SURFING x Rip Curl Present The Search

posted by / News / May 25, 2011

All photos by Nate Lawrence


Here’s the straight talk express: We used to see Search ads on the back of our dads’ Surfer magazines when that shit was, as far as we were concerned, half of every issue. A Reef girl in the front and a Rip Curl Search lineup out back, and there’s your magazine. Each sparked its own preteen flight of fancy on a slightly different mental airwave. The Search meant perfect, empty waves; perfect waves meant The Search. It was an artifact of surf culture that no ad campaign has ever even nearly been able to replicate.



This year, KAPOW — Search redux. Six months up the Indonesian island chain finding waves that Photoshop itself would cough up a lung at. We convinced Rip Curl to let us stow away and play “You be Curren, I’ll be Davo,” and they said OK, and now on newsstands sits a special oversize 100-page collector’s issue all about it — with the photos and stories and mostly the photos that do the Search name justice. There it’ll be for three months, making other surf mags look toothless and bowlegged by comparison. Try not to stare.



The Cover
The Search

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  • wills

    photo credit? insane shot of that right whoever it is

  • thatguy

    that is dillon perillo in a secret Indo beachy.

  • A-Hole Industries

    How much does making my own issue of SURFING cost? Our company that makes underwater mp3 players and jet-powered surfboards and we’d like to do our own issue of your magazine as well.

  • themanwashere

    Amazing photos. Those waves are just perfect. Love the 2nd photo :)

  • ripy

    WHEN is ripcurl going to remaster and release the original Search films and searching for curren? Those are the films that MADE the search and would hope they have a special remastered box-set for the 20th anniverary of the search next year. What is taking so long????

  • maconheiro
  • mr. spin

    Best book to date! Makes me wanna take off!

  • stu

    is it safe to call this Surfing’s first (but I’m sure not last) step into nothing more than a full-fledged PR/Marketing glossy?

  • wills

    i meant the photographer credit? cmon now

  • wills

    oh, cool rad shots nate

  • Jeff

    Did you post the original photo and the Photoshopped cover in the same article to blatently show people how much you rape the image in post production? Interesting….

  • Adriano Silvestri

    Ho trovato molto interessante, tutto di mio gradimento.