromsearch Video Elections to highlight the best rides from throughout each of Rip Curl’s four regional qualifying events in 2010. Watch the clips below from this past weekend’s Hawaiian event at Kewalo Basin and cast your vote, post your opinion, or — if you’re one of the nominees — launch yourself a campaign. Yes you can! Regional event winners get a profile piece on SURFINGMAGAZINE.COM, and the season champion gets a full-page “Threat” feature in SURFING Magazine.

And for all spectators interested in free Rip Curl gear:

  1. Vote
  2. Explain your answer in our comments section

We’ll identify the most original, interesting, vocal campaign supporter and send him or her a box of free Rip Curl product. So simple. So quick. So much surf stuff to give away.

Who blew up the hardest at The Rip Curl Gromsearch Kewalos, HI?

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Ezekiel Lau

Ezekiel Lau

Seth Moniz

Seth Moniz

Isaiah Moniz

Isaiah Moniz

The girls checking in.

The girls checking in.

Fathers/Coaches survey the lineup.

Fathers/Coaches survey the lineup.

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  • John Alexander

    The kids got some power, and the clip showed a run as smooth as butter. I like how he went for a big finish. Having the balls to risk a good run on a big move gives me a lot of respect for him, and it didn’t look half bad either.

  • Roxanne K

    Ezekiel Lau looks to tie everything together. Big moves and big turns, where the other competitors are only doing one or the other. Seth has many years to go before he is Zeke’s age so he will be one to watch out for in the future. As for now Zeke is blowing up.

  • Matt

    Ezekiel Lau just displayed raw hawaiian power. powerful turns, consistent flow, and even a little air reverse.

  • grant

    Ezekiel Lau’s wave had good speed through all his turns. He had a great finish and that was definitly one of his high scoring waves. I like how he went for the air instead of being conservative and just doing a turn off the section. When you land a maneuver like that, you know you will be getting a good score for it.

  • James Stone

    Dylan Kowalski

    The lone non-hawaiian in this group of groms sets him apart from the pack. The east coaster that spends time in Hawaii to train with Ben Aipa, shows us the fruits of his labor here at the rippable rights of kewalos. The last clip of this 56 second highlight reel goes to show what we all should remember Dylan Kowalski.

  • Mike Judy

    Ezekial Lau was absolutely killing it! There wasn’t even a choice as to who blew up the hardest. Buttery turns and sick above-the-lip skill showed the field that this 16 year old kid is, and will remain a force to be reckoned with.

  • Pat J

    SHAZAAAAM!!! ‘Lil Zekey Lau ain’t so little any more. The kid was looking like a magician out there, boostin’ crazy airs and throwin’ some serious buckets. The other competitors surfed well but the amount of power this guy is packing is ridiculous. Seriously, I can’t wait until he puts some meat on his bones and starts competing with the big boys ‘cuz I’m expecting some big things out of him.

  • vicky

    Love Seth’s cut back.His surfing is smooth an relaxed, really good looks like he was doing it forever !!!

  • paul

    anyone win that ripcurl gear yet?

  • scornuelle

    A winner has been picked and will be notified this Tuesday. If you plan on being the winner, plan on Tuesday being a really good day.