SURFING’s Lost Sections Dept: Mustofa Jeksen

posted by / News / September 20, 2010

The reality of Taylor Steele’s Innersection is that most segments won’t make the movie; the latest round alone saw 54 entries. SURFING would like to pay our respects to some of our favorite, under-appreciated entries that you can no longer see on Innersection. These surfers are just supporting actors now, but by next year, any one could have a leading role.

Balinese surfer Mustofa Jeksen is well-respected for his big-wave charging all around Indo, but barely heard of outside the archipelago. He’s a quite kid, more focused on staying tubed that promoting his image. But Australian ex-pat filmer Sean Gilhooley saw his potential while filming for the local ISC contests and convinced Mustofa to put together a section. He entered an earlier round and barely got a few hundred views…but he came back again with even better waves and just fell short of the Top 10 this round. People are starting to get the picture. “It was great to see good comments from guys like Brad Gerlach and Shea Lopez,” says Mustofa. “Innersection is a good opportunity for Indonesian surfers, because it’s hard to travel for us. But we don’t have the best internet here, so getting locals to watch our sections can be difficult.” —Nathan Myers

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  • Scotty

    Sick. This kid rips.

  • D Fraser

    Bali kids in general need to work on turns. Or learn turns. Or do a turn. I guess it’s like a Florida kid needing to learn to get tubed, though. You work with what you have.

  • Pat

    get reubyn ash’s section up on here
    it was nuts

  • Stan da man

    wow i saw this same spot with Bruce Irons on it, and the tubes were insane, but this guy gets bigger, deeper, and if possible, seems more relaxed in the tube than Bruce…
    i bet if this kid’s name was bruce he would have made innersection haha.

  • Stan da man

    Dammm i just watched it again, Did that board fully hit him wile he was in the critical part of that long tube? Those messed up airs are insane too, looks like the board was perfectly inverted. where can i see more of this kid?????? i dig the song too, humming it now

  • suck

    Why don;t u just put his tiny indo balls in your mouth Stan da Man??? Better than Bruce, what r u smoking??? Tiny airs, no turns and getting barrelled on a hollow wave, AVERAGE at best

  • FRD

    Yeaaaa Mus!!! keep charging man….

  • balisurfingparadise

    nice keep up the good work

  • ez_e

    Why would you turn on those waves? We should all be so lucky to be able to have SS DP PP in our country. Turning is for people who are not lucky enough to surf waves like that. Bottom line is the kid rips and that was one of the most entertaining innersections that I have seen.

  • Oceanislife

    O.K. First off stan da man, its not possible. Ive seen bruce out at pipeline and this spot in videos, his skill in the barrell on both waves thread this kids.
    And suck, im taking a guess that you mean Mustofa’s barrell skills were average right? Because the wave we are looking at has a little history behind it. This barrell is far from average. I’ve been told by my professor (He’s an oceanographer that studies wave behavior) that this wave was affected by the earth quake in two the year thousand-four even though that shift of the plates happened far away. That wave is said to be very ficle due to climate, and tides. This makes the wave surprising. I see it as an angry wave .You saw those backdrops from the crest and lips that took this guy down.
    The cool part about this is there are other waves that act like this in other parts of the world. I think it’s its amazing how the world can make that happen. SIGH>>>

    Any way no he doesn’t come close to bruce.

  • Oceanislife

    Oh one more thing. I saw Mitch Coleborn surf this and and since the i have yet to see who can surf it better.(modern collective last part)

    Anyone got someone better?